With 4G LTE rapidly spreading especially in China and across the globe, MediaTek is planning to officially announce in January a new octa-core chip with 4G connectivity: the MT6595.

The MT6595 is basically the LTE update to the MT6592, which was released as MediaTek’s first octa-core processor. True octa-core means all cores in the chip can be used simultaneously as demanded. The company initially scheduled a mid-2014 release for its LTE-enabled octa-core chipsets, but demand for the fastest available mobile network and the race against competition has pushed the company towards an earlier launch.

Configured to support multiple bands, the MT6595 will come in two variants: 1.7GHz and 2.2GHz. Besides LTE, the chip will also support GSM, TD-SCDMA, and WCDMA. When released, it will be certainly an attractive and cheaper alternative to LTE chip offerings from Qualcomm, which also recently unveiled its Snapdragon 805.

MediaTek is known for chipsets tiered for budget-level and mid-range smartphones. With the upcoming MT6595, however, it seems the company is keeping up with its goal to expand its market further next year. That means we’re likely to see more higher-end chipsets from the company.

Reports also indicate that device manufacturers may be already testing the MT6595, with a Q1 2014 launching a likely possibility for devices powered by said chip.

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  1. Here’s the Irony, pag na introduce na yang Mediatek Octa locally, I’m pretty certain na mas mahal pa ito sa mga last-generation Snapdragon 600 devices, To think na mas powerful pa rin ang SD600 in terms of real-world use. O plus will definitely go for this hoping na may mauto silang buyers lol.

  2. Another reason for companies like O minus and Starmobile to jack-up their already absurd pricing.

    Once these companies start re-badging their own Octa handsets, we might see an ASTRONOMICAL price tag of up to Php20k per handset, which is ridiculous

    Snapdragon 400 pro still beats the Mediatek Octa core per core. Only when programmers will start coding their apps/games to fully utilize using 6 or 8 cores, that’s the time when it gets the upper hand.

    Octacore is a gimmick, it only looks great on benchmarks and numbers race on paper.

  3. Octa cores are quite overkill and ahead of its time for now, noting that most apps are only written and coded to run on a 1-2core basis this is just a waste of battery keeping all the 8 cores alive even at the lowest state most of the time still this is not a wise buy if you are a wise buyer