Alda Games has released a new game for puzzle junkies: World of Cheese. It’s all about finding that golden food for the mouse, but the deed isn’t easy as it sounds.

Helping the mouse feed his family in the World of Cheese requires uncovering cheese hidden in every level, each of which containing a unique task that you must complete to proceed to the next. The first is quite easy: grow plants. The sun is already up and shining brightly, so all that’s left for you to do is to plant and water the seeds. Doing so will unveil a butterfly, which itself will uncover a treasure containing the oh-so-desired cheese. Drag it to the hungry mouse and you’ll clear the first level.

World of Cheese first level

World of Cheese app features

  • 7 “worlds”, each having 5 levels
  • Simple control (just tap and drag)
  • Cutesy music and graphics that kids will love

There are no discernable visual cues that will tell you which items on the screen are interactive. Many elements just happen to be part of the background, obviously a challenge as you find the correct objects. Though, if you pause for a bit to get the big picture, your instinct will tell you what to do. An empty bucket next to a cow obviously means you’ll be drawing milk from the bovine. A picket fence with missing pieces already suggests you’ll be nailing some wood. And so on.

World of Cheese cow level

You are rated based on how many moves you can perform the least to get the cheese. Ergo, fewer moves are better. Each tap-and-drag action on the screen is an increase in the counter. However, such scoring scheme already has a serious flaw in it: on your first try, you can easily experiment away with a given puzzle without minding the score. Once you’ve figured out the solution, you can go back to that level and retry with the correct moves. It’s simply a matter of memorization.

If you’re one with the obsessive compulsion to get the best score, then you’ll certainly spend many hours trying to do so. The move counter can be unforgiving: one wrong tap/drag means one count already. Some items are quite sensitive and don’t react properly to your actions, unless you’re really using it near the area where it’s supposed to be dragged into. Also, some items have animations that you must wait to finish, because said items can’t be interacted with as they do their thing. I could go on with the bugs and visual glitches, but fortunately they’re not that annoying and disruptive.

World of Cheese developer Alda Games is also responsible for another puzzle game I’ve also had the privilege to review. Known as Save the Snails, it tasks players to protect the titular crawlies from looming dangers, using the available items per level to make safeguarding contraptions.

Whereas Save the Snails came with fewer levels, World of Cheese has enough challenges to keep you and the whole family engaged for longer. Enjoy!

[Download links: iOS | Android]

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