Siri Save Life Fisherman in Sea-1

Apple released an intelligent personal assistant called Siri more than 5 years ago. The voice assistant has a lot of useful functions, but it looks like a lot of people only used it for its novelty features.

Siri can tell the time, weather forecast, set alarms, and the most useful of them all – it can tell jokes.

But what most Apple device users don’t realize is that Siri can actually be in assistance in terms of emergency. We’ve been hearing news about the voice assistant being used as a first aid manual or to call the authorities for help. And Siri’s “Call 911” function is the main reason why three fishermen were rescued and saved.

The said three boaters boarded a small 18-feet boat during a bad weather. They sailed through the rough seas off the coast of Key Biscayne, Florida USA. The group was four miles away from the coast when the boat started to sink due to the extreme waves.

The three was able to put their life jackets on. However, they still need to be saved. Thankfully, they had an iPhone 7, which is waterproof. One of the three tried to touch the screen to dial help, but since his fingers are so cold, the display didn’t recognize it. He then did summon Siri to call for help.

A coast guard chopper came to the rescue and saved the three freezing fishermen. All of them were aided by the Miami-Dade police Department.

This amazing story of technology giving real-world and useful assistance to humanity is the reason why we should keep moving forward in developing new things that would benefit everyone in a sensible way.

Source: Fox 4

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