If you’ve been following the Cherry Mobile Facebook page, you’re probably aware of the three yet-to-be released handsets on their cover photo. We already know about one of them. The Skyfire was the only one out of the three whose name isn’t blurred out from the image. Of course, now we know what one of the others is: The Cherry Mobile Flame!

The Cherry Mobile Flame is essentially the big brother of the much-loved Flare. It shares pretty much the same internals as the Flare: a dual core 1.2GHz MSM8225 S4 chip, 4Gb of ROM, 512Mb of RAM and ICS 4.0 out of the box. Of course, the main difference between the two is that the Flame rocks a larger and higher resolution on its 4.5 inch qHD screen. qHD means quarter HD resolution, which is equivalent to 540 x 960 pixels. That’s a level up from the 480 x 800 resolution of the Flare and Titan. That higher resolution also means that the Flame’s display is sharper than either the Flare or the Titan. The Flame has a pixel density of 245PPI, compared to the Flare and Titan, which are rated at 233PPI and 187PPI respectively.

Cherry Mobile Flame Preview

[one_half]”The Cherry Mobile Flame rocks a larger and higher resolution on its 4.5-inch qHD screen as compared to the 480×800 pixel resolution of the Flare and Titan.”[/one_half]

The official SRP of the Cherry Mobile Flame is Php6,299, which is quite affordable, but also a bit curious since the price of the 4.7 inch Skyfire was revealed to be only Php5,999. That Skyfire price is based on a flyer that Cherry Mobile SM North Edsa staff had distributed on Flare Day to people waiting in line. This could mean one of two things. One is that the Skyfire’s price could increase to more than what the Flame will sell for, prior to its official release. The other is that the Skyfire will be released at the previously released price, but will lack some features to keep the cost down, such as 3G.

We already know that the Flame is based on the same OEM device as the Karbonn A21 and K-Touch U8. Do any of you guys know what OEM device the Skyfire is? Hit us in the comments.

Cherry Mobile Flame Specifications

  • 4.5 inch qHD capacitive display (540 x 960, 245PPI)
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 1.2GHz dual core MSM8225 Snapdragon S4 CPU
  • Adreno 203 GPU
  • 512Mb RAM
  • 4Gb ROM, expandable up to 32Gb via MicroSD
  • WiFi
  • 3G / HSDPA
  • 5p autofocus primary camera with flash, 1.3mp secondary front-facing camera
  • Price: Php 6,299
  • Anon

    how about the battery?

    • 1,800mAh po yung battery, assuming same sila ng OEM device ng Karbonn A21

  • arkiz

    ngek. bat ang balita 1.3 ung front camera.? nu daw un?

    • Sorry, 1.3mp nga. Thanks for pointing it out.

  • Meow

    5 point touch ba ang flame?

  • 0. 3 mp lng ung front official na ang nagsabi…

  • emilioaquino

    CM, MP, StarMobile, Cloud, Torque, etc… sana maglabas kayo ng unit na windows ang os para naman maiba yung mura pero mataas din ang specs (Ang baba kasi ng specs ng Nokia Lumia 510)

    • ejay

      di naman OPEN-SOURCE windows phone hahahaha

      • doubler

        at gahaman s pera si Bill Gates, hahaha

  • I’m torn between Flame, Blaze or Titan. I already set my eyes on Titan (because of the battery) however, I find it big for me and the specs are sub-par to Flame or Blaze.

    BUT, again, if Flame have a qHD screen, that means it will take more battery juice compared to the Titan.

    Oh well, I will just wait for me cash and will see what I can buy on that day… I’m crossing my fingers that I hope I can get a extra cash so that I can buy any of the 3.

  • mamahal ung phone pag windows ang OS… mag mod ka nalang :))

  • cola

    May panorama camera feature ba ang flame?

  • Nicole

    sobrang low quality ng battery ng Flame.. i think ng cherry mobile..nag charge ako ng 4 hrs.. but empty na agad sya within 5 hrs of just texting..bagong bili ko un.. 2 days old pa lng.. ndi ako nag lalaro, hndi lahat, just texting na hndi naman panay-panay.. but still it consumes the battery a lot.. may adjustment ba un??? or papalitan ko na lng as warranty????

    • Check your connectivity settings. Baka po nakabukas ang Wi-Fi, 3G, or GPS niyo kaya sobrang bilis malobat.

    • from the future

      well, 4 hours of charging is not good, overcharge na yan, nasisira ang battery mu sa overcharge, i know this because the same battery principle goes with hobbies like airsoft and RC cars, at ilang batteries(yung mga mamahaling pang-hobby) na din ang nabili ko dahil sa overcharging, 1 & 1/2 hours lang dapat ang charge usually ng mga CP or depends sa mAH capacity ng battery, my GF’s CM Titan lasts more than an entire day na ginagamit ang 3G for internet browsing and facebook, instagram, twitter and others apps most of the time, sama na dyan ang mga HD games that she plays(contract killer zombies, temple run 2 at iba pa)

      that or your battery does have a defect, but also remember, the durability of a phone still depends heavily on the user, my chinese android iphone4 clone is still in top condition with a charge lasting 2 days despite having it for almost a year, while a friend’s blackberry is now giving up on life

    • try mu po lessen ang intensity ng backlight. minsan masyadong bright thus battery consumption is increased. at pa add na lng app killer para kill na autorun apps hehehehe

  • Hi I am Ayeisha Dealba Cherry Mobile User
    kahapon po bumili ako ng Cherry phone (Flame) sa Tutuban branch!
    kanina lng po nag lalaro ako ng temple run bigla syang namatay…
    i don’t know why?
    sabi ni mommy papalitan na lng daw ng cherry mobile unit na Flame….

    ask ko lng po kung anung nangyare sa Flame ko?
    and sana po mag labas na po kayu ng flame case!

    super ganda ng quality ng Flame mabilis pa!
    pang palit daw ba sa Flare….

    • pickaboo

      iphone 5 ka palit nalang.

    • iAm

      Same thing happens w/my Flare. Fails safe ata nila un pg umiinit n ng msydo ung phone

  • Leo

    i buy the flame recently.. and I didnot regret it:)

    the build is quality, you can feel it is solid. although made of plastic the finish look elegant.

    the IPS screen is great! actually im comparing it with my s3 not far behind.. eto pa flame is more clear than my s3 using video call on skype!

    Web browsing is good it can load page in seconds, text is sharp. fast streaming movies in web. just lack of video out.

    rear camera good but not as clear as my s3…

    ICS home is bit laggy, but you can download launcher in google play. im using GO launcher now smooth navigating in home screen

    last… How i wish it could update to JB. But in my opinion mas magiging laggy cya coz JB os eats more RAM memory…

    • Thanks for the share. Many people will appreciate it! :D

      • noime

        san poh ba nkakabili ng accesories ng flame puro flame 2.0 lng nkikita q

    • 5 point touch din po ba to?

  • Liam Dones

    Noypigeeks ano ang mas magandang bilhin ung flame or flare?? :)

    • Cherry Mobile Flame.

      • Liam Dones

        sa gaming at internet connectivity ano ung the best Flame titan or flare?


      • shopao

        sir, nu po recommend niyo? flare? flame? titan? o omega?

      • noime

        pa email naman sken kung san poh pwede makabili nf accesories ng flame yung hindi 2.0 meron na poh ba o wla?

  • LD

    upgradable ba sya ng jelly bean at 1gb of ram??

  • ikapo

    maganda naman ang flame nabili ko ng 2k sa tao ung battery nya mabilis maglowbat pero di naman din ganun kabilis…my times lang na nagforce closed ang apps dahil siguro di pa nakaroot at hd ang mga games ko…sa video ok naman pero sa camera maganda may konting delay lang sa video recording

  • is this upgradeable to jelly bean?

  • paul

    hi. ano po ba ang big differences between flame and titan. tnx!

  • is this 5 point touch also?
    kc ung W500 indi ehh!
    pls! answer

    • The W500 has 5 point touch support now. You should update your unit.

  • mr.niceGUY

    ilan po battery life ng CM FLAME???? reply kayo agad ha,…

  • CM alvin

    nkkbili ba ng cherry mobile flame extra battery n2 s CM shop? or pag wla eh san pde mkabili at mejo sablay na battery ko.. tnx