Every Android phone should use the Android Device Manager


Crime rate has gone way higher than ever, and one of the specific kinds of crime that increased is theft. This has been a huge problem of our citizens not only because what they have worked hard for is stolen, but because their important stuff was taken away as well.

A good example for that is our smartphone. According to a study, phones are one of the most common items stolen by thieves. Although we can easily replace the phone which was stolen, there are still instances where we prefer to get our phones back rather than buying a new one, especially when a big part of our lives are stored inside our Android phone. For example, our bank accounts, important files, passwords, contacts, social media access and more.

Good thing there’s Google to save the day!

Google created an app called Android Device Manager which will help users to control their mobiles the moment they lose it. To give you an insight, here’s what the app can do.


First is to locate the lost or stolen smartphones. If you misplaced your mobile in your own home or if someone snatched it from you, you can now track your device as long as it has the software properly installed and the GPS turned on. ADM uses your phone’s GPS technology to help you locate it easily. Not to mention that you can also make the phone ring as another option which will definitely get the attention of anyone who hears it.

Second is to reset screen lock PIN. This will be useful for a mobile user especially when the owner has a lot of personal information. Using this feature, anyone can prevent a thief from opening your mobile and having access to your data which will assure you that your data is still protected from the thief even if the actual device is not in your hands as of the moment.


Lastly, Android Device Manager can wipe every single data in your device. Say, you lost your phone which contains copies of your documents and login credentials. In just a few clicks, you can easily delete sensitive and confidential information stored in your mobile.

Because of the listed features of Android Device Manager above, it is definitely convincing for a user to install the app as it allows us to at least recover what was lost. At the end of the day, we do not want to lose our phones and our data, right?

Have you installed this app already? Tell us your story! If you want to download the Android Device Manager app, visit Google Play.


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