The convenience brought by smartphone apps just keeps on getting better. And more recently, some of these applications have come to the Philippines. They have been a big aid to one of the biggest problems of this country – transportation.

Ride-hailing apps like Grab and Uber have become so popular that it became a real threat to a lot of Taxi companies locally. A navigation app called Waze, which gives the most convenient route by determining the traffic situations of every possible road, has been a big help to a lot of drivers.

Meet the Fetch Valet, an on-demand valet parking service that can be summoned using your smartphone. The Fetch Valet app lets you request for a valet to come to your current location. The valet will then take you car and have it parked in their selected secure parking lots. Afterward, the valet will send you a picture as a proof that your car has been parked. It will also detail its exact location.

The Fetch Valet service cost is actually quite reasonable when you consider how hassle and time-consuming it is to find parking in a busy area like the Bonifacio Global City. The service will cost Php45 per pick up plus Php15 per hour. You can also request for the valet to have your car returned to your location.

Based on a Facebook post from Fetch Valet, a standard 10-hour parking in BGC would cost Php340. On the other hand, Fetch Valet’s on-demand valet will only cost you Php195, minus the struggle of parking the car yourself.

And since security is a sensitive area for this kind of service, Fetch Valet is saying that they have 7 layers of protection to make their valet service is safe. Each valet is said to have a stringent vetting, rigorous training and are also tracked using a GPS device.

During the service, the app will also send you the picture of the actual valet. And like what I have said earlier, the cars are parked at secured facilities and the valet also sends you notifications and a picture proof. But in case a valet accidentally damaged your car, they have insurance coverage to make sure you’re protected.

The Fetch Valet app, like most start-ups today, is only currently available on iOS. Support for Android devices is coming soon. But if you do not have access to an Apple smartphone, you can message Fetch Valet via Facebook to avail their service.

According to Martin Luchangco, Founder and CEO of Fetch Valet, they are planning to expand outside BGC and to other business districts in the country within the year.

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