Just like back when our country got the distinction of being the “text capital of the world” for the large amount of SMS message exchange we do daily, we’ve once again made another name for ourselves. This time, two of our cities—Makati and Pasig—are entitled the “Selfie Capital of the World.”

To put it in numbers, there are about 258 selfie-takers for every 100,000 residents in those cities. Manhattan, New York has the second highest selfie-taking population density at 202 per 100,000.

To determine where selfie-takers—you know, those young photo junkies who take a picture of themselves via their phone’s front camera—are found most frequent all over the globe, TIME Magazine examined hundreds of thousands of Instagram photo uploads that have geotags and the “selfie” tag.

Other Philippine cities have also made it in the list. Cebu City placed ninth, while Iloilo and Davao ranked 72nd and 103rd, respectively.

[Source: Time]

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