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How to Transfer your WeChat Message History


We often take our WeChat conversations for granted, only to later on regret why we never backed them up. To-do lists, dates, and other important information may be mixed within your messages with friends and co-workers. Before any unfortunate loss of data happens, read on to learn how to transfer your WeChat message history.

As seen in the image above, transferring your WeChat message history between devices is easily done in a couple of simple steps. Start by going to WeChat’s Settings in your original device, then General, then Chat History Backup, and then Back Up. Select which conversations with other users you’d like to store online and confirm by tapping Done/OK. You can protect these messages by setting a password. There’s also a Clear Chat History option available should you wish to wipe conversations in your old device.

To recover the messages you saved in the cloud, you simply select Restore instead of Back Up. Note that all stored messages in the WeChat servers are only kept for seven days, so make sure to promptly retrieve and transfer them to your new device.

WeChat is currently in version 5.2. Besides cloud storage backup, this popular social app also offers rich features like stickers, people finder, universal search, and many more.


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