WeChat just keeps getting better and better. Now in version 5.2, this popular social communication app offers six new features to help users go about their daily mobile lives.

First in the list is the refined Menu Bar. WeChat 5.2’s several features are neatly tucked away into three sections: Chats, Discover, and Contacts. Chats and Contacts are self-explanatory, while Discover contains fun ways to meet new people or interact better with existing friends. An even more exciting way to add a new contact is via the Friend Radar (found in Menu Bar > Add Contacts), which scans nearby WeChat users to connect with.

With WeChat 5.2, users can also broadcast to their contacts their current whereabouts, a useful feat to let them easily bump into each other in person. For photo junkies, the new Group Chat Photo Album conveniently stores all photos shared in group conversations. Scrolling through the message archive is no longer necessary then. Such a hassle can also be avoided thanks to the new Universal Search, which lets users recover important information that’s buried in the trove of chats. Finally, the new Contact List Customization introduces better management of contact profiles.

WeChat also brings in refinements to features first introduced in version 5.1.

[Download WeChat: Android, iOS, Windows Phone]

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