These have been teased before and scheduled to be officially announced this coming November. Luckily, we’re getting an early look at the next generation of Mediatek processors. MT6592 and MT6588’s complete specifications are now available online.

Mediatek enjoyed enormous success with its dual-core MT6577 and quad-core MT6589 CPUs. These processors were also very popular among our locally branded devices. In fact, last year’s local flagship devices MyPhone A919 Duo and Cherry Mobile Titan W500 rocked MT6577. This 2013, we’ve seen the growth of MT6589 as this was used on widely popular handsets such as Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0, MyPhone A919i Duo, and O+ 8.15.

We’ve already heard about the true octa-core processor last July and the first smartphone to sport this powerful chip was spotted last week. However, information regarding this processor was scarce until today’s leak.

Gizchina got a copy of the specs list along with a new quad-core CPU MT6588. Check it out below.


MT6588 Quad-core CPU

The new MT6588 is now on a 28nm Cortex A7 architecture and speeds of up to 1.7GHz. It’ll be partnered by an increase in graphics performance with the help of Mali450-mp4 GPU clocked at 600MHz. It added support for video codecs VP9 and HEVC. Other than that, the rest is strikingly similar to the MT6589T which includes integrated WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, FM Radio, HSPA+, 13-megapixel camera, and support for 1080p Full HD displays.

MT6592 Octa-core CPU

Quad-core processors are still doing well in case you’re a power geek, then you’ll be glad to hear that Mediatek will soon offer the MT6592. It’s also based on a 28nm architecture but it will be available on both 1.7GHz and 2GHz plus 8 freakin’ processors. It will also feature a slightly better Mali450-mp4 GPU clocked at 700MHz.

The Good News?

Octa-core powered android phones will come to the Philippines soon. I’m not sure when though. But based on the current situation, I think it’ll be here in the first quarter of 2014. Not bad, eh?

Are you guys excited?


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  1. I don’t need a quad or octa core cpu. What I want is battery life na kayang tumagal ng 5 days on a single charge.

  2. Aren’t MTK6572 chips clocked at 1.2Ghz? O depende sa manufacturer un para sa battery life? I also read somewhere that Mediatek is coming up with an LTE capable chipset. :)

  3. lol… who cares… as long as mediatek keeps churning out these awesome budget chips i don’t care if they come up with chips with built-in oven toasters, hahaha!

  4. We have to thank MEDIATEK because they keep every competitor in check, tingnan ninyo ang NviDia hindi na makahirit dahil sa competitive pricing ng MEDIATEK.

  5. octa-core… MARKETING GIMMICK! 64-bit smartphone… MARKETING GIMMICK! curved glass smartphone… MARKETING GIMMICK! what will they think of next para maging “flagship”. LOLS!

    1. If ‘octa core’ is based on ARM’s LittleBig arch – it’s not a marketing gimmick as it will have much better batterylife.

    2. truth! ganun talaga… binebenta satin yung hindi talaga kailangan at sasabihin highend specs para sosyal. most people are easily brain washed into wanting something they don’t really need. that is basic marketing 101.