The years between the late 90s and the early 2000s saw Winamp rise to popularity as a music program until subsequently being eclipsed which caused its demise. But, as if coming back from the dead, the application is once again about to see the light of day with a modern rendition.

Last year saw Winamp get its first update in years, since 2018. But there is also another project on the horizon that bears the same name—and yes, they come from the same developers.

Still in its early stages of development, the new Winamp is unusable in its current state as it does not yet have the functions it is supposed to have, even at the basic level. It can neither run music files nor it can connect to any third-party streaming services. 

However, the developing program has a link to “Fanzone,” a subscription-based music platform for independent artists that seem to compete with the likes of Patreon. Many of the subscriptions require only a monthly fee of $1 to gain access to a certain musician’s library of music.

When it finishes development, Winamp is expected to be a music player capable of aggregating the user’s preferred music library, and streaming services, and gaining access to an artist’s music library. But for now, only the latter seems to work.

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