Ever since its release, social communication app WeChat 5.1 just keeps improving. A cool new app has been added to WeChat games, the sticker store has adorable and funny stickers more than ever, and people are enjoying group chats with up to 100 friends.

The last time we covered WeChat 5.1, there were only three games available: the fun and frantic Craz3 Match, the casual puzzle game 2Day’s Match, and the classic Pencil Pilot. Each of them brought a unique experience to casual players. And now, a fourth game is available: GunZ Dash.

A side-scrolling game, GunZ Dash embarks players on a journey where they must rescue a friend in distress. Cherishing the ever important virtues—love and friendship—this app has a simple yet fantastic gameplay. Just slide and jump to collect cute animals and coins while evading incoming projectiles. Challenges also await where players can prove their gaming superiority among friends. You don’t have to be alone in this wild adventure; a loyal pet can be had to accompany you. In-game items are also purchasable to enhance your in-game capabilities.

GunZ Dash screenshot

Downloadable through WeChat or at your phone’s mobile app store, GunZ Dash is only 32MB big and features vivid visuals and catchy music. It’s most assuredly a fun game to pass the time. Making use of location-based services, you can invite your nearby friends to challenge your scores!

In all its fun casual gaming experience, WeChat 5.1 is still a social messaging app at heart. Communications within the app has become so rich and fulfilling, what with all the new stickers and features. You can choose to be intimate with just a few friends, or you can choose to upsize the group conversations to up to 100 friends. And don’t forget to utilize the editing app StoryCam for WeChat before you share your photos.

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