Sensor Tower has named Tinder as the third highest-grossing mobile app on official stores in June 2020, outpacing heavyweights like the 6th placed Netflix and 7th placed Disney Plus. Nobody would have imagined they will get much patronage with the social distancing rule, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Current insights into Tinder’s success story is yet to unravel a perfect explanation for the great strides. However, its service subscriptions offer useful assistance for getting matches even when stuck in a long distance relationship for a long time.

Tinder was not the only app that’s so popular. The most revenue was taken by TikTok, amounting to $90.7 million according to the estimates. Douyin, the China-specific version of the social video app got most of Tinder’s 89%.


Another popular app is YouTube with about $73 million from its different subscriptions, albeit 56% of it is from the US. Other popular apps include Chinese video services like iQiyi and Tencent.

Downloads from third-party Android app stores that are popular in countries like China were not included, so the estimates might not be a true representation of app demand. Moreover, this could just be that mobile users have more time to get online entertainment, be it virtual hookups or other stuff.

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