It’s been almost three weeks now since we’ve met the Cherry Mobile Titan W500 and by this time we’ve finally gotten the feel of it. It’s currently one of the hottest smartphone in the PH market right now because of its great value for money. To know more about it, check out our full Cherry Mobile W500 review after the jump.

The Cherry Mobile Titan was first seen on CM’s Flare up event last October and since then it really made many Filipinos turn to this cheaper alternative instead of buying the products of well-known brands. Why not? This smartphone carries all the bells and whistles that you can get from a Php15k android phone. If you’re still unsure if this device is for you, then read on to know what we think of the Cherry Mobile Titan W500.

Cherry Mobile Titan W500 Specs

  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Dual-sim / Dual Standby
  • 5.0-inch WVGA Capacitive Touchscreen, 480×800 pixel resolution
  • MediaTek MT6577 1GHz dual-core processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • 4GB internal storage (expandable up to 32GB via microSD)
  • 5-megapixel rear camera with flash
  • VGA front camera
  • 3G, HSPA+ 21Mbps
  • Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi hotpost
  • Bluetooth v2.1
  • microUSB v2.0
  • GPS, A-GPS
  • 2350mAh battery

What’s in the Box?


The box contains the following:

  • Cherry Mobile Titan W500
  • Charger
  • USB cable
  • Earphones
  • Manuals

Design and Construction


If you’ll encounter the Cherry Mobile Titan for the very first time, you might mistakenly take it as a premium device like the Galaxy Note or something from LG’s L series because of its edged curves. In fact, you will not even know that it only cost a mere Php6,499.

The body of the Titan is mostly made up of plastic especially the back cover which looks and feels really cheap when inspected closely. It seems like it will easily break off if proper care is not implemented. Fortunately, Cherry Mobile decided to include two back cases – one regular back cover and one with a smart cover. And oh, this case is very prone to recording fingerprints so it should be wiped regularly.

CM Titan Specs Price

The front panel is mostly covered by glass and the sides are designed with a smoke-black bezel which makes it give an executive look. The VGA front-facing camera and speaker grills are located on top of the screen. On the lower side of the display, we can find the three capacitive buttons namely; Menu, Home, and Back buttons. On top, several ports are located such as the 3.5mm earphone and microUSB ports along with the wake/power button.

The huge 5-inch 480×800 MVA display of the CM Titan is probably its best asset. The colors are great, accurate and sharp enough for the normal eye. It already packs a preloaded temporary screen protector right out of the box so it’s ready for usage. Beware, though, because this temporary one is a scratch magnet so you should definitely consider buying a better screen protector.

Cherry Mobile Titan W500

At the back, the 5-megapixel camera is strategically placed on the top left side of the Titan while the speaker grills is on the parallel spot beside the labels. The name “Titan” was printed on the center and the Cherry Mobile logo was just beneath it by an inch or two. The volume rocker is placed on the right side.

“It has an elegant-looking finish which can turn some heads around if you’ll show it off in public.”

Cherry Mobile Titan W500 Specs

It has an elegant-looking finish which can turn some heads around if you’ll show it off in public. The built-in flip cover also adds up to the flavor as it gives a classy look even from afar. Overall, it is kinda solid and I believe it can take some accidental bumps and the like.

Display – Oh so HUGE



The Cherry Mobile Titan doesn’t have an IPS display but the screen is still solid. It sports a VA panel which is just in the middle of the TFT and IPS quality. Meaning, it surpasses the low quality screen display. The colors are beautiful and accurate enough especially when “Deep color mode” is enabled. Turning the brightness to its full capacity will also make it even better and it’ll be more of a flagship smartphone. Viewing angles are not great but I’ll take it given its very low price tag.

Although it has a very good indoor visibility, using the Titan outdoors and in direct sunlight is a different story.  It’s very hard to navigate through the phone when exposed directly to sunlight because of its mediocre legibility. It’s the downside of not having the IPS, I think. Actually, it’s not that poor and if you’ll upgrade from an android phone with lower specs, you’ll hardly notice it.

“Cherry Mobile Titan doesn’t have an IPS display but the screen is still solid.”

Software, UI and Performance



The Cherry Mobile Titan W500 runs on Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich and although it is not the latest, it’s still a refreshing way to scale up if you came from a Gingerbread device. The UI looks clean and very ICS. There is no real indication of modifications apart from several bloatwares so it appears to be stock from my initial impression. It is against the Cherry Mobile Flare’s obvious modified configuration and UI which looks somewhat iPhonish.

The Cherry Mobile Titan runs Android ICS with a dual-core MTK6577 processor clocked at 1GHz each and is partnered with a large enough 512MB of RAM. It runs all the usual android tasks fairly fast and I haven’t really experienced notable lags and unnecessary hiccups in my three weeks usage so far. The Titan can run all of the apps and games that I throw at it and it’s doing it with ease. There are tons of apps and games that you could choose from which means there is almost always something for every little thing you need. If you just want a simple past time, just go to the top 100 list in the Play Store and from there you can pick one that fits your taste.

The only culprit to Cherry Mobile Titan’s overall performance is the inferior 2-point touch support. But don’t worry, Cherry Mobile already announced that they will be releasing an update on the Titan so that it can support up to 5 fingers.

Gaming:  Play HD Games as you wish

One of the reasons why people tend to switch to android is its capability to render cool and high quality games at a very low price. If you’re already an android user, you surely know what I’m talking about. With the Titan, these cool games get even better with its large 5-inches display. Time will absolutely fly as you enjoy the fun and interactive games that can be found on the Play Store.


NBA 2K13 on Cherry Mobile Titan W500.

For advance gaming freaks, CM Titan can handle your needs as well. It can run NBA2k13 smoothly but there are instances that it shows some signs of its not so good resolution. It’s not an issue or anything, just pointing that out in case you might mistakenly take it as a problem. The NBA2k13 is very graphic intensive so we could leave it at that performance.

Multiplayer gaming on Titan

Multiplayer gaming on Titan with Guerilla Bob.

Other HD games like Modern Combat 3, Six Guns, the Amazing Spiderman, Wild Blood and Dead Trigger are all working like a charm. Can you believe these games run on a Php6.5k smartphone? Yes, it does run. At first it’s kinda surprising but hopefully we’ll see more affordable handsets with top-notch specs early next year. The local brands are taking over the android game in the Philippines!

Internet Connectivity / Web Surfing


If you’re a social junkie, you’ll surely love the Titan for its full range of connectivity to the web. It supports HSDPA and it can be assigned to either of the two SIM cards in just a few clicks. That’s really helpful because switching SIM locations is very tiring to do especially if you just need a couple of minutes of fast browsing. It also has a pre-installed Facebook app that’s ready for socializing with your friends!

Camera / Video Recording


Since it’s just Php6,499, we could all expect some shortcomings on this device. The camera is the most evident example of the sides that were cut. Yes, it’s a 5-megapixel shooter but don’t think that more megapixels will give you better photos. In fact, it is simply not the case.

The Cherry Mobile Titan’s camera is not bad that but it’s not good either. Taking shots on good lighting conditions will produce passable images but it’s limited to that. Using the camera indoors (low light conditions) will just give you a photo with a lot of noise and if you’ll ask me, it’s not worthy of being uploaded on your favourite social networks.

To have a clearer look on the Cherry Mobile Titan W500’s camera, check out some sample photos below.

“Since it’s just Php6,499, we could all expect some shortcomings on this device. The camera is the most evident example of the sides that were cut.”




The VGA front camera is fine and can be used to video chat on Skype. It works well but you need to be in a well-lit area before you can produce acceptable quality.

Dual-SIM / Dual-Standby / Telephony


While there are a bunch of dual-SIM powered android phones right now, what separates the Titan is its ability to switch 3G connectivity to either of the two networks. The management of two SIMs for calling and texting is not that hard because an option to switch between them is always present on the notification bar though I prefer to have two ‘Send’ buttons while texting to have a faster response time. Anyway, you can effortlessly preset which network works on Voice call, Messaging, and Data Connection.

When it comes to receiving calls on the CM Titan, I’m not that impressed. I found the speakers to be really weak as I had a hard time talking to someone while I was on a slightly noisy environment. I can barely hear my friend and sometimes my last resort is to just cut the call and text them my message.

Multimedia / Video Viewing Experience

Since a huge 5-inch display probably teases you to watch videos on the Cherry Mobile Titan, I’m pleased to inform you that it plays videos very well. It can play up to a 720p HD video quality so keeping a copy of your favorite movie will be just as handy because you can watch it anywhere and anytime using this smartphone.

A notable feature on Cherry Mobile Titan is the Pop-up Play which lets you to minimize and continue watching the video while doing something else! Talk about multi-tasking functionality. Cool, eh?

As an android phone, it can take almost all video formats that you throw at it but be sure to install an app like MX Player. If you’re more on listening to music, you just need to put an extra micro SD card storage to carry your music library with you. One thing that bugged me when using the Titan to accompany my music needs is that I had a hard time finding a compatible pair of earphones because most of my earphones (Samsung earphones, etc.) were not compatible.

Battery Life – Lasts so long!

If you’ll ask me what makes the Cherry Mobile Titan very appealing to me, I’ll answer it in a heartbeat – the battery life. For a power user like me, it’s such a blessing to have a smartphone that could stay up for more than a day with heavy usage.

A 2350 Li-Ion battery powers the Cherry Mobile Titan which is considerably huge for a 5-inch android phone. Actually, it’s just 150mAh below the 1st generation Galaxy Note’s 2500mAh battery. With regular usage on texting, calling, and occasional web browsing, the Titan can stay up for two full days. And sometimes, it even has something to spare!


Screenshot courtesy of Mr. Giancarlo Viterbo.

“With regular usage on texting, calling, and occasional web browsing, the Titan can stay up for two full days.”

Our friend, Mr. Giancarlo, recently posted a screenshot of the battery life of his Titan on Facebook. Can you imagine how long did his Cherry Mobile Titan W500 last? A mind-blowing 7 days! Of course, it’s barely used and he said he just used it to respond to text messages and calls from clients and some random Wi-Fi usage which sucked the battery considerably. But still, having two days usage on moderate-heavy usage is a sure WIN isn’t it?



The Cherry Mobile Titan W500 holds a good overall power to run all the basic and advance android needs that you might want and you can get all that at a very low price. For only Php6,499, it carries a lot of weight that only the sub-Php15k smartphones can provide before. Now, Cherry Mobile has extended their reach to give Filipinos a great android experience even on a tight budget.

Local android phones running on a Dual-core 1GHz processor and 512MB are still smooth and I don’t see any problem with them when 2013 comes although we’re pretty sure that quad-core phones will be more eminent in the said year.

Given its large 5-inch screen, it’s very easy to write some random word documents and stuff because of the extra real estate. As for me, I mainly enjoyed it when I’m using it in browsing the web on the go and checking some emails, news, and Facebook and Twitter updates.

A smartphone like the Titan doesn’t come very often but I’m hoping that it will only be the start from Cherry Mobile. I’ve been looking at the Cherry Mobile Flame and Skyfire’s features and I think the Titan is still the local king this holiday season. Without a doubt, this android phone is a steal.

How about you? Which feature of the Cherry Mobile Titan do you like most?

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    Meron ako nitong Titan maganda talaga siya. XD

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    Great review sir! Plano ko din bumili nito kaso laging walang stocks sa mga mall dito samin sa Davao…. :(((

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    Was able to get hold of this titan, its heavy. Unless you plan to keep on holing it, its not pocketable. Porontong short is the proper attire if you need pockets for this

    • Titan user

      hindi ahhh okey lang naman pu yung bigat niya. . :))

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    my best smartphone so far… no BS, nagkagulo mga ka ofismate ko ng nilabas ko! LOL

  • Kasama ba ito yung Leather Case sa box?

    • Yes, there are two back cases.

      • Talaga po. Ito na ipagbili ko kay Mama. :) WOhoo.. Thanks po. :) Happy New Year

        • No problem. Happy new year.

          • Hi, Ano po ba ang type ng Platform nitong titan, kasi may mga phone na pag gina downloadan mo hindi siya makita, hindi ma open yung application or game na gi download mo, Kasi not support, E, Ito po bang titan na ito is pwedi sa lahat ng app or games na i download? Ano po ba ang type ng Platform niya, ???

          • Android po siya. Hindi po natively supported ang .jar apps and games pero may emulator dun. Sa Play Store po kayo magdownload.

      • shane

        bakit yung nabili q na titan walang kasamang leather case tapos tinie- up pa sa D12tv kaya naging 7,499!

      • Hi , san po makakabili nito ? yung sa net lang yung trusted po na nagbebenta. Please answer , yung may libre npong flip cover.

  • poca

    so anu po mas ok flare o titan? nagugulhan nko eh…hihihi

    • If you have the budget and you don’t mind carrying a huge phone, Cherry Mobile Titan W500 is the way to go. Otherwise, the Flare can be a great alternative. Performance wise, they are ‘almost’ the same.

      • poca

        I got my titan ang ganda nga po sa techno kid sm molino ako naka buy..sir tanong ko lang san po yung exact button na makikita sa itaas na menu na kasama ng pag open ng wifi air plane mode data conn etc.. andun po xa sa pinaka dulo katabi ng smart bright.. ty po more power

        • You can activate that so that the screen will be more sensitive. Ideally, it’s used when you have a stylus with you. I’ll try to add a stylus section in the review if I find time. Enjoy your new phone! =)

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            tyvm…Merry Christmas…God Bless!..

          • No problem. Merry christmas!

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  • Faye

    How do you take a screenshot with the Titan?

    • Press Power button + Volume down simultaneously.

  • anti_kimchi

    Appreciate your website, at least it loads much faster than Yuga. It’s great you are able to test local manufacturers’ products first hand.

    The only real way to know if one will like or not like a device is to “live” with it for at least a few days (few = 3). It takes time to get used to the UI (user interface) and see what annoys you or what features you like.

    NEXT: It’s made in the Philippines. How durable will it be? (How long will it last? Will it break down soon?)

    As for Cherry Mobile, The PRICE is RIGHT! Are Sammy, HOOAH HOOAH (Huawei) ;-) HTC & LG just plain over charging? (We all know Apple’s pricing system, so no need to bring Apple up)

    I’m actually considering Starmobile’s Crystal, Astra and offerings from Cherry Mobile. I won’t be embarrassed to have other s see me with one. Yes, I love my iPhone, but it’s time to support the LOCAL economy and use $$ for other necessities.

    My request: If you reply plz use English. Thnx

  • Hi , gustong gusto ko na po makabili nito. Ask ko lang po san po ba pwede umorder sa net na TRUSTED/at hindi peke. Yung may flip cover po ang gusto ko :(( Please reply. thankyou :)

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    @NoypiGeeks anong maganda sa dalawa Cherry Mobile Titan or Star Mobile Astra? Thank!

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    . Is this true? Tia

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    • Jay Ilagan

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  • Interested

    Hi, I have a little issue about display. Hndi ba bothering yung display ng Titan? parang pale or obvious na hndi sya msyadong mhal?If you could give examples to which i can compare it with. I’ve watched reviews on YT, definitely mas ok ang display ng Flare. I’ve never actually seen Titan so I have no idea how its display looks like. It is my only concern. In general I think it works just right for its price. Thanks!

    • No, it’s nice enough to be recognized as an expensive smartphone. The display of the Flare is obviously better since it has the same 480×800 pixel resolution on a smaller 4.0-inch screen which means details will be sharper. Your best bet is to go to a CM kiosk and try them out. :D

      • SiAnaAko

        I agree! What happens to me is the opposite. I went to the shop to check out the Flare but then the beauty of Titan captured my attention and tried it out. I found it very responsive and loading of apps went smoothly. Afterwhich I read the reviews and indeed my hands-on and the reviews matched (most of the features)! ;) So I decided to buy one the following day. :D No regrets!

  • Neekolnicole

    Where to buy back cases for titan? Walang free back case ung binili namin. We bought 4 pnaman. :(

    • We have no idea about that po. We’ll try to get in touch with a Cherry Mobile representative regarding this issue.

      • Neekolnicole

        Thanks po. Because I saw in one of the articles that it includes a case.

  • Interested

    @NoypiGeeks:disqus Thanks! But the problem here is the demo to purchase shit. I can’t really check it out so i can’t decide :( Btw, great review :)

  • Does it support mp4 format?

    • Yes. You can also download MX Player so that you can use any format.

  • Hi , may titan ako na white bought from lazada :D ask ko lang kasi 2 days palang skin to , then nakakadalwang charge palang sya , ang bilis nya malobat. mahaba naman yung time na pagchcharge ko nung una , pero ganto ba tlga pag sa una ? or sira battery ? kala ko ba aabot ng 2 days kahit puro laro , at net ? eh yun lng nmn gngwa ko.please answer :(

    • No, kung lagi po kayong naglalaro at nag iinternet, mabilis po talaga yan. 2 days po kung regular usage as phone and occasional gaming and web browsing.

  • Ona,,

    aVailabLe pa ba Ang cm Titan til noW??


  • Hi sir,

    I’m planning to buy this first week of Feb. Wala pa kasing budget. Tanong ko lang kung rootable ba tong android nato? or Can I upgrade it?

    • rooted na po ang titan ko .. :D ..same as konka w990 sir :D

    • Yes, it can be rooted.

  • ang ayaw ko lang sa titan … mahirap sya gamitin pang text pag naka higa ka ..tas nkatapat sa muka mo … ang hirap hawakan

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  • Hey sir may Adobe Flash po ba ito?

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    So, do you have an idea?

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    hello sir..ask lng po sana ako kung anu ang mas maganda Titan o Blaze? same lng ang prize nila pero nalilito po kasi talaga ako kung anu bibilhin ko to d2 sa dalawa. problema kolang kasi sa Blaze is 1500 lng ung battery nya..balak ko kasi bumili next week. gusto ko pagnakabili ako yong d ako magsisisi. Please help..THANKS! GOD BLESS and MORE POWER!

    • For me, Titan is better. Battery life plays an important role in everyday usage. You should try them both to get a feel of it. In terms of other factors, they are almost the same. You can read the full review of Cherry Mobile Blaze here —

      • Demz

        hmmm..ganon poba..pero dba my battery naman po na binibenta para sa blaze? gusto ko kasi yong porma nya eh kasi parang s3..hehehe!

        other thing den about the Cloudfone thrill 430x? ok poba yun sir? kasi imba din yong battery nya 4300mah..pero d ko nga lng like yong porma nya.. =))

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        kasi yong porma nya eh kasi parang s3..hehehe! tsaka 5PM lng ang titan tapos ung Blaze 8MP..pero nid ko parin suggetions nyo kung anu ang mas better sa dalawa..

        other thing den about the Cloudfone thrill 430x? ok poba yun
        sir? kasi imba din yong battery nya 4300mah..pero d ko nga lng like yong
        porma nya.. =))

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  • Tsuki

    Panu po mag print screen sa titan?

    • Press and hold Power button + Volume Down.

  • glen

    Hi im using titan for 2 days now. and i tried to acces fb from it. Nung una okay naman mabilis then after an hour or two di na xa makakonect i mean hindi na mareload yung pages. peru ok naman ung connection ko. May kinalaman ba data usage dito? kasi nakita ko na puno na yung fb sa data usage around 14mb ? thanks

  • Glen Espino

    Hi im using Titan now for two days, trinay ko mag fb and all looks good when after 2 hours i cant connect or reload pages anymore. Peru ok naman yung connection. I saw on the data usage na yung Fb puno na ung bar na kulay blu at aroung 14mb. May kinalaman ba to kung bakit hindi na ko makapagfb?

    • Beamjil

      hello glen, im not CM tittan user bt i plan to buy for it…. im jst a concern person regarding for the problem of ur 14mb. jst download from play store…. APPS 2 SD. tpos yan ang gagamiton mo. e click mo yan paghumihina ung pagdownload ng fb mo kasi yang ang nag cleclear ng cache sa unit mo. kung baga para xang walis na naglilinis pagmaraming dumi na. yan kasi ginagamit ko ngaun para bumibilis ang pagdodownload. try mo.

    • It’s not related po. No worries.

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    Hello NoypiGeeks, can the RAM of Titan be upgraded to at least 1gig? thank you

  • glen

    Hello noypi geeks pa answer naman ng question ko thanks

  • francis

    -paano alisin ang vibrate pag nag ttxt,, kahit i off sa audio settings nag vvibrate pa din

    • Go to Settings > Language and Input > Choose the keyboard you use > Disable vibrate on keypress.

      • dreamweaver

        boss panu ba yung data usage? kasi nagffb ako tapos di na ko makakonek may kinalaman ba yun?

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    paano po ishow ang notifications example ng fb sa status bar?

    • TBacZ

      FB settings un pre, open mo ung FB app at dapat na check mo sa settings, dapat na check ung notifications

  • merrylou

    I got my Titan unit from Lazada on Jan 8. Last Sun, the unit won’t open after charging. Service Center agent told me to bring the unit to them and it will take 3-4 weeks to repair. Do you have any alternative which I can do before losing my phone for 3 weeks?

  • Ian R Santiago

    Hi how are you? I bought CM Titan W500 last month (before the end of January before I came back to Australia).

    I’m having a little problem about the sound when you type something… I want the sounds on the keyboard but I can only feel the vibrate while typing on my phone.

    Do you know where or how do I fix the sounds. I couldn’t find it. Thanks…

    • Go to Settings > Language and Input > Choose the keyboard you’re using > You can now enable or disable those features. Hope this helps!

      • filoguy2009

        thanks i already fix it… it sounds very different the sound of the key thingy…

      • filoguy2009

        Oh, I forgot to ask you another one… when I use my CM Titan W500 phone and sent a text message to anyone, since I lived here in Australia.

        Then it says “Roaming Warning – The SIM card that you are about to use is now roaming. No local SIM is available now. Would you like to continue?”… I didn’t want to use Roaming thingy ‘cos I’m only sending here in Australia… I’m using an Australian mobile number.

  • chad

    hello po, ask ko lang po paano maglagay ng picture/image sa phonebook/contacts .. sakin po kasi parang ayaw e,salamat po. CM titan user :)

    • TBacZ

      Hindi pwede makalagay ng Image sa PB contacts kapag nasa SIM ung contact. Dapat ma transfer mo muna ang contacts sa Phone memory, tapos edit contact :)

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    is this CM Titan a 5 point multi-touch?

    • Karlx Stifler

      2 point multi-touch lang.. pero soon mag rerelease rin ng 5 point multi-touch :)

      • Hi, CM already released the Titan update which makes it 5 point touch.

        • bloodykoolet

          sir may fm radio din ba ang titan? appreciate quick reply,i plan to buy this titan today,thanks a lot!

          • John-John

            Meron xa Fm radio tol.

        • John-John

          Elow po.. ano po ang smart bright? At ano po function nya sa Titan?

          • It’s for the flipcover po. Switch it on if gamit niyo yung flipcover.

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      Ung Titan ko 5 point multi-touch, tinry ko sa fruit ninja ng 5 fingers gumana siya. hahaha =))

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    hindi daw po makapanood ng web videos sa titan? may app po ba or any setting na pwedeng gawin?

    • Adam Parnala

      Pwede po.

    • Pwede po.

      • Fargloom

        Paano po? I tried to watch a movie sa putlocker but it needs a plugin…

        • John-John

          Mag download ka ng Adobe flash player 11 for android siguradong gagana yan..

  • Sir, what is the major diff of Titan and Flare?
    Do they both have Tethering?

    • Yes, they both have. Read our reviews, compare them, and go to the android phone that’ll suit your needs.

  • OMG


    • It’s 4GB. 2.5GB is user usable while the rest are used by the system and OS.

  • jielyn

    may free cover po ba ??? reply naman po kasi bibili ako bukas .. yong cover kasi and importante ehh .. para hindi gano masira screen nya ??

  • kamz

    Totoo b n ang nilamang lng ng titan s flare e ung size but pag processor mas ok ang flare? If u r to choose anu bblin m? Titan, titan tv, or flare…?

    • Based on experience, I prefer the Titan’s MTK6577 processor than Flare’s old Snapdragon processor.

      If you don’t mind the gigantic 6-incher Titan TV, it’s the best buy among the three. But if you do, the Titan is your best bet. Its way better than the Flare.

  • I’d like to ask how to extend the battery life of my Titan. I;ve already installed the app 2x battery which somehow curbs consumption by a bit (now can go up to 2 days yay) because I frequently call my girlfriend and play GBA emulator games. Is there a certain setting where I can minimize battery usage and up its life?

    • The battery of the Cherry Mobile Titan is superior when compared to android phones so I think your usage depletes its life drastically. Your uptime is already good considering you frequently play games and make calls.

  • Mads

    Hi, I just wanna ask if ano mas maganda? Flare or Titan? I’m planning to buy a new phone kasi eh. Thank you!

    • Cherry Mobile Titan.

      • Nice

        sa flare po kasi, “your charger is now your bestfriend” sabi nga nila

  • hazaelle peren

    sobrang bilis ng battery nya. 6 pm ko nagamit 1 pm, low battery na xa. bagong bili ko lang po to. anu po problema? halos 2 times aq nagchacharge araw araw

    • Pano po ba paggamit niyo? Kung puro games at internet, hindi po talaga tatagal yan ng 1 araw.

    • 6pm mo ginamit pero 1pm low bat na? wow magiisang araw yan ha

  • I have a bad experience with Cherry Mobile W7. After only 2 months after purchase, the touchscreen phone wont respond to touch anymore. Will bring it to CM repair center tomorrow but I have heard of horror stories about repairs taking 2 months with no service unit. Inferior units, inferior service. I dont think Titan will save Cherry Mobile if they continue this path.

  • Yeye Yates

    Ok na OK itong Titan. sulit sa presyo nya. Sa tingin ko nga mas ok to kumpara sa TITAN 2 (TITAN TV). Yun nga lang may mga minor akong issues (Problems, Limitations, and Disadvantages of Cherry Mobile Titan) pero trivial lang naman kaya pwedeng bale walain :)

  • kim

    can you install instagram on it?

  • jolo

    how can i deactivate text message vibration on this titan?

    • Hapee_Mil

      Settings > Language & input > Default (English – Android keyboard) > Settings (on the right side), untick Vibrate on keypress

  • kevin

    almost a month ko na nang gamit si Titan… so far very satisfied naman ako sa performance nya… very responsive pa rin kahit sobrang dami nang apps na naka-istall…
    amazing din yung battery life… two thumbs-up

  • Aldrin Balderas

    ano po mas maganda omega o titan?

    • You can’t go wrong either way. If you want Jelly Bean, go for the Omega.

  • JP

    hello po. good day. i’m planning to buy cm titan, and I’ve been reading the reviews and comments lately, they’re appealing so far. kaso nkita ko po yung cm titan tv, I’m more attracted to it. kng sa performance po mas okay po ba ang titam tv? ’cause there’s only a slight difference in their prices. syang naman po. ska po available po ba sila in cherry stores? thanks! I would greatly appreciate your suggestion. Godbless. :)

    • Yes, it’s ‘somehow’ better plus it has 1GB RAM. It’s too big for me though.

  • diosanina

    bkit 11 pesos ung nbabawas sa load every time na nag tetext ako, nung una 1peso lng ung kaltas ngaun 11 saan sa settings un??

  • Menchi

    Wala po bang ‘enter’ key yung messaging keyboard nito?

    • allen titan user

      Oo nga pre..un dn hnahanap ko sa messaging enter po.

  • extraRICE

    I like the review of TITAN but I don’t like the 5 inch screen. FLARE specs is also great but 1600mAh battery is a problem.I’m planning to buy so I think I’ll choose FLARE because FLARE is very comfortable to use, hand and pocket size friendly. What do you think?

    • Titan is better. You’ll get used to the 5-inches screen in a few days or so.

  • bobot

    ah..hello po sir., ask ko lang po if compatible po ang phone na ito sa ingress googleplay..salamat more power..

  • Baekwondo

    Hi author, I would like to ask and confirm few things about this phone before i buy it next week:

    1. How’s the WiFi connection? I haven’t read on the review above about the wifi connectivity it only states the 3G/HSDPA connection? Have you ever tried connecting on some other hotspots like on coffee shops, restaurants, mall and etc.? how is it doing? Because I have read in the web that it only supports wireless internet speed connection of “b” & “g” only, what missing is the the newest & fastest connection which is the “n”. Can you please convince me regarding this.

    2. Settings > Apps > Downloaded > Phone Memory
    How many TOTAL phone memory (“used” and “free”) does the Titan have?

    3. On the above review there is no FM Radio, but i think now there is, right?

    4. Does the screen display glass type? or hard plastic case?

    5. Does it have Motion Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Light Sensor and Compass?

    6. Does it come with free memory card?

    7. How many wireless connections does the WiFi Hotspot could provide? Maximum of 5?

    8. How’s GPS? What is the maximum error of accuracy does it provide in navigation?

    Thank you very much in advance. more power to NOYPIGEEKS.

    • Yeye Yates

      Karamihan nung sagot e naka-post dito: pero sagutin ko na rin yun mga kaya ko ;)
      1. No problem sa wifi connection. Pwede rin sa data connection (Globe / Smart) whose speed will depend on the carrier. Pwede rin sya wifi hotspot once naka on yun data connection. andito kung pano:
      2. 4 gig pero 2 lang ang pwede mong gamitin. Hindi mo makikita yun 2 gig na ginagmit ng system unless mag root ka
      3. app lang katapat nyan ;)
      4. Not sure kasi may kasama ng screen protector
      5. sure hit sa first two. as for the light, everytime i put it on autobrightness, naka dim pag maliwanag at nakabright pag madilim kaya baka meron. sa compass naman, nung nag DL ako ng compass app, errow daw.
      6. nope, i bought my 32 gig for almost 1k
      7. please refer to given link/s
      8. never tried it yet
      net-net, it is a good phone. no noticeable lags. perfect for cost-conscious individuals like me ;)

  • Ivor Madrigal

    I would like to ask and confirm few things about this phone before i buy it next week:

    1. How’s the WiFi connection? Have you ever tried connecting on some other hotspots like on coffee shops, restaurants, mall and etc.? how is it doing? Hows the connection speed? is it worthy for its b/g/n speed?

    2. Settings > Apps > Downloaded > Phone Memory
    How many TOTAL phone memory (“used” and “free”) does the Titan have?

    3. On the above review there is no FM Radio, but i think NOW there is, right?

    4. Does the screen display glass type? or hard plastic case?

    5. Does it have Motion Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Light Sensor and Compass?

    6. Does it come with free memory card?

    7. How many wireless connections does the WiFi Hotspot could provide? Maximum of 5?

    8. How’s GPS? What is the maximum error of accuracy does it provide in navigation?



  • may flash po ba cam nito?

    • lorenz

      my flast yan xmpre

  • saan po ba makakabili ng titan tv leather case at iba pang case.. sayang naman po kung magagasgasan yung phone ko..

  • Yeye Yates

    Super sulit tong titan. Meron ako nung nauna (titan not-TV) at sa rating na 1 to 10, nasa 7.5 to 8 sya overall. syempre may problems and limitations din pero sa presyo nya, oraty na orayt :)

  • edwin de borja

    sir I tried installing the nba2k13 game which I purchased from the apps market…it doesnt seem to run…please advice

    • Copy the NBA2k13 folder in your Android>obb folder then paste it on your phone storage’s Android>obb>[here] folder. You need to have the data on both SD and phone storage. If that doesn’t work, make phone storage as the default write disk and try again.



    • mmDeveloper

      Update your firmware to latest build. This will fix that issue.

  • got this phone last Monday (March 18)… i just have one problem with it… when i am making a call (or someone calls me), the other party hears some noise but it’s clear on my part… has anyone experienced this? i don’t think it’s my network because all those people i called complained the same…

    • JP Garmay

      parang meron bubuyog ?

      • oo… speaker problem daw… but they replaced my unit… yey! haha

  • ADrian

    bkit 2gb phone memory lang yung nabili ko.. tapos maxadong sensitive yung screen..

  • elle

    my phone a919 has the edge in camera.. it has 8 megapixels resolution..

  • Sale Shitzu puppy 2months 7k to 8k pm me or TRADE to Titan Etc Ty :)) pm me na lng

    • maganda ako

      kawawa ung puppy hahahaha tinetrade nalang :D

  • Marvin Basira

    i love titan pero mahal lng, kaya nag flare nalng ako hehehe

  • Chippichawa

    Will Cherry Mobile will continue to get updates or patches for this phone

  • pretty

    hi po ask ko lang pano po ba mag erase ng call log sa titan and ung msg tone pano po ilagay tnx

  • Cmmdr. Pogi

    hello po, meron rin po bang ganyang phone dito sa zamboanga city? naghahanap kase ako ngayun ng maganda at affordable na phone :)

    • spectre

      meron po sa expression nakita ko kanina almost 6k.

  • pwede bang papalitan yung screen protector ng titan? san pwede mgpapait and how much?

    • Ang Asong Gala

      150 yung screen protector

  • tanong lang po. ang hanap ko po kasi sa isang phone e games, music and the life of battery, advice nga po kung the best din na titan nlang ang bilhin ko?

    • Ang Asong Gala

      the best sya at mag DL ka ng Battery Saver :)))

  • Hapee_Mil

    System seems not too stable.. Every time my titan is not properly turn off (empty bat), as I charged and open it again, notification said “modem log is stopped”. In effect, there are no network signal in 2 sims and I have to turn it off again and again until I see a bar in my signal. Please advise.

  • Aison

    Hello everyone as far as i using my CM Titan since january 2013 ko pa binili,this smartphone brings me lots of fun downloading android apps hehehehe with 720P video play & HDR camera & fast wifi hehehehe

    • Aison

      hello guys i’m back well, my CM titan i 1 year na noong january 2, 2014 pa not just 720p makakaya ng CM titan but kayang-kaya nito ang 1080p na HD video even it’s alone with super amoled 16 million colors, I Love my cherry mobile titan :P

  • Yeye Yates

    Peeps, mabilis din ba uminit yun CM-Titan nyo sa may ilalim ng camera? Pansin ko to pag ginagamit ko ng matagal yun Titan (watching movies, nakakasaksak sa TV, etc…) wala naman yun issue sa listahan dito tapos yun ibang nakalagay sa listahan wala naman sa Titan ko. baka unit ko lang? tnx

  • cherie

    guys pa help naman poh ano ba mas mganda samsung galaxy ace, cm titan or cm thunder??? nid q ng comment nio tnx

    • Ang Asong Gala

      CM TITAN

    • james

      dpende yan sa hilig mo.., kung surfing or gamingyung hilig mo, pro sa akin lang advice ko cm thunder..galing kc ng thunder eh.., kulang lang ng thunder eh wlang flash… pro kung gusto mo ng may flash., titan ka nalang

  • umakyobab

    san mo po na download ung nba 2k13?

  • kim..

    sure ba keu na hndi nka2pang hinayang bumili ng titan w500?? plsss nid some advice

  • nosferatu

    Walang available na battery ang mga android ng Cherry Mobile specifically yang SKYFIRE, ang TITAN, OMEGA and OMEGA HD, kaya masasabi mong disposable units ang mga yan dahil walang tindang battery iyan maski saang Cherry mobile store, kiosk or service center ka sa Pilipinas maghanap. maganda na sana ang performance pero dahil di mo na magagamit yan pag nasira ang battery, disposable na ang tawag diyan. kaya kung ako sa inyo, wag na kayo bumil

  • joe..

    i purchased this unit(cherry mobile titan) 2 mos ago, the battery really sucks, it quit working after a month and up to now i can’t find a replacement or even buy a battery and i can’t use this damn phone.cherry mobile customer service sucks too..if i were you guys, next time you choose a phone, never think na may cherry may look so great but it’s useless..

  • sotocamille

    Hello po. Can I ask if the instagram is working? Coz my mom bought an android phone before and hindi magamit yung instagram. All photos are just turning black. I hope you’ll still reply to this. Thank you :)

    • mmDeveloper

      What device did you mom buy? What android os is the device running? Have you tried contacting support from Instagram?

  • Pwede tong CM Titan! Disposable na, garantisabog pa ;) –

  • maldito

    panu ausin ung sensitivity ng titan sobrabg dami napipindot nya

    • Soyen

      same here, pumi pindot nang kanya2x yung phone, kung saan2x na xa pumupunta. anu po ba dapat gawin para ma ayus to?

  • mitch

    Hello.. my problema po kc cp ko Titan ang unit.. di ko na ma open kc nakalimutan ko ang password sa kaka.attemp ko try need na sya reformat.. kaso nandito ako ngayon sa brunei.. my ibang option bha na maayos ang cp ko..?

    • aries

      pde nman pong ikaw nlng ang mag format nun e ..

  • stacy

    may available po ba s mga mobile stores na bettery pra s gnitung phone???

    • j-R

      wla.. pero “BATTERY” meron.. lol !!!!

  • laine

    patulong naman po kasi yung titan ko patter ang gamit kong pass eh ung bata po dito sa bahay habang naghuhugas po ako ng pinggan eh nagdraw ng nagdraw ng patter para maunlock ng di ko alam eh sumobra po. Tapos nung nakita ko po ganyan na at ang masaklap eh ginawa ko na po ung hinihingi nyan pero wala parin di naman po ako makaconnect sa internet gamit yan kasi ayaw na nga po mabuksan at dahil dun di ko na magamit lahat ng apps ..patulong naman po pls… :'(

    • laine

      titan po yan

    • Hard reset mo..shutdown your phone..make sure na totally offna sya and then hold volume up and power botton tas makikita may makikita ka dun.wipe mo lahat

    • gnyan din nangyari sa phone ng kuya ko dati mag-antay ka ng 6 days-8 days tapus tapos nah!!!

      • John Carlo Guno Bicol

        wehhh…. d nga ??? totoo?? i`ll try

    • maganda ako


    • cjcj

      search on youtube how to reboot and format

    • John Carlo Guno Bicol

      same tyo laine ganyan din nangyari sa phone ko :(

    • Broke

      hard reset mo lng yan pra ma wala ang app sa lock pero ma wawala din po ung lahat ng download mo.. tanggalin mo lng ung sim at memory mo pra d ma bura pics at contacts mo.. f d ka marunong mag hard reset dalhin mo sa cell shop pa hard reset mo dun mura lng bayad nyn :)

    • johnmark capellan

      maam dalhin mo sakin ayusin ko na puk di ba ?ako bahala

  • Sir..yung bagong update po ba na cherry mobile w500 ics-jellybean
    .d na pwedeng iroot..kc after po ng pinaupdate ko sya d na po sya naroroot although same procedure naman po gnawa ko nung ics version pa titan ko.sir can you pls help me.i dont know wat is the problem.

  • hometarget

    sir mas okey ba ang Titan kesa sa myphone A919iduo? paki lang po bibili kc ako

  • [email protected]

    paano mag download ng games sa cherry mobile pls. reply

    • j-R

      playstore men!!!

      create your account..

  • [email protected]


  • chano

    i love this phone..

  • Paulo Umali

    hello po ask ko lang po kung bakit po pag me tumatawag saken wla akong music na marinig pero sa txt meron naman pati pag nakikinig ako ng music… nag try nku mag reboot and palitan ung call notification ko ganun padin xa…please help po.. thanks

  • Paulo Umali

    hello po ask ko lang po kung bakit po pag me tumatawag saken wla akong music na marinig pero sa txt meron naman pati pag nakikinig ako ng music CM TITAN W500 po… nag try nku mag reboot and palitan ung call notification ko ganun padin xa…please help po.. thanks

  • kylle dalu

    hai po! mabilis po ba itang malowbat? mga ilang days po before sya malowbat?

  • Robert

    Good day Sa lahat, ask ko Lang sana Kung saan ko makikita yung “LOG” Sa Titan ko wala Kasi akong Makitang log o history Sa mga icons Nya.

  • yasmine

    Hi may i ask yung Titan ba po ay mabilis yung internet po? Yung Titan po ba ay nag log? Mabilis ba po ba maubos yung charge? Malapad pa bo yung Titan ? Masarap ba pong gamitin yung Titan

  • carlos

    hspa+ support? tested nba?

  • joana

    pano maset ung send 1 and send 2 na button sa titan pagnagtetext ?

  • joana

    help me please



    • Jmd Madriaga

      boss txt me 09091073751

  • YEYE

    maganda talaga gamitin ang titan :)
    di pako na di disappoint sa phone nato :)

  • Joshua :))

    Guys bale po kase me ka’deal ako na trade daw kame sa myphone A888 ko and sa CM titan nya.. should i deal with it?? please reply po kayo.. salamat. pkitingin nlang din po ng specs ng myphone A888 kung hindi nyo po alam un. :)

  • Kheeno Suarez

    guys ask ko lng how much mga battery ng cm titan now?nakiapg meet kc ako kagabe then defective pala ung bat d ko nman kc ncheck i charge nung nasa meeting place bali dlawa ung bat ung isa ayaw mag charge pero nagamet ko ung isa nman nag stock sa 60% pag chinacharge sa mga cherry mobile stores ba sm may na bibile xtra battery sana may mag rely thanks

  • maganda ako


  • neth aguado

    pahelp po how to open my cm tital bigla nlng nag off at ayaw na pong mag open phelp plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • John Albert Neri

    Please help me I upgrade my phone w500 titan into jelly bean after that all my contacts in simcard are gone. But I insert my sim into other phone all my contact in sim are shown. What should I do?

    • [email protected]

      Go to contacts, tap un left na capacitive button. Select contacts to display then selct show all.

  • Mark Alvin Rañola

    pls help sir.. i dont know how to move my apps to sd card my fon is titan w500 the only options der is mov to internal and move to phone

  • edrelito quiambao

    Pahelp naman di kc ako makasign in sa playstore using my titan gumamit na ko ng ibang account at gumawa ng bago account sa google kaso coul’dnt sign in pa din lumalabas sa device ko..ano kaya pwede pa gawin ko?

  • juli

    hi… bakit po hindi na nag fufull charge yung battery ko tsaka kapag nag chacharge aq kpag disconnect na yung charger lowbat pa rin ako.. my phone is cherry w500..

    • Joshua Dawi Abejero

      We have the same problem, ng makabili akong battery, bilis nmn ma drain, charging for 4 hours, then 1 hour use lang.
      WTF, san nakaka bili ng original CM 9A , hnd MSM H.K CM 9A -_- Green Power Source.

      • Jmd Madriaga

        boss buy mo battery ko d ko n ksi mgmit ung cm titan ko ksi sira board pero buo p lcd ts at battery txt me 09091073751

  • Arjay Oli

    Ser ask ko lng bakit mnsan ung phone kong w500 eh kusa nlng pumipndot ? Ser tulungan nyu naman kaming nga cherry mobile user thanks

  • John Carlo Guno Bicol

    sakin din ganun nag tatype ng kusa

  • marQi

    San mkakabili ng BATTERY nyan ung MAY STOCK po ah?

  • Karen Claro

    How much tsaka po available po b dito s nueva ecija yan?

    • garry baguio

      gusto mo mam may binibinta ako nyan ito ohh 3.2k na lng

  • garry baguio

    may binibinta ako nyan 3.2k na lng po pm me na lng po salamat

  • Vonzon Yaniham

    san ba ako makakabili ng battery nito?

  • roel velasco

    wala b talaga google play service ang w500. may mga games n naghahanap ng google play service pro d naman am download s play store

  • Jmd Madriaga

    bka gusto nyo bilhin ung cm titan ko sira ksi board eh pero buo p lcd ts at battery nya makinis p yn txt me nlng po 09091073751 thanks