Some will argue that the Cherry Mobile Flare is akin to the iPhone of the Philippines, generating Apple-like buzz that I’ve never seen before for a local brand. For good reason too, as the Flare offers an unbeatable combination of great specs and a killer price to boot.

Seriously, where else can you get a dual-core, dual-SIM phone coupled with a 4 inch IPS display for just Php3,999? Still, there’s got to be some compromises, right? After all, at that price, it just seems too good to be true. Well sure, there are some bugs here and there, but it’s best to go objectively go through everything the Cherry Mobile Flare has to offer before passing judgement if it is worth your money or if you should be looking elsewhere. Behold, the Cherry Mobile Flare review!

Build Quality and Design: Generic Black Slate


Okay, to be fair, the Cherry Mobile Flare doesn’t exactly look bad. In fact, it looks like it costs more than the Php3,999 that I paid for it (after standing in line for 4 hours). A CD-R King saleslady even mistook it for one of the small new Xperia phones when I was out looking for a cheap micro SD card for my Flare. However, there’s nothing unique or inspiring about it. It’s literally just a black slab of plastic with a screen that dominates the front of the device. Below that gorgeous IPS display are 4 capacitive buttons: home, menu, back and search. Above the screen is the speaker grill when receiving calls, the 1.3mp front-facing camera, and the proximity and light sensors.


Running along the left side of the Cherry Mobile Flare, you’ll find the volume rocker toward the top and the micro-USB port near the bottom. The right side of the phone is absolutely devoid of any hardware controls and other details, save for a small notch on the back cover to help you pry it open when you want to get to the battery, SIM cards or microSD. At the top and on the lefthand side is the 3.5mm headphone jack while to the right is the power/lock button. On the bottom, you’ll find the microphone pinhole for voice calls or recording audio. The 5mp camera and LED flash can be found at the back, along with tiny Flare branding in the middle and the Cherry Mobile branding closer to the bottom where the loudspeaker grill is at.


One thing that’s hard to ignore is that the back cover is a little loose and creaky because of how it’s designed. I’m not worried about it coming loose or anything, but it’s just not as snug as it should be. A smaller issue is that I find the power/lock button rather hard to press because the button itself is recessed so deeply into the body of the Flare, and I often resort to using my fingernails to press it properly. The placement of the micro-USB port is a bit weird because I’m accustomed to finding it on the top or bottom of most devices, and the same thing goes with the placement of that notch on the battery cover when you need to pry it open. It’s hard to balance the phone in your hands when taking off the battery cover, especially for someone like me who has large(r) hands.

Of course, there are a lot of things I do like about the Cherry Mobile Flare’s build quality and design. First is that the generic black design may be a good thing if you don’t want to be distracted from the screen. Images just stand out better against a black bezel, and with the IPS screen that’s on the Flare, you’ll definitely enjoy some rich colors. Second is that the Flare and CherryMobile branding on the phone isn’t obtrusive the way it is on most other phones. Finally, I absolutely love that the back cover isn’t a fingerprint magnet. One thing that can easily make a phone look cheap is smudged fingerprints all over the body, and I can happily say that you won’t encounter that problem with the Flare.

The Screen: Gorgeous 4 Inches of IPS

Flare product shots-2

Screenshot Stock Launcher

The 4 inch IPS display of the Cherry Mobile Flare is one of its obvious key selling points, and it has a resolution of 480 x 800 (WVGA). That equates to a pixel density of 233ppi, which is really sharp when compared to other phones that you can get at similar price points. For example, the Galaxy Y has a pixel density of 133ppi while the Optimus L3 has an even crappier 125ppi. Color reproduction is also quite remarkable, and it really showed when I used on of my favorite multicolor wallpapers on the lockscreen. It’s really nice to wake up the device and be treated to colors as rich and vibrant as the Flare is capable of. Viewing angles are also great, but not especially so. While most budget smartphones out there come with cramped 3-3.5 inch low resolution screens, the Flare is an absolute steal with its larger, sharper and more vibrant IPS display. A larger screen means better enjoyment when watching movies, playing games, and reading articles on the web, simply because of how much more detail the screen is capable of.

However there is a downside to the Flare’s screen. It’s only a two-point touch, multi-touchscreen, meaning it can only recognize two simultaneous screen presses at any given time. Two-point touchscreens on most smartphones are a bit flawed because they have a hard time recognizing simultaneous key presses that are spaced close together. So it will sometimes recognize key presses from two different fingers as just a single key press. This wouldn’t be much of a problem if it were just about navigating through the UI, but there are other areas of the phone’s usability that this affects, which we’ll get to a bit later.

The Chipset: Dual Core on a Budget


Another key selling point of the Cherry Mobile Flare is that it comes with a 1.2 GHz dual core Qualcomm MSM7627A CPU coupled with an Adreno 203 GPU. Not only does the Flare have a gorgeous display, it’s also quite fast and zippy. In fact, when I was first standing in line to buy the Flare, I knew what the specs were but still had some tempered expectations. Needless to say, I was quite impressed by how responsive the Cherry Mobile Flare was when navigating the UI or running various games and apps.

“Not only does the Flare have a gorgeous display, it’s also quite fast and zippy.”

Of course, user experience can be rather subjective. What about hard numbers? I ran the Flare on 3 popular benchmarking apps. Quadrant and AnTuTu are popular benchmarking apps that measure CPU, I/O and graphics performance, while KFS Benchmark is a graphics benchmarking tool that measures framerates through 3 different OpenGL 2.0 tests that stress vertex throughput, fill rate, and draw calls.

I scored a 2,929 on Quadrant, which is better than what Galaxy Nexus and Atrix 4G users scored. I also ran it through AnTuTu v3.0.1, although this time I got 6,319, which is slightly worse compared to the Galaxy Nexus. Finally, I ran it through KFS, where it averaged 25.393 FPS (frame rates per second). When it came to the KFS tests, the Flare performed quite well in the fill rate test, topping out at 32.965 FPS while the vertex throughput and draw calls were stuck at 22.793 and 22.761 respectively.

These are very respectable numbers that show that the Cherry Mobile Flare is able to perform on par with a phone like the Galaxy Nexus. To put things in perspective, The Galaxy Nexus still sells for a little more than Php15k in the gray markets. You’re getting almost that same level of performance for just Php3,999. Cool, huh?

The Software: Almost Pure ICS


One thing I hate about some of the custom skins that manufacturers like to preload on their phones is that they can become quite bloated (here’s looking at you, Samsung and HTC). Thankfully, that’s not the case with the Cherry Mobile Flare as what you’re getting is an almost stock ICS experience. There are a few noticeable customizations, such as the extra notification area toggles for Data and Mute, which I haven’t seen on other ICS phones that I’ve handled. There’s also the icon set, where the stock icons have a square shape with rounded corners, and the non-stock apps are given that same look.

“I tried all my favorite apps on the Flare like Flipboard, Appy Geek, Shadowgun, Dead Trigger and Agent Dash, and they all worked smoothly.”

The icon set isn’t for everyone. I particularly didn’t like that the App Drawer icon was smaller than any other icon because it just looked weird. Still, that’s just a minor issue that can easily be solved by an alternative launcher and theme. To be fair, ICS runs quite smoothly on my Flare, and navigating through the homescreens and App Drawer is a breeze.

Another plus is that this build of ICS is quite stable on the Flare’s hardware. I didn’t encounter any force close issues due to an app not playing nice with the software and hardware, unlike the Cherry Mobile W300 that I had the chance to play with a couple of weeks ago that only played one out of the six games I tried to install on it. I tried all my favorite apps on the Flare like Flipboard, Appy Geek, Shadowgun, Dead Trigger and Agent Dash, and they all worked smoothly, with only Dead Trigger having a few rendering issues.

Messaging and Telephony: You Can Still Use It as a Phone, But Just Barely

Of course, a smartphone should still function as any other cellphone should, allowing you to make your typical calls and send text messages to another device. The Cherry Mobile is no different, and does everything a dumbphone should, but the experience isn’t perfect. In fact, there are a few things that have me scoring the Flare pretty low in this department. 


First, the speaker above the screen for taking calls is just too tiny and weak. In a quiet, enclosed space, there isn’t much of an issue, but when I tried to make calls outside with the occasional car passing by, I would always have to pause the conversation with whoever I was speaking with. Take note, I did these tests in a quiet neighborhood where the loudest vehicles on the street are the quiet engines of the Hondas and Toyotas of my neighbors. Oh, and if you are forced to make or receive a call while commuting on a jeepney? Forget about it. Sure, you can try using the stock headset for calls, but it’s not much better since it’s not an in-ear model and doesn’t do much to block out ambient noise. Not only that, but if you try to use another headset that has a built-in mic or volume controls, the sound comes out fuzzy because the Cherry Mobile Flare has compatibility issues with such headsets. Thankfully, all the headsets I tested that didn’t have built-in mics sounded just fine.

Things don’t get much better in the texting department. Remember that problem with 2 point touchscreens? If you’re accustomed to speed-typing on touchscreens the way I am on the Galaxy Note, don’t expect the same responsiveness using the Cherry Mobile Flare. Despite having a 2-point touchscreen, simultaneous touches and touches that take place quickly after one another are often only recognized as a single touch, especially when they are spaced close together. A member of an unofficial Cherry Mobile Flare group on Facebook reported trying to type “music” at the speed he normally types, but only ended up typing out “mic” and unfortunately, I have had the same experience. It has somewhat slowed down the speed that I am able to compose text messages and emails on the Flare. This is a common issue among 2-point touch devices, although it’s hard to ignore.

Imaging Quality: A Pleasant Surprise

I generally have a low opinion of cameras on budget smartphones. I’ve tried the MyPhone A818, W100 and Cherry Mobile W300 and they all performed pretty bad, so even though the Cherry Mobile Flare is supposed to come with a better 5mp autofocus primary camera, I still had my doubts. Anyway, I tested the primary shooter through various scenes, ranging from bright outdoor lighting to indoor with no lighting with no flash.


As expected, the camera performed just fine in outdoor scenes where there was adequate to bright lighting. Here, I just used the Auto scene setting.

Outdoor Auto Camera Sample Flare

I find the Action scene setting to be rather ironic. The camera was so slow to respond, my dogs were long out of the frame by the time the picture was actually taken. Still, there was minimal blurring of their wagging tails, so I guess that counts for something if you can stand that 2 second wait.


Here are some indoor shots under low lighting. I used the Auto scene setting in one shot and the Night setting in the other. I’m surprised that the shots still appeared quite bright as all the other cameras on budget smartphones really suffered in this area.

Indoor Auto Cherry Mobile Flare

Indoor Flash

Finally, here’s a shot inside with flash enabled. That last shot with the flash enabled really impressed me. Usually, the LED flash doesn’t do much on budget smartphones, but you can really see the difference between the completely dark shot without flash and the one with flash enabled.

No Lighting with Flash

Overall, the actual image quality is just okay for the Cherry Mobile Flare. However, when it comes to performance under various lighting conditions, the Flare really impresses. You can basically take a decent shot regardless of how poor the lighting conditions are. You’ll mostly be using the Auto scene setting for most shots, but that Night setting is great for indoor shots where there isn’t a lot of ambient lighting. I really appreciate the Flare’s LED flash because it isn’t just for show the way it is with most other budget smartphones where the flash doesn’t do anything to illuminate the shot. Shots are actually illuminated quite evenly, even in a completely dark room.

Gaming: PSP? What PSP?

Whenever I test gaming on a smartphone these days, I start out with Asphalt 7, followed by Dead Trigger, Agent Dash, Temple Run, Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. I run them in that order with the most system intensive games first, and ending with the games that aren’t as demanding on the system.


Dead Trigger plays alright except for the main menu where there are a bit of rendering issues on the map. Those rendering issues persist in the main game, but it isn’t as annoying because it’s not as easily noticeable. Gameplay is smooth and framerates are pretty consistent.

[two_fifth]”It’s capable of running some of the more gorgeous 3D games out there.”[/two_fifth]

Agent Dash is a fast-paced 3D game that, while gorgeous, isn’t as heavy on the system. The gameplay is similar to Temple Run, except that you don’t make use of the G-sensor to move your character left and right. Controls are only limited to swipes on the screen. This time, there were no rendering issues, and the gameplay was smooth. Responsiveness to my swipes was also quite good, which is important on a fast-paced game like Agent Dash that relies on your reflexes to dodge obstacles throughout the game.

Agent Dash on Flare Screenshot

Temple Run is one of the most popular casual games that you can play on either Android or iOS, and like Agent Dash, it relies on fast reflexes to dodge obstacles throughout the game. While it’s a 3D game, Temple Run has been known to run on lower end devices, such as the Optimus L3, so the Flare had absolutely no problems running it. However, that ugly G-sensor problem did make itself evident here, with the character always moving toward the left even when I held the phone relatively level.

Cherry Mobile Flare Shadowgun Game Screenshot 2

Here’s a screenshot of Shadowgun running on Cherry Mobile Flare.

Then came Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. Seriously, if an Android phone can’t play these classics, it has no business being available to the public. Obviously, the Flare did just fine.

Angry Birds Star Wars on Cherry Mobile Flare

For just Php3,999, you’re getting a very capable gaming device. It’s capable of running some of the more gorgeous 3D games out there, and you’ll quickly become lazy about bringing your PSP with you since there’s a lot of variety in the games that the Cherry Mobile Flare can play.

Battery Life: Your Charger is Now Your Best Friend

One thing about Android is that it can be a real power sucker. This isn’t anything new, and most Android users have already grown accustomed to charging their phone at least once a day. But the Cherry Mobile Flare is a little worse than average, and it doesn’t help that it’s connected to two networks at once (when both SIMs are active) and packs a rather lacking 1,500mAh battery. That might seem great compared to other budget smartphones. Heck, the W100 lasted me a day and a half despite only having 1,400mAh. However, the difference between the two is that the Flare has a dual core chipset, a more capable GPU, dual SIM functionality, and a larger WVGA IPS screen. That additional 100mAh of battery juice just isn’t going to cut it.

Screenshot Custom Homescreen Cherry Mobile Flare

The battery life issues become obvious in real world usage, and even as I only used the Flare as a secondary phone to my Galaxy Note, it typically lasted barely a day. I had it connected to 3G for 30 minutes, 6 hours on WiFi, and the rest on standby and occasional calling and testing. It only lasted me a little more than 17 hours. That’s okay for some people since most workdays will have you home by the time the battery hits 20%. However, the Flare is a very capable phone, and there are a lot of users who will do more than just calling, texting, and browsing on it. Those who use their phones a lot will quickly find that they will fall short of that 17 hour mark, especially those who like to play a lot of 3D games.

“The battery life issues become obvious in real world usage, and even as I only used the Flare as a secondary phone, it typically lasted barely a day.”

Android users, particularly power users with dual or quad core phones, should already be familiar with this kind of battery life, but the Flare has been attracting a lot of first time smartphone users who are making the transition from their dumbphones and feature phones because of its ultra affordable price. Guess what the first thing is that they complain about: battery life.

One thing that won’t help the Cherry Mobile Flare’s rather short battery life is that it’s battery indicator isn’t that accurate. This is a bit common on Android devices, but it’s especially bad on the Flare. I once charged the Flare to 100% and then left it on standby with WiFi, 3G and GPS off for about 6 hours. I then went into the settings to check the specific battery percentage, and it showed that it had only gone down to 99%. I had to go on an errand so I took it with me so I could use it as a music player. When I got back home just 30 minutes later, it had gone down to 88%!

Known Issues: Bug Report

Despite packing enough performance to play most of the games you would want to play, the bugs can be hard to ignore. The most obvious one that I hate is the screwed up G-sensor. Sure, Cherry Mobile will be coming out with a fix “soon”, but how soon is “soon” going to be? There are many games and a few apps that rely on tilt controls or are best experienced using this sensor, so it’s kind of a letdown.

UPDATE: Cherry Mobile just announced that the software update for the Cherry Mobile Flare is now available on all Cherry Mobile service centers nationwide. OTA update will be available early next year.

The Flare is also supposed to come with FM radio hardware built in, but for some reason, the app that controls the FM radio wasn’t installed. Sure, it’s possible to sideload the APK (android version of installer for apps) to get the FM radio working, but not a lot of casual or first-time Android users will know how to do that. (download the FM radio APK here)

Another bug that I hope they’ll be able to fix in that upcoming update is the responsiveness while typing. Being a two-point touchscreen, the Flare’s display often recognizes two presses that are rather close to each other to be a single press. Heck, the presses don’t even have to be that close, since keys on the far ends of the onscreen QWERTY keyboard are still detected as a single press. I’ve removed the original screen protector (it wasn’t placed very well anyway) and the responsiveness has improved in landscape mode, but it’s still just not usable in portrait (I have large hands).

Finally, there’s the audio plug issue. Sure, it comes with a 3.5mm audio port that you can connect a headset or external speakers. However the Flare can be more than a bit choosy about the kind of headsets and speakers it will play nice with. Does it have volume control? Forget about it! Does it come with a built-in mic? Unless it’s the stock headset, you’re going to have trouble finding a compatible pair. Thankfully, all the regular headsets with no built-in mics that I tested with the Flare didn’t have any issues, but it’s a shame since I have a pair of great-sounding Sennheisers that are close to useless on the Flare because it comes with a built-in mic.

So Should You Buy the Cherry Mobile Flare?

While the Flare presents a lot of value, there are also a number of accompanying bugs that affect its usability. Whether you should buy it or not, with respect to value, depends a lot on what you are willing to put up with. The Cherry Mobile Flare manages to cram a lot of performance into a price point reserved for feature phones and entry level budget phones. Where else can you get a dual core CPU and 4 inch IPS display for Php4k? Not anywhere that I’m aware of. And it’s going to be a while until we see another smartphone that can compete with it in terms of performance at that price point.


Sure, it has its issues, however there are also workarounds that you can use to get by them. For example, you can download the FM radio APK to get the full functionality of the FM radio hardware that the Flare does indeed have. You can turn off text prediction and replacement options that tend to slow down responsiveness. You can also switch to a T9 layout when in portrait mode, especially if you find the keys to be too small. As for the audio plug issue, I had to get myself a second pair of earphones without the built-in mic. No way was I going to spend another chunk of money on some Sennheisers, so I went out and just got a pair of CDR King earphones instead. The mid and high tones are acceptable and the bass is a bit muddy, but I can live with that since I only use this as a secondary phone for commutes. The G-sensor fix will have to wait for the update though, but it’s coming soon, so they say.

[one_half]”You’re getting close to the same performance as the Galaxy Nexus while spending less than you would pay for the Galaxy Pocket.”[/one_half]

One thing that I absolutely love about the Cherry Mobile Flare is that it doesn’t feel as if I’m losing out on that much performance when I do a transition from my Galaxy Note to the Flare. Sure the screen is a bit smaller and the clock speed is slower, but the only game in my collection that I can’t install is The Dark Knight, which is a pretty heavy game, even for my Note. Everything else from Asphalt 7 down to Angry Birds plays fine. It’s even come to a point that I’m actually considering selling my Note to get a tablet since the Flare does pretty much everything I want it to.


So should you buy it? If you’re going to ignore value for money, then it’s all about what your willing to live with. Can you live with typing in landscape all the time? Can you live without a built-in mic or volume controls on your headset? Do you mind waiting for an update to fix the G-sensor issues? If you can, then you’ll be getting all of the benefits that a dual core chipset on a smartphone can give you. But to be fair to the Cherry Mobile Flare, it’s almost impossible not to have your purchase decision influenced by the great value for money that it offers. If I could rate the value that you’re getting from the Flare from 1-10, it would be a 12. You’re getting close to the same performance as the Galaxy Nexus while spending less than you would pay for the Galaxy Pocket. While I only technically use the Flare as a secondary phone, I’ve been using my Galaxy Note less and less because the Flare is so much more convenient to use. If you think you can live with its issues, by all means get it. It’s certainly opened my eyes to what Php4,000 can get me.

Disclaimer: I (JM Balicano) personally purchased the Flare review unit that was featured in this article. Neither I nor any other member of NoypiGeeks have received any compensation from Cherry Mobile or their affiliates for this post.

  • very nice review, one of the finest :))

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    use touchpal keyboard for better texting experience..

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    Sir. What are your apps on the homesscreen? Sorry I’m just new in the Android world.. :)

    • Hi, I’m using Apex Launcher with the stock wallpaper from Go Launcher. I used the 4×2 superclock from Beautiful Widgets with the AOSP theme. The music widget is from Poweramp. Then I used the Popout icon pack for the App icons and the Metro Station icon pack for the dock icons :)

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        Sir Jm i would like to ask if this cherry mobile Flare can work outside the Philippines if you intend to travel and also use its Messaging and Telephony?? Thank you…

  • How Long the battery life is? Thanks for the review!

    • About 17 hours when using it on 3G for 30 minutes, 6 hours on WiFi, and the rest on standby and occasional calling and testing. That can go up to 20 hours or more if you just use it for 3 hours on WiFi, no 3G, and the rest of the time for typical calling and texting.

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    FYI Cherry Mobile Flares Display is NOT IPS its TFT

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      alam mo ba meaning ng TFT LCD and its type, try to search wiki.

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  • Erick

    Sir JM i would like to ask if this cherry mobile Flare can work outside the Philippines if you intend to travel and also use its Messaging and Telephony?? Thank you…

    • It would depend on the country you plan to visit. The Flare supports GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900 bands and UMTS 2100. Check this link to see if the country you plan to visit supports any one of these bands.

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            Sir Jm ask ko lng sana kung ok din bah na alternative ko nlng yung Cherry Mobile W100 kasi out of stock yung Flare? Kasi bibili sana ako kanina wala nang natira dito sa SM at Robinson’s Mall sa aming lugar?? Frustrated nga ako kanina.hehehe At Tsaka supported din bah ng W100 ang GSM 900/ 1800/ 1900 bands and UMTS 2100?? Salamat… :)

          • Stay away from the W300. Ang daming unsupported apps. Tapos hanggang 2G lang ang mobile browsing. The W100 is similar in performance sa Xperia Ray and supported ang same bands as the Flare. Yun nga lang, single core CPU and Gingerbread lang ang OS. If you want a dual core alternative, try the Starmobile Astra or MyPhone A898. Dual core models din ang mga yun with bigger screens. Yun nga lang, mas mahal.

          • Erick

            Sir Jm how about CM Skyfire compared to Flare? Is it also safe to Buy CM Skyfire? Thank you

          • Spec-wise, the Skyfire is pretty similar to the Flare. However, they have the same 1500mAh battery capacity. The Flare already has below average battery life. The Skyfire might be worse because a larger screen sucks power faster.

          • Erick

            Thanks ulit, Skyfire nlng binili ko Sir kasi wala na talagang Flare.hehe Additional question sir, ask ko lng sana if Yung Internal storage po bah same lng sa Phone storage? Kasi Yung sa Skyfire Internal storage Total 506 MB lng tapos pwede bang e increase yung capacity ng internal storage at yung Phone storage pala sir 2.05Gb Total, mas maliit yung internal storage… Tapos Sir pag nag download bah sa Playstore nang Apps pano po pag nag install, sa Phone storage pwde bang e save dyan? Kasi para di n mabawasan yung Internal storage kasi 506Mb lng yung saCM skyfire.hehe Salamat sa time sir Jm sa pag rereply. Godbless… :) Yung Battery life titiisin ko nlng.hahaha :)

          • Hi Erick, JM is out right now so I’ll be the one to answer your questions.

            The total internal storage ( Phone + internal ) is about 2.5GB. Basically, the internal with a capacity of 500MB is your primary storage for your apps/games but if you insist on using the 2GB space on the Phone storage (which is also the storage for ‘data’ if you don’t have a microSD ), you can just transfer those apps/games there as well.

            500MB for apps/games is usually enough for casual users but in case you want to take your android phone to the next level, you can opt for the tweaks here and there.

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    disposable unit as it is for the range of 4000PHP. when you played high detail game like e.warriors 2 it will start at the beginning but after that it back on the main screen. and sometimes lag when opening a new apps. it lags a lot. (laging ayaw gumalaw) i suggest that buy this and you’ll vomit till the end of its blackout with no response. LOL

    its a big mistake that i bought this one not SIII , now im going to bought S3. tough it cheap. for those who don’t have enough money to buy expensive phone try this. not all positive feedback will lead you to a good experience ^_^ i learned from this phone that i will not going to buy another rebranded phone from Cherry Mobile.

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    Wow, what an in-depth review! Thanks! I’m actually planning to buy an Android Phone (never had one) even though I already have a 4S. This is a cheap alternative that gives you almost the same features as more expensive phones! Thumbs up to you and to Cherry Mobile!

    • Thanks! Just make sure you go over the Known Issues part of the review. I can live with the bugs on my Flare, but the same can’t be said for everyone. If it’s just as a secondary phone though, it’s great :)

    • gengen

      thumbs up? you dont know what you are saying… i got one 3 days ago and if you are expecting much about its features well i’m telling you will be much dissapointed on it but like admin said its enough for its price…. for 3 days i encountered a few problems that can’t be ignored by android users like me….. I’d just force to buy this phone because im tired buying expensive phone tapos mawawala lang hehehe.. pero enough this phone for regular used such as camera, txting,call and music but for extreme android users well better to think twice… i have plan to buy lenovo or back to sony experia again even though its expensive u can used it to its fullest


    ask ko lang po ng plaplano rin po kasi ako na bumili ng ganitong phone.
    pede po ba ako makapag download jan ng microsoft word .power point and eedit at the sametym?

  • Harold Cadusale

    cant connect mine to wifi.. cant surf :/

    • DeMz

      anong connection ginagamit mo?

  • Kram


    • Dalawang beses na po bumagsak yung saken. Ang problema ko lang is mejo loose ang battery cover. Parang lilipad pag mdameng beses na bumagsak.

      • FamousAnne

        Ilang beses nang inihagis nung anak ko yung flare, still works fine. =)

  • ian

    Nice review! :) halatang review ng user yung tipong mga 2 weeks ng nagamit ndi yung on the spot.. :) and very wise sa words

    • Since Flare Day ko po ginamit, hehe. Thank you.

      • jester wicked

        sir,newbie lng po,makakainstall bako ng games en apps at makakadownload bako sa playstore kahit hindi rooted yung flare ko?? ,darating palang kc ung flare ko na pinabili ko pa sa sm north,tanx,at ala po ko alam sa pgroroot kya wala akung balak iroot flare ko,tanx

        • Yes, may Play Store na installed na sa Flare. All you have to do is be connected to the net and start downloading the apps you want. No need to root :)

          • jester wicked

            tanx sir for your reply,i got my flare na,pinabili ko pa mynila kc wala dto sa provincya ,nice review sir ******

          • Congrats on your Flare :)

          • Mark

            Sir JM, good day to you.. Recently bought a phone similar specs as to the CM Flare. would want to ask, how would you compare the FLARE to the Sony Xperia U? Thanks..

  • akosiGM

    Biased Review Hindi Po Gorgeous Ang Display ng CM Flare dahil TFT lang ito, kinaaligtaan mo rin Issue regarding sa FM Radio walang FM radio ang Flare dapat maging honest ka

    below are known issues and problems of flare

    -A touchscreen bug that
    prevents proper usage when
    the user’s touch points get
    -An Accelerometer bug that
    sets the default center of
    gravity left instead of center.
    -Dead Pixels
    -Full Blackout Screens
    -Not working GPS, Bluetooth
    and WiFi
    -Defective Chargers
    -Defective Headphone Port

    • betong

      ur amalayer napaka bitter mo pre, wala kang maloloko dito.. alam na ng lahat kaya nga sold out ang flare sa merkado..

      • akosiGM

        Hmmm hindi po tungkol sa sales ang pinopoint out ko, I am just informing kung gaano ka bias at sinungaling ng reviews at press sabi nila IPS ang display kahit TFT lang, tapos nag mamalfunction pa yung G-Sensor nito. dila yan nakapaloob sa specs na may FM daw ito kahit wala, btw sino pala si amalayer?

        • I suppose I should include a disclaimer that this unit was personally bought with my own money after standing in line for 4 frigging hours while my girlfriend was throwing fits because of the damn wait.

          Take note that I did highlight a number of flaws in the Known Issues section of the review, of which, the G-sensor, multi-point touchscreen, and headset flaws are already included. If I didn’t include the lack of an FM app despite the Flare having the hardware for it, it was merely an oversight and will be included in an update. The review itself is over 4,000 words already and it was about time it was released before interest in the Flare waned. As for whether the screen is indeed IPS, I compared it with an iPhone 4, and admittedly, the viewing angles aren’t great, but the protective glass on top of the LCD is much thicker than on the iPhone 4, which could lead to some distortion, so I gave it the benefit of the doubt. Plus, that’s a Php4k phone vs one that costs Php20k+.

          However, I DID research on various spec sheets not just for the Flare, but the Karbonn A9+ as well. While I might suspect that it’s a VA TFT display rather than IPS, all the other local and international blogs that have covered the Flare or the Karbonn A9+ have SPECIFICALLY INDICATED that it has an IPS display. I don’t believe in Flare-related conspiracy theories that span blogs and press departments all over the world so I won’t resort to calling them out as liars, thank you.

          • BTW, the GPS does work. I’ve used it with Runtastic when jogging at the local sports complex.

          • blah

            ano ka ngayon akosiGM? nganga ka noh? ahahahahaha! basa basa din kasi bago mag comment. linaw linaw ng review eh nagmumukha ka 2loi inutil. tsk tsk.

          • Erick

            Oo nga agree ako sa review ni Sir Jm, na frustrate nga ako kanina kasi out of stock na ang Flare Unit dalawa pa sana bibilhin ko, na asar nga ako kasi madaling na ubos…hehehe Sayang nga wala na sa SM at Robinson’s Mall dito sa amin… Sa Luzon Area out of stock din bah CM Flare na unit?? Sir Jm saan ka bah nka bili ng Flare mo??

          • Sa SM North Edsa po, nung mismong Flare day.

          • according to wiki IPS is a type of TFT

          • pickaboo

            You mean, IPHONES are TFT screens? haha way to go.

          • shibuuya_yuuri

            sir jm, i have a little problem with my flare, i just wanna ask, since u realy did great research on phones…the problem with my flare is that i accidentally touch the airplane mode, that’s why i cant receive messages or send, though i already turned off the airplane mode many times, and even reset factory settings…still the flight mode is on…what do you think is the problem sir jm? hope to hear from u soon..

          • That sounds like a hardware defect. Best to have it checked.

        • bOOO_akosiGM

          SHUT UP!!!

        • Mother nature

          LIVE AND LET LIVE… sige nga ireview mo phone mo kasi kahit ganu kamahal yan may palpak din yan. Hayaan mo kasi masaya sila sa nabili at napili nila.

    • Bitter ka boy

      Wag po masyado bitter.. wala naman kayo andaming sinasabi..

      Great detailed review sir. Wag niyo nalang intindihin ang mga taong bitter..

      • akosiGM

        mas TANGA kang consumer kasi bili kalang ng bili pero wala wala naman palang ganoong features yung phone mo

        at mas Inutil ka naman dahil sa hindi ka waispumili, Isipin mo na lang kung walang IPS, FM radio at sira yung sensors ng binili mo pero yung nasa review ads at yung nasa packaging meron daw

        sinong niloloko mo TANGA

        • Bitter ka boy

          Hay nako di talaga nagbabasa o… Gumagana po ang GPS at ang FM RADIO AT SENSORS AY FIXED NA NG LATEST SOFTWARE UPDATE FROM CHERRY MOBILE.. Say mo? Naninira lang kayo kaya kayo ganyan. Clean fight dapat.

          How about yung issue niyo na laggy UI because of 30FPS? I AADDRESS BA? Ano ba yan kawawa naman..

          Hindi mo alam ang WAIS.. Dahil ang wais pipiliin ang pinakamura na may magandang features..


          Bitter ka lang.. BOOO… Kung iba man unit mo o kung ano man, manahimik ka na lang hindi yung andami mong sinasabi naninira ka lang naman..

          • CHERRY CREDITS


        • meron ka ba nito at nasubukan mo na at ganun ka maghusga? Meron ako at 5 days ko pa lang nabili.

          -may FM hardware siya, wala lang ung app, pero pwede mo naman ma download un.
          -di naman porke TFT di na maganda ung screen.

          -as mentioned, 2 point lang talaga ang touchscreen so wag ka nang mag expect nang mas maganda. di un bug, ganun lang talaga kaya.

          -as mentioned din, may problem din sa gyro pero acknowledged naman un ng Cherry Mobile at may fix na sila na ilalabas. Pwede rin kaw nlang mag fix kung daring ka. Google mo nlang kung panu.
          -dead pixels at blackout screens? paki mention nga kung san o kung kelan o kung anung ginagawa mo nun nung na experience mo ito dahil sa kin so far di ko pa nae-experince un.
          -working din Gps, WiFi at Bluetooth ko, di rin defective charger ko at headphone port so di ko alam kung naloko ka ng binilhan mo at ung nabili mo sira or ibang phone ang pinag-uusapan natin.

          at kung kung sabihin mo pa rin na tanga ako na consumer kasi binili ko ito. may ma re.recommend ka ba na ibang phone na ganito ung specs na nasa same price range? paki mention nga pls.

          • bill

            I nevered experience blackout screens, but I hated when I play temple run, my flare dies after 30mins even the battery is still at 65% and then after turning it on, it reset my temple run game. shit. im a proud flare user but this problem shd be fixed right away.

          • flare pare!!

            2 month na tong flare ko… i have no problem with it….. worth talaga ung 3,999…. ung mga naninira nagsisisi lang kau at ang mahal ng unit nyo eh lahat naman ng features nyan nasa flare lang na super mura compared dyan sa mga units nyo… bwahahahaha

          • chris

            um, cguro yung mga nag rereklamo ay yung mga nag root ng flare nila haha ! ^_^

        • Okay

          Hahaha……..pinatunayan mo lang na moron ka talaga!!! Get lost with ur smartphone kungtutuong merun ka nyan….hahah what a moron!!!!

        • QWERTYUIOP


    • renz

      gumagana ang bluetooth at wi-fi pero di ko pa na try ang gps

    • Belphegor

      HAHA nakakatawa tong bitter guy nato ah… hahaha sorry dude. ung flare kasi png wise na tao… di compatible sa mga tipo mo. hakhakhak… bitter pa sa ampalaya ahahahahaha

      • akosiGM

        Hindi ako bitter, putik napadaan ako sa service center ng cherry mobile (sm north) at ang haba ng pila dun paskong pasko pa naman….bakit ako ma bibitter sa isang crap na worth 4,500 (as of dec 28)

        Pano naging wise o wais yung taong (flare users) nauuto ng pekeng specs huh ? Yung taong naloloko at nadedecieve ng reviews, press at advertisement? :-)
        Happy Holidays and Spend Wisely People :-)

        • Not quite sure what you mean by “pekeng specs”. Every single item on the spec list has been verified, even the WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and FM radio na sinabi mong wala. Please verify everything you are saying before posting it on a public forum.

          • anonymous

            wag nyo na patulan,, inggit lang yan kasi mura ang flare!!! ganda pa ng specs. Baka ikaw nauto ng manufacturer ng phone mo kasi di mo aakalaing may high end device na sing mura nito, trusted pa ang brand(Karbonn).

          • marnie oblianda

            ung karbonn b n snsbi mo ung herman karboon sa toshiba laptop??:-) lupet nga ..

          • Agit_Prop

            Harman Kardon ata ibig mong sabihin boss. Speaker system yun.

          • KAWAWANG BANSA


          • wew

            guys ano daw masasabi nyo? ibigsabhin may mga specs tlga na di 22o…tma ba?

          • kasi bobo ka. internal memory yun, san mu isasaksak ung mga pre installed apps ng phone mo? sa pwet mo? gago pakamatay ka na ah!

          • marnie oblianda


          • Just the Truth3

            Malamang yung iba reserved para sa system! Tignan mo nga yung ibang mga kilalang brands, ganun din sila! mga kulang sa talino ang mga taong nagbibigay ng negative comments eh ang totoo nman sila ang may problema, hindi marunong maganalyse!

        • UtotMO

          Baka nmn inggit ka lng kse wla kang CM Flare?!?

          • akosiGM

            Excuse me kabibili ko lang ng smartphone nitong pasko at gaya nga ng nasbi ko earlier crap ang flare kasi kailangan pang ipaayos sa service center ang mga issues nito ; p
            at kahit 8,500 php ang presyo ng phpne ko full pack naman to sa specs at may totoong mga specification di gaya ng Flare peke ang specs : )

            May dag dag bawas : )

          • Bleh

            For the record, kindly share what phone you’re using. :D

          • akosiGM

            I Can Give You a Hint and not the Actual Unit

            Dual SIM / Dual Standby
            4.5-inch qHD (960 x 540) IPS display (245ppi)
            5-point multi-touch
            1GHz Dual-Core MT6577 Processor
            Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
            PowerVR SGX531 GPU
            1GB of RAM / 4GB of internal storage (microSD up to 32GB)
            8.0MP autofocus camera with LED Flash with 720p HD video recording 1.3MP front camera
            FM Radio
            Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
            Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR
            GPS with A-GPS support
            Quad-Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
            Tri-Band 3G WCDMA 900/1900/2100MHz
            microUSB 2.0 / 3.5mm headset jack
            Gravity Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Light Sensor
            Li-ion 1600mAh battery (removable)
            Talk time up 5 hours
            Standby time up 500 hours
            132 x 67 x 10.25mm (dimension)
            148g (weight)
            Color: Black and White
            Price: 8,499 PHP (Official SRP)

          • Paul

            hulaan ko anu to
            Kata i1 ahahaha

          • YouSuck

            haha 8.5k lang naman pala phone mo lakad mo magyabang. Kung makapagsalita ng crappy lol

          • akosiGM

            For a phone with incomplete specs (minus ips) and software and hardware bugs, I CAN SAY THAT CM Flare really sucks

          • Patatas

            Hindi ka lang ata marunong mag manage ng smartphone kaya sinasabi mong pangit. MyPhone siguro gamit mo noh? I’ve been using Flare since December and it’s working wonderfully, well besides the battery and keypad I’ll admit it sucks on that part, but the rest it’s quite amazing for it’s price.

          • gabrielxf

            i dont know if you’v tried this app. NQ android booster. works well in saving battery life. i like flare and i have one.

          • ProudFLAREuser

            Bakit ka nandito? Ikaw pala tanga e.

            Saka IPS talaga yung Flare. Kung ikukumpara mo sya sa ibang LCD screens, mas maganda ang kulay ng Flare sa iba’t ibang viewing angle.

            Kata i1 lang pala smartphone mo e. Kala ko naka-Galaxy Note or SIII ka para apak-apakan yung Flare. Mas wais pa yung mga taong bibili ng phone na maganda pero enough ang specs kaysa sa mga bili ng bili, di naman nila kailangan ng feature na yun. MAY MAIPAGYABANG LANG.

            Saka ayos lang yung 2-point touch para sa 4-inch na screen. Di kailangan ng Flare ng 5-point touch. Di bobo ang CM at ang Karbonn na lagyan ng 5-point touch ang Flare/A9+ dahil nakakasagabal sa view.

            Proud flare user here. Using CM Flare for almost two months. Thanks to CM for releasing an OTA update to fix known issues.

            Mag-research muna at intindihin mabuti ang babasahin bago magreklamo. “Wag maging FX driver na papasada ng walang aircon ang sasakyan.”

          • “Saka ayos lang yung 2-point touch para sa 4-inch na screen. Di kailangan ng Flare ng 5-point touch. Di bobo ang CM at ang Karbonn na lagyan ng 5-point touch ang Flare/A9+ dahil nakakasagabal sa view.”

            Tama nga naman. Di naman 4.5+ inches screen ang flare para magkaroon ng 5-POINT display. Parang nilamas mo na ang screen ng mga darili mo. Paano ka kaya makakalaro sa 4 inches na screen tapos limang darili ang nasa screen. Isip-isip naman. :

          • Keith

            Tama nga naman!! :))

          • xiongnu

            oo na cherry mobile flare na pinakamalupit na phone (daw)

          • bOOO_akosiGM

            suck mo mukha mo!! lakas ng loob mong manira.. tanga tanga mo. cguro u jst want to SUCK flare users! yabang mo! saksak mo sa baga mo to flare ko. tingnan natin d ka mag aapoysa flare ko!

          • Epal-epal din

            Dre.. na disappoint ka lng ,,kc ang high ng expectation mo… at saka wala nmn phone na perpekto ah…khit nmn anong mahal nyan..may factory defect pa rin yan…. kya nga may fixed issues sa mga phone..pra matulongan ung mga customers…. if u dont like the phone(specs) then don’t force/fit urself here…

          • Mother nature

            Di ka talaga tumigil. Kawawa ka naman no…

          • sucks dw ang flare kung ipasok ko sa bunganga mu un cguro ttgil ka na!

          • Keith

            It is definitely not the phone that sucks, it is YOU!! YOU SUCK SO MUCH!!!

          • chaggia

            Ang yabang mong magsalita akala ko samsung s3phone mo. Masaya sila sa flare hayaan mo sila. makisaya ka saya. Wag kang ganyan.

          • -may FM hardware siya, wala lang ung app, pero pwede mo naman ma download un.
            -di naman porke TFT di na maganda ung screen.

            -as mentioned, 2 point lang talaga ang touchscreen so wag ka nang mag
            expect nang mas maganda. di un bug, ganun lang talaga kaya.

            -as mentioned din, may problem din sa gyro pero acknowledged naman un
            ng Cherry Mobile at may fix na sila na ilalabas. Pwede rin kaw nlang
            mag fix kung daring ka. Google mo nlang kung panu.
            -dead pixels at
            blackout screens? paki mention nga kung san o kung kelan o kung anung
            ginagawa mo nun nung na experience mo ito dahil sa kin so far di ko pa
            nae-experince un.
            -working din Gps, WiFi at Bluetooth ko, di rin
            defective charger ko at headphone port so di ko alam kung naloko ka ng
            binilhan mo at ung nabili mo sira or ibang phone ang pinag-uusapan

            at kung kung sabihin mo pa rin na tanga ako na consumer kasi binili
            ko ito. may ma re.recommend ka ba na ibang phone na ganito ung specs na
            nasa same price range? paki mention nga pls.

          • wew

            mabuhay ang CM!!!!

          • zerokilometro

            mmmmmmmmmmm for sure brnded nga,,, yang gamit moo bosss alcatel spec,, good very good

          • MOther nature

            Tumigil ka na ng kakayabang sa phone mo. hintayin mo madukot yan para malaki ang hinayang mo sa buhay. RESPETO lang,,

          • Boo!

            Kata i1 ba to? layo naman ng price nyan eh

          • kickurASS!

            sadya talgang mai mga taong insecure sa mundo. pare, iphone 5 and 4s ako but i still bought CM flare kasi maganda for a very low price.. benta mo nlang internal organs mo at bili ka bagong unit para mai e.bubuga yang yabang mo.. this page is for CM flare users only kaya wag ka dito.. HAHAHAHAHA ../..

          • pipay

            pero ano? made in China?wahaha. Wooooh! Cherry Mobile proudly made Pinoy.

          • TheMac

            ang bobo naman nyan hehe..dami na kaya nagawang fix para sa flare..gyro. fm, at etc. na baka di kaya gawin ng phone mong 8ooo+….mura nga ang flare SNAPDRAGON naman…mag research ka ano capability nyan…baka bob ka kasi bitter guy..hehe….kung di ka kuntento search mo sa fb page namin..para makita mo lahat ng latest updates ng flare…

            PROUD TO HAVE A FLARE… ^_^

          • JuanTomod

            lol tanga.. Proudly made pinoy daw.. KARBONN ang tunay na brand nitong FLARE! Hindi PINOY ang GUMAWA ng phone na yan!

            Kung maka Proudly made pinoy ka! haha! Tanga! Bilib na bilib ka masyado.. Mag research ka muna! Hindi ako against sa pinoy, pero TANGGAPIN mo ang katotohanan, kung China Phones nga palpak, PINOY pa kaya makaka gawa?

            ACCEPT the TRUTH, mas mataas parin technology ng China satin. Wag nag tatanga tangahan at naniniwalang merong 100% Pinoy Made na Cellphone. REBRANDED lang! Wag tanga at naniniwala basta basta sa mga kasinungalingan..

            Kaya ang dali ninyong nauuto ng mga pulitiko eh, porke nakita sa TV, akala nyo na TOTOO!

          • QWERTYUIOP

            Magresearch ka nga rin, India ang Karbonn!

          • FlareS100

            kaya i1

          • FlareS100

            hmm.. naglalag din ang kata eh.. may kata ung friend ko pero super dissapointed xa although ang sabi eh Japan made daw.. hmm sana nag lenovo ka nlng IBM powered although china.. ahaha

          • anon

            Baka clone na Samsung Galaxy S2 8k tsk tsk.

          • PhoneCan

            Your phone is worth 8.5K. ^_^ What it can do, Flare can do it maybe even better. For half the price. Beat that ^_^
            I am an iphone user the latest model. But I would agree with everyone here that Flare is indeed a good deal. It fits the majority’s budget plus they get the feel like they are using an iphone.
            Yes, It has bugs but so does HIGH END phones that they fix through software updates OTA. CM on the other hand also does this but the old fashioned way since they are not as big as APPLE or SAMSUNG. But they still look after their customer. You will just have to be a bit patient. But hey it’s a cheap phone so it’s not really a biggie of an issue.

          • Mother Nature

            Live and let live. May freedom to choose. Kung tag 8500 phone mo, fine. kung flare sila, fine din. Basta each flare user had their valid reason why they bought their phone. maging masaya ka nalang sa kanila at wag mo ipamukha na expensive is the best. Being practical comes in din when making a decision to buy. As long as flare buyers can tolerate the issues with the phone let them. SHUT UP. i dont own any of the phones mentioned but I RESPECT buyers decision. KASI IF YOU REACT IN A NEGATIVE MANNER, instinct na idedefend ng bumili ang nabili nila kasi kanya kanya ngang dahilang why they choose flare. kaya bottomline, RESPECT THEIR DECISION FOR BUYING THE FLARE…NABABARA KA TULOY. Malamang EXPERIA gamit mo ung maliit. JUST SHUT UP pwede. masaya ka sa phone mo, masaya din sila.

        • wew

          astig suntukan na 2!!!

        • ises

          Another thing.. kung panget sau ang flare.. then why bother to leave ur comments here? Do you get anything from doing such? Your comment is not important since you don’t have one..

        • goldBerg001

          inggit ka lng unggoy wala ka cguro pambli kakaawa ka”!

        • who the hell r u?

          pekeng specs? what the hell, be proud of the filipinoes product. masyado kang makaibang bansa ah. parang tinapakan mo narin yung dignidad mo bilang pilipino., baka ikaw ang peke dude

        • Natsume

          Try mo kayang magdownload ng system viwer app..

        • Keith

          Watch ur mouth bro, kahit mga NG staff naiinis sayo. “Pekeng specs”?? may salita bang ganun? nauto? sino ba ang nauto? wala naman ah! lahat kami satisfied except lamang sa battery. Alam mo, hindi pangwise na tao tulad mo ang ganiting mga phones. Spend wisely? wisely naman ag ginawa namin, ikaw lang, wala kang pambili nito kahit mura lang.


      ang sarap pasakan ng 4″ screen phone ang bunganga neto. pakainin ng Flare… makangawa.. Flare is decent at its price point. it’s very low pa nga eh. i wander if cherry mobile is gaining profit for this. but at some point i realized that its their way to compete with big brands like nokia apple and samsung.

      Kung gusto mo ng mga features na hanap mo. At ayaw mo ung mga bugs, lags and other thingy, gumasta ka ng above 20k.

      WAIS NGA ANG FLARE BUYERS eh. They consider buying something worth for their money.

      • akosiGM

        sige patunayan mong wais ang naloko TANGA KA BA alam mo ba ang IPS sa hindi IPS?

        • darkanqel.o2

          mag basa ka kaya paulit-ulit k .. unli kba ???

        • anonymous

          IPS lang ba problema mo? oh wala ka lang flare? oh naubusan ka ng stock

          • goldBerg001

            inggit lng yan sa flare natin

          • FamousAnne


          • douche

            Tang ina niyo lahat!

        • bOOO_akosiGM

          ohh hihirit kapa?!!!! naka pag aral ka ba??? namamaronong kahit d maronong! ulol!

        • IPS ka nang IPS, mukha ka namang IPIS.

      • chaggia

        tama ka pare. bobo talaga tong Gagong Mama na ito. Sumakay ng jeep hinahanap koche ang performance…

        • pre may flare kapatid ko d mamakonek ang bluetooth sa nokia c5 nya… at nag gagames ako namamatay din ng bigla……… yung palang yung mga problema… pero bibili ako kasi like ko ang flare

          • paki… reply comment ko…. gusto ko ang flare pero paano to maayos???

          • ken

            ahmm., yung pag sa games po pag namatay., or pag nag lag., it means masyado na pong maraming apps installed sa phone., delete some or move it sa sd card ng phone to avoid lagging of the phone., it was based on my experience din po kasi eh., i’ve experienced that on my phone a lot of times

          • Dharmz

            Ang dami nyong REKLAMO… AMP.. KAYA nga kayo binigyan nang warranty ng cherry mobile para ma FIX yung mga issues nyo! AMP… REKLAMO KAYO NG REKLAMO BAKIT DI NYO BALIK SA SERVICE CENTERS NILA YAN!? Baka naman FLARE n lng 2ndhand nyo pa binili? tapos reklamo to the max kayo?

          • FamousAnne

            Baka naman hindi visible to other bluetooth devices, turn it on muna and check visibility..

          • Keith

            Hindi visible yung phone mo, gawin mo munag visible. 1st android phone mo ito noh…

      • wew

        pre marami nagssvi mbilis ma-low bat 2ng ch flare, pero me compatible daw na samsung battery s flare.meron kya tlga?

      • goldBerg001

        hahaha tama un kua o kaya ung nokia na my flash light ang bagay itarak sa llamunan nyan bwahahaha

      • Bobong Cherry Mobile.

        MGa bobo, alagaan nyo yang mga bobong fone nyo. yung stellar ko, almost 4 months, ang sabi papalitan daw. nagreklamo na ko sa NTC. Tangina kung pupunta ka ng SM North sa Service Center nila, mabubuset ka sa dami ng taong nagsosoli ng defective fone nila. Nakatipid ka nga, kapag naman nagkaproblema tangina ang hirap ipagawa sa service center.

    • gengen

      baka yung iba lang kc ok naman ung headset although mahina… wifi is fast but sm public wifi cant connect to google play.. pero mahina ang 3g connection parang low end na phone sa bagal…

    • ProudFLAREuser

      Bakit ka nandito? Ikaw pala tanga e.

      Saka IPS talaga yung Flare. Kung ikukumpara mo sya sa ibang LCD screens, mas maganda ang kulay ng Flare sa iba’t ibang viewing angle.

      Kahit anong smartphone hindi talaga accurate ang accelerometer. Maski iPhone ng co-worker ko at yung Nexus ng pinsan ko, ilapag mo sa any flat surface; play Temple Run and mapapansin mo na unti-unting napupunta yung runner sa left side.

      Kata i1 lang pala smartphone mo e. Kala ko naka-Galaxy Note or SIII ka para apak-apakan yung Flare. Mas wais pa yung mga taong bibili ng phone na maganda pero enough ang specs kaysa sa mga bili ng bili, di naman nila kailangan ng feature na yun. MAY MAIPAGYABANG LANG.

      Saka ayos lang yung 2-point touch para sa 4-inch na screen. Di kailangan ng Flare ng 5-point touch. Di bobo ang CM at ang Karbonn na lagyan ng 5-point touch ang Flare/A9+ dahil nakakasagabal sa view.

      Proud flare user here. Using CM Flare for almost two months. Thanks to CM for releasing an OTA update to fix known issues.

      Mag-research muna at intindihin mabuti ang babasahin bago magreklamo. “Wag maging FX driver na papasada ng walang aircon ang sasakyan.”

    • Angelo Romero

      haha maganda flare

      baka di ka marunong gumamet bobo ka kasi haha

    • BitterBoy../..

      HOY POTANGINA Mong Mama ka ! San ka bumili ng FLARE ? BOBO KA BA ? TFT ? Tanga IPS nga e ! Dont Expect too much ! Kung ayaw mo sa FLARE bumili ka ng IPHONE 5 and FYI may RADIO po ang FLARE nid to root lang ! GUMAGANA YUNG GPS BLUETOOTH AND WIFI ! Defective charger ? BOBO KA LANG GUMAMIT ! DI GANYAN PAGSIRA NG GAMIT ITAPON MO TAPOS KAININ MO MASARAP YAN !

      Tama ang Binigay na SPECS sa FLare ! 4k ? Di ka LUGE makakakuha ka pa ba ng dual core na 4k ? SIGE NGA HANAP KA ! TANGINAMO Sa CHERRY LANG MERON NUN ! CHEAPEST ? NO ! Di sya CHEAP ! Affordable SMARTPHONE ! KAYA NGA SMART e . PANG WISE PERSON LANG di katulad mong BITTER sa CHERRY TAkte ka ! DUN KA SA MY|PHONE ! MAGSAMA SAMA KAYONG MANLOLOKO AT BITTER (: MY|PHONE ? Bakit ka nadamay ? I BUY 1 of your PRODUCT Tae ! NA Buy ko ng 4k Binenta ko nalang ng 2k ! KASE SUPER BABA NG ROM at RAM nya BAGAL pa ! amp ANDROID ba yun XD Sayang 4k buti nalang mpagkakatiwalaan tong Cherry ! PROUD TO BE CHERRY !

      • iMgonnaBLOWyourHead

        putang ina nyo!! pinagtatalunan niyo pa yan!!! edi ibalik mo kung madami kang problema @akosigm:disqus, , , papansin ka lang weh!!! dont expect too much!!! edi bumili ka ng IPHONE, , , tapos wag ka dito!!! papasabugin ko yang bunganga mo weh!!!

    • FlareGuy

      May update na ang Flare dude, the bugs u have mentioned are all fixed

    • Dilinger

      ang bobo nitong nag post nito , almost 3 months ko na gamit ang flare so far sa lahat ng sinabi mo walng tumugma, ckung defective naman pwede mo naman dalin sa service center, tanga much

    • ises

      WAG TanGA AkosiGM… kya nga may udpdate para magkaroon ng fm app ang flare..

    • kaaway mo :P

      well, kung prinoproblema mo yan, di bilhon mo yung CM burst.,

    • kaaway mo :P

      well, yung touchscreen bug diba it’s because of the improper usage., in short bobo ka gumamit.

    • Natsume

      Syado naman nito ako flare user ala naman akong naencounter na problem sa kanya at regarding sa screen nya na sabi mo TFT lang? abay titigan mo kayang mabuti yung screen ng flare mo tingnan mong mabuti kung blured and pixel HD nga sya eh TFT screen ay hindi ganyan ka sharp ang image kaya kung other brand lover ka eh don ka nalang… Cherry mobile is not for you!!!!

    • Just the Truth2

      Excuse me po, clear ang display niya at yung mga bugs may fixes na may firmware update na madodownload sa website ng Cherry Mobile. Tapos yung iba, problema ng ng cellphone mo! Kainin mo nga yung cnabi mo!

  • awesome review! is there a subscribe button?

    • Thanks! You can scroll down and check the lower right corner of this page to subscribe to NoypiGeeks on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and RSS. You can also follow me on Twitter at @JMBalicano for all my latest posts :)

      • jester wicked

        sir panu hu tanggalin ang dictionary guide while im typing a message,kc pinapalitan ng ibang words ng cp ko mga tinatype kong shorcut na words e,tanx

        • If stock Android keyboard ang
          ginagamit nyo, bring up the keyboard, long press on the mic button to
          bring up the settings. Pag nasa settings na kayo, go to Auto Correction
          and set to “off”. Then go to Show Correction Suggestions and set to
          “Always Hide”.

          If Perfect Keyboard Free, pasok kayo sa settings ng keyboard, go to
          Word Suggestion Settings, then uncheck “Show Suggestions” para matanggal ang Auto-complete, Auto-space and Auto Suggest.

          • jester wicked

            salamat po sir,nakatulong po mga helpul replies nio,hirap n hirap nko sa kakatype ng local language nmin dhil binabago ng corection n sms keyboard ko tanx sir sa reply,tanx,very helpul review and administrator!

  • Jeromebenetes

    nc review, first android fone ko to, reasonable price sa 4k parang kulang pa nga binayad ko hehe,thanks sa update CM sa range ng midfone 8/10 ang vote ko, piz mga bitter

  • Bluerain

    Kulang pa sir ang review mo sir. What about the build quality of the hardware used? Can you review it sir? Is it low / mid / high quality materials? Thanks.

    • Quality of materials is a non-issue. It’s good – just a notch under the solid plastics that Samsung uses on the cheaper Galaxy phones. The cover feels a little loose because of the way it’s designed. I dropped it a couple of times from thigh and waist level and it’s still okay. Just don’t push your luck siguro.

      • Dah

        Hi Sir, ano po apps gamit mo para makatipid battery (aside sa 2x Baterry apps).. pls share if you know somethng.. thanks po!

        • I just turn the screen brightness down, screen timeout to 30 seconds, and Network to GSM only. Make sure that the WiFI, GPS and 3G are turned off if you’re not using them. Yes, there are some battery saving apps that automate what features to turn off when they’re needed, but I prefer to do this kind of stuff myself.

  • Eos Enclave

    kung bibili ako ng CM flare makakasiguro ba ko na sulit at matibay ang produkto na to?

    • Android ODM units have the lowest return rate among local cellphone and electronics companies like CM, MP and Torque. Just make sure that you inspect the unit thoroughly before finalizing the purchase so that you don’t end up with a defective unit. Sure, there’s a warranty, but none of the local cellphone sellers are recognized for excellent after-sales service.

    • DeMz

      it depends sa user kung anong klaseng paggamit sa gadget :) maganda ang flare..wag lng ung imitation..

  • I do have Flare yeah ang mura para sa dual core at display… parang naka S2 ako o iphone ang problema ko lang mahina yung volume pag naka earphone or head set at yung batter span. naka charge ako 100% for about an hor nasa 70% nalang T_T

    • Yeah ang hina ng output ng headset port. Try using earbuds na pasok talaga sa tenga. Weird din talaga ang battery indicator ng Flare.

    • TheNigs

      about battery charging. are you aware that the driver for charging while your phone is ON is different to the driver for charging while it is OFF? even though the battery life indicator shows 100% battery life, the driver for charging while ON does not really fill up 100% of the battery. Charge your battery while it is turned OFF to maximize your battery life :)

      • Ma. Regina Gioia Llamas

        this is true. my friend who actually owns one said that it charges faster WHEN turned off :D

      • Keith

        Ganyan din ang ibang smartphones..

    • have the same issue with calls even on earphones.. have you resolved this?

    • Keith

      Try bluetooth headsets (yung may sariling volume keys) para mas malakas..

  • Jerome Chan Acut

    is it true that the battery last for 1 hour?yan kasi kadalasang reklamo eh.

    • Flarer

      No hindi totoo yun. Kaya madali malobat kasi kalikot sila ng kalikot at laro ng laro. Sakin 1 full day naman ang tinatagal sa moderate usage.

    • 1 hour is an extreme exaggeration. My battery test resulted in about 17 hours, even when connected to 3G for 30 minutes and WiFi for 6 hours.

    • No. Probably 1 day with moderate usage.

    • flarelove

      1 hour? ano yan quickie? kahit sinong tao di bibili ng phone na 1hour lang ang battery life. isip isip din.

    • FamousAnne

      I-full charge mo muna kaya bago mo gamitin!!

  • brenda

    well detailed and very informative especially for a newbie smart phone user like me. Nice job! thank u :)

  • DeMz

    solid na ako d2 kc mura at ganda pa ng specs…. connectivity lng ung sakin ok na ako.. :)

  • Lupet ! :)

  • mas11

    kakabili ko lang nito last sat december 15, 2012 kso nadissapoint ako kc ung back housing nya d masyadung fit sa right side..sayang di ko na pansin.. :( iniisip ko kung ipapapalit ko pa ang hirap mag hanap ng stock.. :(

    • mas11

      may naka xperience na ba nito sa mga bumili?considered bang defect un??

      • I’d consider taking it back and compare other back covers kung ganun pa yung fit.

        • ma11

          oo nga po..kso sa hirap po ngayon na maghanap ng stock eh nagadadalawang icp ako ibalik pa cya..out of stock po kc..nways may alam po ba kayong mabibilhan ng jelly case??hehehe…pati kc mga jelly case eh ang hirap hanapin..hehehe..n screen protector matte prang wala pa..hehehe..overall i think its a great phone..xcept for d battery life..nways i bought mine @ Php 4,500 sa mobilzer cellphone center..nxt yr tataas na po ang presyo sab ng saleslady..i dnt knw f it is true..kya un khit 4500 eh binili ko..ehehehe,,kakapagod din maghanap ng stock eh..

          • mas11

            sir jm..if ever i root my flare..then na bricked der away na ma restore ko sya?

          • May mga tutorials dito sa Flare user group na to sa FB. Helpful din ang mga admins and ibang users. It’s an invaluable resource if you’re a Flare user.

          • mas11

            ok sir jm..ill try my luck sa sm marikina to buy jelly case,,nways nice review,,na root ko na ung flare more to delete d cherry mobile market n kabayan and other apps preinstalled??hehe..tnx alot..

          • Until now, walang indication from CM directly na magkakaroon ng price hike, so it’s best not to speculate. Nakabili ako ng jelly case sa SM Marikina, kaso 3 pieces nalang natitira at the time. You can try joining this Flare user group on Facebook. May mga sellers dun na nagbebenta ng back cover and jelly case. Yung iba, nagpapa-ship pa :)

  • eliza

    sir saan ba makakabili nito? out of stock na kasi dito samin sa bulacan.

    • Hindi ko din po alam eh. Nagtatanong ako lagi sa mga nadadaanan kong CM stalls pag lumalabas ako, kaso wala pa talagang stocks.

  • nice review, hindi naman siya bias, sinabi nya naman ung pros and cons ng unit na ito, ips ba tlga ito? kala ko tft to? anyway for a price of 4k ok na un,, not bad,

  • miyuki

    ang bilis malowbatt nung flare qou.. =(
    8am to 12nn lng xa.. omg..

    • Mabilis po talaga malowbat ang Flare and ibang Android phones in general. Mejo below average ang battery life ng Flare, but you can get a power bank from places like CDR King. May nabibiling power bank sa CDR King na 3 times kaya icharge ang Flare ;-)

    • jester wicked

      matagal po battery flare ko kpag nkaclose ung gcensor,lyk rotation
      censor,nakalow ung brightness,naka off ung blutot at WLAN.kc po di ko
      nman nagagamit always mga un, so kung gusto niong humaba length ng
      battery ng flare nio,off u mga cnabi ko kapag di u gnagamit,2days po
      tinatagal battery ko,saka ko lng ino on mga un kung gagamitin ko.tpos i charge my phone n nka off till mafull ,

  • miyuki

    kuya jm nu po b mga maganda apps for flare? tpos po kelangan po b nka root ang flare pra mapasok lht ng apps s sd card? 1st sndroid fone qou po kc 2.. pahelp nmn po.. salamat po.. God bless..

    • Hi miyuki :) Opo, kailangan magroot para sa sd card mag install ang mga apps. Kaso there’s a small possibility you might brick your phone so make sure you have someone knowledgeable root your phone for you.

      Even if you don’t root your phone, you can still use App2SD to transfer part of the app to your SD card. Try joining this Flare user group sa FB. Helpful ang mga admins and members if you need tips on where to find apps and how to tweak your phone.

  • Nice Review po sir. plano ko kasi bumili nito this dec. 20. pero gusto ko po malaman kung ano ba yung titingnan ko before purchasing the unit :) tips po Sir :) Thanks

    • You might want to check if you can even find stocks kasi ubos na ang mga stocks sa CM stalls all over the country. Try following the official Cherry Mobile FB page here for updates
      If you happen to find stocks, do a number of tests. Dial *#36# in the dialer app. This will open a number of tests that will allow you to test all of the hardware aspects of the Flare. Do all of the tests in that menu.

      Plug in the charger and play around with the phone while it’s charging. Make sure the touchscreen is still responsive. A faulty charger can sometimes result in an unresponsive touchscreen because of the “phantom taps” effect.

      That’s all I can think of right now. Credits to the unofficial Cherry Mobile Flare user group on Facebook that I follow. You guys might want to join them here.

  • Liam

    This is really a great review about the CM flare. Now I can decide whether to buy it or not. Thanks for this!

  • Saan po pwde makadownload ng 3d games para sa flare?like 2k13..salamat po :)

  • marco

    how about video calling..? sbi up and down pag nag skype?

    • May nabasa din ako about that. Ang sabi ng iba, it’s related to the G-sensor issues. Konti lang ang affected nyan, but do make sure to check the unit before purchasing.

  • JP

    mura nga wala namang mabilhan.

  • Jun

    Very nice review. Those cons are just little things I can live with. I bought one for my wife as a gift and ended up selling my own smartphone to buy a flare. I can’t believe myself that this is only 4K phone, it should cost more on its specs. Fell in love with at first use and to those bashing that this only has TFT display, I will tell you from a users perspective, it has way better display than my old phone with IPS Display.

    • I’ve handled three phones that supposedly have IPS: the Flare, W100 and A818. They all have the same quality screen. The viewing angles aren’t what you expect from a good quality IPS screen, but it’s still better than regular TN and about the same as a VA screen.

  • [email protected]

    mag kano ang cherry mobile flare?

    • king

      srp nya eh Php 3,999..kso sobrang hirap maghanap ng stock..i wonder f ung mga stock ng ibang cm kiosk eh binebenta sa iba deng ginagawang negosyo..kc laging out of stock..i got mine @ Php 4, isang store sa sm pampanga..dnt bkit ganun price nya pero binili ko na rin kc wala tlgng mahanap na stock..almost 1 month nko naghahanap…hehehe


    Im looking forward to buying this phone. unfortunately i cant find it in malls in makati area. Where excactly can I buy this? Thanks! :)

    • Hi, there have been stocks that have been released today.

  • jhay

    sir Jm pno m po na custumize un clock mu pti un weather?san mu nkuha?

    • Beautiful Widgets po. Madameng themes din yan. I’m using the AOSP theme. Check it out on the Play Store here.

      • prodigy4

        sir JM ..di po ba kayo nahihirapan sa pagttext?mhirap po ksi eh..kncorrect yung spelling…panu po ba tanggalin yun?

        • Pde po tanggalin ang option na yun.

          If stock Android keyboard ang ginagamit nyo, bring up the keyboard, long press on the mic button to bring up the settings. Pag nasa settings na kayo, go to Auto Correction and set to “off”. Then go to Show Correction Suggestions and set to “Always Hide”.

          If Perfect Keyboard Free, pasok kayo sa settings ng keyboard, go to
          Word Suggestion Settings, then uncheck “Show Suggestions” para matanggal ang Auto-complete, Auto-space and Auto Suggest.

          Hope this helps :)

  • jhay

    nka connect kba sa wifi?

  • jaja julian

    hi, i just wanna ask, are you using a theme? yung home screen mo kasi ang ganda, i want to have like that too hahaha, please please :) thanks

    • Hi, I’m using a combination of themes and widgets to get that look. I use Apex Launcher with the stock wallpaper from Go Launcher. I
      used the 4×2 superclock from Beautiful Widgets with the AOSP theme. The
      music widget is from Poweramp. Then I used the Popout icon pack for the
      App icons and the Metro Station icon pack for the dock icons. If you’d rather not install Go Launcher just for that wallpaper, I recommend using Zedge to look for alternative wallpapers.

  • Lance

    Thank you for this in-depth review. Im subscribing to your blog

  • prodigy4

    sir JM. tanong ko lang po.pano po ba aayusin yung autocorrection o grammar correction o spelling correction ng CM FLARE? ang hirap po ksi mgtxt ksi hndi sinusunod yung tntype ko.gaya ng if i type “tpos na ko” ang lmlbas po ay “tops na ko” .pano po ba tanggalin yung spelling correction o yung word suggestion na lmlbas pag ngttype?nasubukan ko na pong i-uncheck yung “spelling correction sa setting pero wala pa din.

    • Hi, alin po ba yung ginagamit nyong keyboard? Yung stock Android keyboard or yung Perfect Keyboard free?

      If stock Android keyboard, bring up the keyboard, long press on the mic button to bring up the settings. Pag nasa settings na kayo, go to Auto Correction and set to “off”. Then go to Show Correction Suggestions and set to “Always Hide”.

      If Perfect Keyboard Free, pasok kayo sa settings ng keyboard, go to Word Suggestion Settings, then uncheck “Show Suggestions” para matanggal ang Auto-complete, Auto-space and Auto Suggest.

      Hope this helps :)

  • ronaldez

    to my fellow users, bakit ganun sa tuwing nanonood ako ng videos sa phone ko in landscape, automatic naglolock yung phone, may alam ba kayong solusyon?

  • ronaldez

    Fellow Users, patulong naman, automatic kasing naglolock yung phone ko kapag nanonood ako ng videos in landscape, may alam ba kayong solusyon?

  • denxio3213

    pwede po bang gawin 3000 mah ung battery niya?salamat

    • Walang official large capacity battery replacement for the Flare from Cherry Mobile. Your best bet is to get a power bank.

  • thanks for the awesome review sir JM. any suggestions po n mgandang replacement battery for the flare?

    • I’ve heard that some users are using the battery from the LG Optimus L3. It has a 1,500mAh capacity, similar to the Flare. Try it at your own risk. Personally, I’d recommend a power bank. It’s like a portable charger that you can take on the go and don’t need to plug into a power socket. You can even charge other devices, not just your Flare :)

  • Lovely

    Hi JM, I’d like to know, in ur opinion, what’s the best phone to buy, MyPhone A818 or this cherry mobile flare? u mentioned here that MyPhone performs pretty bad in terms of camera, but how about the other sides, I’m planning to buy MyPhone A818 because it’s on sale u know this X-mas and it only costs 3, 390! and cherry mobile, hmmm i super lyk it also but it’s always not available at SM. hayyy.

    • The MyPhone A818 is solidly built and feels nice in the hand, but the specs are underpowered. A 600MHz CPU is barely enough to run Angry Birds smoothly. Also, it doesn’t support 3G browsing, so if you want to access your Facebook account on the go, you’ll be waiting for the content to load a lot more than spending time actually enjoying the content.

      I’d still go with the Flare, but it’s a hot phone right now. If you want an alternative, try checking the Cherry Mobile Skyfire and Flame, MyPhone A898, and Starmobile Astra. They’re all in the 6k+ range though, but they also have bigger screens. I haven’t seen anything cheaper than the Flare that doesn’t feel like a compromise.

      • Lovely

        have u tried A818 slim duo? the new version of A818 duo? Is there a significant difference b/w the two? all I know is that this new version is more expensive, and it has 1GHz processor, does this help to make internet connection faster whenever you use opera? if not I’ll go for flare.

        • The A818 Duo Slim feels more solid in the hand, but it only has a single core 1GHz CPU vs the dual core 1.2GHz CPU on the Flare. It doesn’t make web browsing that much faster, but it will allow the Flare to operate more smoothly with multiple running tasks compared to the A818 Duo Slim.

      • lovely

        JM I discovered this cherry mobile W100, It’s specs is nice, 1GHz processor, dual cam in w/c front camera can be used for video calling in skype, dual sim. What is ur opinion abut this? Is it a good phone to buy instead of flare? because flare is always not in stock at malls. Super thanks, hoping for ur response.

        • Before the Flare came out, I would have easily recommended the W100. Now, not so much. You lose a lot by paying just 1k less. That extra 1k is worth it for the Flare, believe me.

          1. Flare has a more recent version of Android (ICS 4.0 vs Gingerbread 2.3 on the W100)
          2. Larger screen size and better resolution on the Flare
          3. The W100 has a very limited space for installing apps (about 120Mb vs 500+mb on the Flare)

  • JM Casela

    hi! bagong user lng ako ng CM FLARE, can i use the phone without rooting it, hindi ko ksi maintindihan kung bakit kelangan pa i-root, at kung panu un??? and regarding sa update ng flare, how does it work?

    • Root isn’t absolutely necessary in my opinion. If you’re new to Android, you can enjoy the phone as is. You’ll already be able to tweak and customize various aspects of the OS through the settings or third party apps. My advice is, once you’re tired of the customization options that the stock OS provides, that’s when you root. Rooting will allow you to play around with things like the CPU clock speed and a bunch of other stuff.

      The update is supposed to provide a fix for the FM radio and off-center G-sensor. Not sure about the other stuff since I haven’t been to a service center yet (tinatamad ako).

  • i have a question mga boss. newbie flare user ako… napansin niyo nmang lahat na mahina ung sounds nia sa earphone. pero may nakapansin n ba na namimili si flare ng isasaksak mo sa headset port.. example i tried other headset. and it did not working properly. tpos i tried din isaksak si flare sa sasakyan. parang ipod… and also its not working…. may naka encounter n ba ng gantong problem…
    at isa pa. pano mag lagay ng HD games like dead trigger and shadowgun? nag download kasi ako pero. pag install ko. ayaw nia. sabi network is not reachable. and it needs data daw something like that. do i need na kumonekta lagi sa net everytime i want to play those kind of games??? thanks po and more power! :D merry christmas!

    • The headset port of the Flare has limited headset support. Based on my experience, ang mga headset na may volume control or mic, madalas hindi compatible. And end result is weak and distorted yung sound na lumalabas.

      With games like Dead Trigger and Shadowgun, may mga data files na kailangan iinstall even after nainstall ang mismong app. So kailangan talaga ng data connection the first time you play it. Once the files are downloaded, you can play without connecting to the internet.

  • sam piera

    Nice Review SIr…

    May questions lang po ako…

    1. Messaging ko may (1 unread message) kahit na na open kuna lahat… hindi xa nag zero…:D bug kaya to?

    2. Yung Video recorder won’t capture any sounds kahit na nka ON ang capture sound.

    3. Captured videos won’t play in it’s built in video player. but anyway this is not important coz i have my VLC player.

    Ano kaya problem sir? pwede ko bang ma re install ang OS or update kaya….

    • 1. Pag may unread messages na ayaw mawala, you need to click on the specific message para mawala yung unread count. If gamit mo ang stock messaging app, check mo yung mga conversation thread na grey instead of white. Yun yung mga may unread message. Pwede mo idelete ang buong thread para mawala agad yung unread count, or you can backread and make sure you click every message. Hassle, pero hindi sya bug. The system just thinks you didn’t read it kasi hindi mo na-pindot. Madalas to nangyayare pag may sunud-sunod na nareceive sa isang conversation thread, pero isa lang dun ang nareplyan mo.

      2. Not sure about this one.

      3. The stock video player codec support is limited and only supports a number of file types and compressions. Most likely, ang video na narerecord mo is being saved into a format that isn’t supported by the stock player. Ang mga 3rd party na video player like MX and VLC have a wider codec support, so mas madameng file types ang pwedeng i-play without issues.

  • Jirosss

    Good day JM!

    At first I want to buy a Blackberry Curve 8520, but when i saw this CM Flare. I can’t help my self to think again if i’m going to buy a BB or this Flare. I am new into this kind of changes, since i’m taking the transition from changing into dumbphones into a smarter ones. So, what’s more advisable to buy? a BB or a Flare?

    • It really depends on your priorities. If you want to focus on messaging, the BB is the better bet because of the QWERTY keyboard and exclusive BBM services. On the other hand, if you want to explore different kinds of apps and games, I’d recommend the Flare or any other Android or iOS handset. If you like to really personalize the look of your phone, I’d prefer Android over any other platform.

      • DeMz

        sir…..pano matanggal ung dictionary sa msg ko kc may underline kapag nagtatatyp ako msg eh..

  • ben

    sir . confuse talaga ako .. anong mas magandang bilhin ko.. ang flare or titan ??

    • Both phones perform similarly. Ang advantage lang ng Titan is it has a bigger screen. A bigger screen makes watching movies and playing games more enjoyable. You can also read eBooks and view websites more easily on a larger screen. Pati texting and emails, affected din kasi mas malaki at kumportable ang keyboard na gagamitin mo. If that’s worth adding 2.5k for the Titan, then go for it. Personally, I love working on a bigger screen (May Galaxy Note ako, which is almost the same size as the Titan).

      Also, you need to have large hands and pockets for the Titan. Some people just find it too large. Test both first before making a final decision. Hope this helps :)

  • boy11

    sir jm..i naisip ko lang po..meron bang possibilities na palitan ung battery nya w/ a nokia battery or any battery??assuming na pareho po ang battery spec na ipapalit?is this possible in anyway w/o damaging the unit itself? :) tnx..

    • I hear some users have tried the 1,500mAh battery from the Optimus L3. Try at your own risk. My advice is to get a power bank instead.

      • boy11

        ok tnx sir.. :) may nabasa lang kc ako na gumamit ng samsung battery..kso d namn na mentioned ung model..ill get a power bank na lang i gues to be safe.. :)

  • Hi JM, does ICS allow installing apps directly to SD card???? This question is really worrying me, as I have assumed that post-Froyo Android’s have this feature. Lately, i came across articles that say Google has stopped this feature, especially on ICS.

    • With my Flare and Galaxy Note (both are on ICS), you can move the apps data to the MicroSD card rather than the phone’s internal storage. You can streamline the process by using an app like App2SD. If you want to install directly to the SD card, you’d have to root, then use something like Link2SD.

  • nathantrillo

    I experience just the same things you’ve mentioned with this review!
    Detailed. Informative. Thumbs up!

  • Voldor

    available pa ba ang phone na to? i check it in lazada wala na eh….

    • Try joining a Flare user group. May mga members dun na nagshashare ng info pag nakakakita ng Flare for sale. Meron din mga nagbebenta sa mga ganung group.

  • kailan kaya magka stock sa cebu nito. . .lahat nang cellshop walang tinda. . huhu :((

  • big

    sir jm..d po ba ung internal memory nya is 4gb? 2.5gb user available..pero bkit po pag nag iinstall ka ng mga apps bkit po naglolow memory cya?wla pa namn 1gb sa mga naka install..kya required ako maglipat ng apps from phone to sd..bagong user palang ako ng mga android phone.. :)

    • Yung 4Gb ROM is divided into 500Mb+ for apps, about 2.5Gb for internal storage, and the rest for the OS. So realistically, around 500mb worth of apps ang pde iinstall. Normal lang po yan. Kahit yung Galaxy Note ko na 16gb model, around 11gb lang ang internal storage and less than 2gb ang installation space for apps.

  • hi JM, does ICS allow installing or moving apps to SD? If not, how can I do it without having to root the phone. thanks in advance & merry christmas

    • You can move a chunk of the App to your SD card using App2SD. You’d have to root the phone if you want to install directly to the SD card though.

  • Benney

    super like!!!!!!! nice 1!!!!!!!!

  • rAngeMe

    yeah.. i have a flare na… and it’s awesome compare to the other andoid phone… totally agree with the review

    • ems

      sir ask ko lng san ka po nakabili ng flare mo? out of stock kc sa mga pinupuntahan ko

  • jm

    Hi. So far, I’m not really having any major problems with my phone. The FM “was” an issue, but I was able to download the FM app, so ok na. Only problem is yung audio out when I’m trying to play music with external speakers. Sa earphones ok naman ang music, pero kapag sa speakers/amplifiers, ayaw nya magplay. It’s stuck. A friend also bought the same phone, and we tried connecting external speakers, ganun din. Ayaw din maag-work. ANyone else experiencing the same problem? Please help me naman. Thank you! =)

    • big

      yup khit ako..pag earphones ok namn..kapag gumamit ka ng xternal speakers eh nag kin.. nagpaplay cya pero after couple of seconds humihinto cya..hayyy

  • Janieee

    Nice review po.. For me, flare is a great phone.. :D

  • Janiee

    Ano po kayang magandang 3G na sim para sa Flare? :D Thanks po..

    • Depende po kung ano ang network na malakas ang coverage sa area nyo. Samen kc, Globe. Yung iba Smart. Depende talaga.

  • iampoch

    The battery life is a big deterrent to this otherwise excellent budget phone. Would be great if they can come up with a higher capacity battery and a cover to go along with it.

    • Keith

      Try power banks or Samsung Galaxy SIII battery… :))

  • Janieee

    Bakit po ayaw gumana ng shadow gun? Pag nirun ko po nag-koclose po sya?
    Thanks po sa magrereply :D

    • Try using a Task Killer to kill all running tasks and free up some memory for Shadowgun. Also, if downloaded ang APK from an alternative source other than Play Store, it might not work properly.

  • Stephen

    Hello po., anyone here knows how to turn off Welcome Tone for CM Titan???

  • talaga bang maganda to??? ang mura naman pala nito bat yung iba binibinta to ng 5 plus. better i know. thanks for the review.

    • The performance is similar to a Galaxy Nexus for the price of a Galaxy Pocket. Kaya mahal ang benta ng iba kasi nauubos agad ang stocks sa lakas ng demand. Kakarefresh lang ng stocks last weekend pero mukang paubos nanaman sa market ang Flare kaya syempre take advantage ang ibang retailers at binebenta ng mataas. May mga nagbebenta nga ng 2nd hand na 4.5k. Anlabo, hehe.

  • misswah

    chuyag (hanep) review oi! sana di pa out of stock dito sa davao. pinagpipilian ko sana LG e400 at Samsung y s6102a ‘poz pagkabasa ko nito CMflare nlng bibilhin ko pang newyear ko nalang 2k na sobra hohoho

  • boss ask lang ng question… yung internal drive ng flare ko is not working if nakasaksak and external drive ko… how can I make the 2 storage work both at the same time??

  • boss question… bakt po di gumagana yung internal mem ko na 2.5 if nakasaksak ang external mem ko??? panu ko po papaganahin yung dalawang drive ng sabay… kasi yung mga apps ko asa internal then yung mga files ko like mp3, movies, etc asa external

    • When using the Flare as an external hard drive and may micro SD sya sa slot, hanapin nyo po yung SD Card na folder. Yun po yung internal memory ng Flare.

  • cj

    sir. tanong ko lang po. bakit ang bilis malowbat ng flare?tx lang nmn gngmt ko d nmn ako nag ggames. umaabot lang ng 8hrs. tsk d ko alam kung anu problem ng flare na to. gusto ko nman bumili ng new battery wla pang stock daw. tsk

    • Hi po. If you only use the phone for texting, you can turn off stuff like WiFi, GPS, and particularly 3G. Malakas kumaen ng battery ang mga yun eh. Android is notorious for being a battery hog and the Flare has below average battery life. Pero on light usage (texting and calling) it should still last a day.

  • Price check

    Sir JM tanong lang po. Di na po siya 3999 pesos? :( Haha 4500 na po ba siya ngayon? *Haha ang sad kung tumaas ung price x(

    • 3,999 pa din po ang SRP, kaso dahil sa lakas ng demand and kulang ang supply, nagtake advantage ang karamihan sa mga resellers. I’ve heard of one at Starmall that’s selling it for as high 5k. To be frank, those stores should be reported.

      • Price check

        Ahh. Good to hear that haha kinabahan ako kala ko tumaas ung SRP niya xD. Sige po ipapakulong ko na ung mga resellers sa Starmall :> Haha joke. Thanks po sa reply. vheheri mhuch apfriechiahthed. lol :)

        • I just bought another one sa Cubao earlier at SRP. Hurry bago maubusan!

  • Joy

    Thank you po for this good review! I just bought this yesterday and i was really amazed with its features!! it was really worth buying at a low price! ^_^

    -btw po, bkit magkaiba po tayo ng home screen? were you using a theme or something?hehe:)

    • Yes po, I’m using an alternative launcher and a few themed widgets and icon packs. Apex Launcher with the stock wallpaper from Go Launcher. The clock is the Superclock widget from Beautiful Widgets using AOSP theme. Then there’s the Popout Icon Pack for the app icons and Metro Station Icon Pack for the dock icons. Just search for them on the Play Store :)

  • roy

    another problem with the flare is its front camera.. try using it on skype and you’ll emediately see the flaw.. your mug is upside down ehehe.. vampire anyone?? CM said that not all flares are like that. but then i guess you just have to ask users if they have encountered this bug. CM posted it on their site, i think, that they will fix this on their upcoming update..

    • Yeah, some users have said that it’s related to the G-sensor calibration issue and reported no more front camera problems after getting the update. I’m lazy so I’ll wait for the OTA update once it’s ready sometime in January (hopefully).

  • Kyle

    May issue lang ba ito sa mga headset na may mic? Gusto ko sana bilin para magamit na MP3 player e.

    • When buying a headset, check the plug. If it has only two segments, it should work fine. If it has three segments, like the ones with built in mics or volume controls, it typically doesn’t work properly.

  • cm

    sir how po mag net via data connection? hndi po ako maka conect?

    • Make sure you choose the correct APN profile before enabling data.

  • Franz

    Good pm po sir JM, pano po ba ang gprs settings ng flare kc activated na nmn ang gprs ko eh pero nag reply ang sun na configuration not complete daw.. pano po ba un sir??

    • Not sure po. wala po akong experience sa globe or smart. I just know that the proper APN profile needs to be selected according to your network. This can be found in Settings > More > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names, I think. I don’t have the Flare with me anymore as I’ve switched to the Blaze.

  • snah

    i just have my cm flare yesterday. i have one question…the specs said that it has 4gb internal memory but when i check the unit it has 2.57gb only.

    • The 4GB ROM is divided into about 500mb for dedicated app installation, 2.5Gb for internal storage, and the rest is dedicated to the Android OS. This is normal. I have a Galaxy Note 16gb version that only has about 11gb in internal storage and 1.7gb for app installations.

  • snah

    but i really like it…sulit sa P3,990.00. maganda rin performance so far.

  • snah

    by the way, thanks for the review. it’s helpful.

  • dhuday

    maganda po ba ang camera quality ng phone? as in hindi gaya nung mga malaki ang pixel pero nd maganda kuha?

    • it’s just okay. what i like about it is the quality is consistent, even in low-lighting situations. The sample shot of the bathroom sink was taken in a totally dark room with flash enabled. There’s still a bit of artifacting (yung parang pixellation) because it’s a cheap sensor, but I don’t expect much out of 4k anyway.

  • Jonathan

    kabibili ko lang ng Flare kahapon. Medyo mahina ang sound nya when playing music at voice call. Kahit maganda ang gamiting earphones. Then may problem ung camera when using Skype. Ung front camera naka invert ako by default tapus kapag tinry ko mag switch camera wala ng camerang gagana. Blank na ung video ng caller. Then while still on the call using skype after the camera has failed tinatry ko pumunta sa home then iopen ung camera lang “Camera error” > “Can’t connect to the camera”. Meron na po bang nagka encounter ng parehon problema ko? Ung video ok naman…Pero tama ung iba wala din ung FM Radio. Pa reply nalang po. THanks and Happy New Year!

    • The Flare has the necessary internal FM radio hardware but for some reason, there’s no associated FM radio app for controlling it out of the box. You can download the FM APK (android app installer) here. Not sure about Skype as I don’t use it extensively. There’s a Flare user group I continually refer to here in the comments. Just backread to find the link. They might be able to help you with that.

  • Jason

    Sir ask ko lang po kung ano maganda kung bibili ako ng power bank ano po ba specs recommended nyo para sa mga flare user katulad ko tnx po

  • Lemondrop

    which one is the best?Titian, Flare or skyfire? i need help! thank you!

    • Adam Parnala

      The Titan.

  • angeltoo1970

    Thanks sa link mi sir may fm radio na ang flare ko…tenesting ko agad ang radio and ok na ok sa akin…

  • hi just to add something about the CPU.
    Several system information apps reported CM Flare (i have one btw) to have the MSM 8625 while some reports MSM 7627A, which got me curious so i dug a deep more.
    MSM7627A~ snapdragon S1, 1Ghz,Adreno 200 GPU also found in Karbonn A5 and A15. Doesn’t sound like the CM Flare, right? cause CM Flare for sure is 1.2Ghz(1152Mhz) , a re-branded Karbonn A9+.
    Then I found an article saying “Qualcomm adds that the MSM8625 and MSM8225 are designed to be hardware- and software-compatible with the existing MSM7x27A and MSM7x25A chipsets”. Looking at MSM 8×25 (S4 Play), it seems to fit the bill, 1.2Ghz, Adreno 203, and used by Karbonn A9+ and A21. what does this mean? The device/board may be an MSM7x27A, but the CPU is the latest Snapdragon S4 Play MSM 8X25! Hurrah!

  • the not so good stuff about flare:
    1)screen accuracy~ my thumbs are not so small too and several times i keep pressing backspace and letter “m” keeps popping up. Also i cant really type fast cause it thinks im doing a fast swiping action. I guess it takes some getting used to.
    2)some reports of sdcard being unexpectedly unmounted. happened to me once so far. I did the firmware upgrade myself following steps in a youtube video and hoping that it would fix that and will not encounter that again.
    3) battery- well this is understandable for me. i have benchmarked SGS2 battery before and i have accepted that smartphones will not have as good battery life as our old nokia pixelated phones. TIP: use dark themes, try to avoid too much updating widgets, use “screen filter” app to further reduce brightness, and monitor rogue apps(keeping your phone awake). Also, when I upgraded my firmware, it became rooted. So I took the chance to underclock to just 600Mhz max in order to save more on battery. performance drop is not really that noticeable .

    • Yeah, I encountered that same unmount issue once. The Flare user group I keep referring to here in the comments recommended to use a class 10 card. A lot of them swear by it, although I wasn’t able to try it myself before disposing of the unit.

  • lean

    hi! i just wanna know if i can use this phone outside the country?

  • Such a GREAT review. I have decided to buy this phone, for the first time, im going to buy a pinoy phone, masakit sa bulsa mga branded phones, mahal pa imaintain haha. Thumbs up for this review!

    • Kaya nga, hehe. I have a Galaxy Note that I use less and less because of the Flare, and now because of the Blaze :)

  • carlos garay

    sana sir magkaroon din dito niyan sa saudi para pinoy brand cherry na gamit namin natatangkilik namin dito yan hope na magkaroon dito niya sa saudi

  • sir Jm Balicano anong kinaiba pg nka root po yung flare sa non-root..? newbie po sa flare.

  • guest from laguna

    hi, happy new year, nabasa ko to reviews mo about cherry mobile flare, at nakumbinse ako na bumili kaso dito ako abroad kaya nagpabili ako sa kapatid ko jan sa pinas tapos ipadala na lang sakin, kaya pumunta kapatid ko sa SM CALAMBA sa outlet ng cherry mobile, out of stock daw pero ok lng kc next week naman magkakaroon, yon nga lang, yung price nya na 3999 e naging 4999 na,pero may kasama isang cellphone(D12TV), di raw sila nagbebenta ng flare lang, kumbaga buy 1 take 1, tanong ko lang sa inyo kung lahat ba cherry mobile outlet e ganun ang patakaran na di sila nagbebenta ng flare lang, dapat may kasama n 1 cellphone

    • Hindi po dapat ganun. May nababalita din po ago na ganyan. Yung isang stall nga daw sa Starmall, 5k ang benta imbis na 4k. Ewan ko pa kung may naka-bundle pa dun. Buti nalang nakabili ako para sa friend ko sa SM Cyberzone Cubao at SRP last week lang. Yun nga lang, I’m sure ubos nanaman ang stock dun.

  • kaloy

    panu po pa ma activate yung mobile internet na CM flare?

  • Great review! The most detailed out of the bunch I read. :) Upon reading multiple reviews, CM Flare definitely standouts. However for business persons like me, it might not be the best option since we need to make a lot of calls and send a lot of text/email throughout the day. (As per this review, it has issues with volume, headset w/ mic & 2 point touch). And battery can be problem too. Given my profile, what budget smartphone can you recommend?

    I’m eyeing at Myphone a888 or a898 since I’m big on camera quality as well. Though I haven’t seen a review that tackles their call/volume and typing capability in detail. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. :)

    • Not sure what to say about the A888 or A898 since we haven’t handled either one over here, but the A898 should have better battery life since the display isn’t as large. The Cloudfone 430X might be the best option to consider because of its monstrous battery life and 8mp shooter. Don’t know anything about the sound quality, but I’m sure there are reviews you can find for that :)

  • darkanqel.o2

    hi everyone .. actually guys unlimited na ang stock ng CM flare ..
    ganda kc ng features kea click agad xa masa ..
    kaya di na ko natatakot na maubusan ako hehehehe ^^,
    sa mga AMALAYER jan ! DON’T BE BITTER BE BETTER !! :p
    Choosing CM Flare is worth buying for kc yung specs nia super ganda..
    Thanks po SIR Jm ang ganda ng review nio .. at least alam q na ngaun
    ung capacity ng CM Flare.. iloveit n tlga ..
    Kalungkot nga lng nanghihinayang aq xa GALAXY Y ko worth 6K tpos 1Year
    lang ang itinagal grabe syang pera q wahahahahaha :)) …

  • ask ko lang po if the g-sensor is not working well or not working at all. kasi i got used to playing it in my dad’s 4s and i would like to get an advice from you if it plays ok or if hindi ba niya maaubos pasensya ko. hehe

    • There’s a G-sensor miscalibration problem that has things a bit tilted to the left. If your Flare is from the latest batch, the updated firmware allows you to recalibrate the G-sensor yourself. If your Flare’s hardware hasn’t been updated yet, you can bring it to a nearby service center or wait for the OTA update that CM is working on.

      • thanks for the immediate response :)

        • No prob. Make sure you read the Known Issues section. A lot of people are still caught off guard even when they know what to expect.

      • thanks po talaga sa napakagandang review na ito. Bibili nalang ako nito from my savings kc i locked the xperia (not sure of the specific xperia version) phone my dad gave me.. i put a password ta’s hndi na siya maopen khit correct nmn password ko.. anyways, maganda nmn tong flare.. ta’s ang mura pa :)

  • boy_dapa

    sir jm, ala compass / magnetic sensor ang flare, sayang extra rn un` hehe…

  • jonalyn

    may stock na po ba ulit ang flare

  • Bad Jao

    Hello po. Ahmm. Medyo nahihiya ako sa inyo. First time ko lang kasi magtanung sa website na to. hihi..

    ko po muna kayu. january 6 na po ngayun.. College na po ako, sa isang
    university na mababa ang tuition 12/unit. IT po course ko, Medyo
    naiingit po kasi ako sa mga klasmeyt ko kasi halos lahat po sila may mga
    bagong laptop. Since hindi ko naman po afford yun nag pasya po ako na
    bumili ng cellphone basta po makakatulong sa pag-aaral.

    Since IT
    po ako. Kailangan ko po ng san damakmak na libro. Pero ang naisip ko
    pong solution eh mag download na lang ng PDF. Mahilig din po ako sa
    games, lalo na yung mga HD games like 2k13, DEad trigger at kung anu anu
    pa.. Blogger din po ako. Medyo marami rami rin po akong followers sa
    tumblr yung mga post ko po sa tumblr mga picture po, mga inspiring
    pictures po na nakikita sa kalsada. Gamit ko po dun LGCU720(Maganda po
    at malinaw yung cam nito). Mahilig din po ako sa Movies at nabalitaan ko
    po na ito pong Flare ay Hindi po IPS.

    Medyo nalilito rin po ako kung TITAN po or Flare bibilin ko. O antayin ko po si OMEGA. My budget si 7k.

    So eto po tanung ko. :

    #1. Sir, Anu po mas Ideal para po estudyante Flare or Titan?
    (Like editing po ng Thesis using openoffice, reading book, doing some research)

    #2. Sir, kaya po irun ng Flare yung mga high end games na sinabi ko? saan po mas maganda yung output sa titan po or sa flare.

    Sir, bilang isang blogger, pde po ba yung cam ng flare for capturing
    beautiful scenery. Anu po mas prefer nyo po titan or flare?

    #4. Sir, Aantayin ko pa po ba si OMEGA, or pwede na si TITAN or Flare?

    #5. Sir, Mas tataas ba ang productivity ko sir. kung titan ang bibilin ko dahil mas malaki ang Screen nito or Flare.

    7k po yung budget ko. Sobrang hirap po talaga. Kasi ito pong 7k na ito
    hanggang march pa po dapat, pero mang hihingi nalang po ako ulet ng
    pera. 14 pesos lang naman nagagastos ko sa isang araw. Thesis writing at
    defense na po kami plus pa po yung software at web development so Sa
    tingin nyo po na about time na po para mag invest ng cellphone para pag

    Thx po maraming maraming salamat.. Hoping for your response..

    • Before anything else, if you can afford a netbook or laptop, go for it. Iba talaga ang may laptop ka talaga for editing docs. Mahirap kasi ang ganun kahit sa Titan or Galaxy Note na malalaki ang screen. Anyway, to answer your questions…

      #1: Titan is best for content consumption, whether reading eBooks, magazines, watching movies, etc. Editing docs should also be easier kasi mas malaki ang controls onscreen kaya mas madaling pindutin accurately.

      #2: Dead Trigger is playable on Flare, but there’s some ghosting. NBA 2k13 is not supported from Google Play, although may mga nakakapaglaro through alternative downloads. Not sure sa performance ng Titan on those games. Better to ask Adam (Admin of this site)

      #3: Flare has a better camera. It captures decent shots and has consistent performance across different lighting situations. Wala akong experience sa cam ng Titan, pero ayon sa mga nababasa ko, hindi ganun kaganda ang cam ng Titan.

      #4: It’s best to wait for the Omega, kahit para lang malaman if pasok ito sa 7k na budget mo. I doubt na within 7k ang Omega, but I never thought the Titan would sell for 6.5k, so best to wait and see.

      #5: Bigger screen = larger onscreen controls = better productivity. Pero take note, editing will not be that fast. Mas maganda siguro kung gamitin ang Titan (or Flare) for drafts tpos sa PC ang final editing.
      Based on your needs, I would really recommend kahit 2nd hand na netbook. But I answered your questions anyway. Hope this helps :)

  • Aside from the creaking sound on the lower left side of the phone (usb port) and the poor volume when on headphones (I was really bummed out about this), everything else works great. This is my first smartphone and I’m really impressed with it. Still kinda disappointed with the volume, though.

    Jm Balicano Thanks for the tip, man.

    • Try using Equalizer+ from the Play Store. It’ll boost the volume from music playback and movies. Not the FM though. ;-)

  • Dah

    ano po gamit nio apps to save baterry life?? pls share.. thanks! and do you know something apps for sms theme, yun kasing gmit ko before na Go SMS kinakainan ung sim ko ng load.. kaiinis,, kaya back to default ako.. baka po my ma share kyo na free apps talaga for SMS.. thx and more power!

    • Try Handscent SMS. Themable din sya. As for Battery saver apps, hindi ako gumagamit ng ganun. I just keep brightness to low, screen timeout to 30 secs, Network mode to GSM only when I’m not using 3G, and I make sure that WiFI, GPS and 3G are off when I’m not using them.

  • Loo

    This is a REALLY helpful review. Thank you! :)

  • beloved

    very nice review! :)
    planning to buy this phone soon :)

  • nayrb

    sir Jm itatanung ko lng sna kng bkt gnito ung CM FLARE ko, kc kpag nka lock na sya maski wala nagttxt umiilaw p rin sya. Anu po b dpat gwin ko pra hnd na umilaw maski walang nagttxt.. thx and godbless ;)

    • Not sure po eh. Wala na kasi saken ang unit. Iba na po ang gamit ko.

  • Sir Jm itatanung ko lng po kng bkt gnito ung CM FLARE ko. Kpag nka lock n sya umiilaw sya kht wala nman nagttxt sken. Anu po b dpat gawin pra hnd umilaw ng paulit ulit ung cp ko?thx and godbless :))

    • Sorry po, wala na po yung Flare saken. Blaze na po gamit ko ngayon..

  • john

    wow this is a well written review :D very nice

  • Borgie

    Gusto ko bumili nito! nice review!


    • Apex Launcher po, tpos stock wallpaper from Go Launcher. The clock is from Beautiful Widgets using AOSP theme. The dock icons are themed using the Metro Station Icon Pack, while the app icons use the Pop Out Apex Theme.

  • very straight forward review! having nice time reading it

  • Leah Soliman

    i bought it last 3 days ago but unfortunately when i try to use the camera… the error will appear (camera is not responding) is my flare defective?

    • If it’s a fresh purchase and the camera won’t work, it’s best to get it exchanged for another unit. They allow you to exchange a defective unit with a fresh one within the first week.

  • lordejkram

    sir Jm ask ko lng bat dko mdownload or dko mkita ung game na zombie tsunami sa store.. and mas maganda ba tlga n hnd iallow or idownload ung hnd galing sa market.. tenx

    • Hindi ko na po macoconfirm kung anong mga games from Play Store ang compatible sa Flare kasi hindi na po Flare ang gamit ko. Sorry po. As for installing apps from alternative markets and other sources, okay lang naman as long as trusted ng community ang source na yun. Ask friends about any alternative markets they know about. Take note, most cases of malware infections come from apps and APKs that have been installed from alternative sources.

  • dax

    I used the earphone that comes with on upon purchased. Pag iclick yun answer button ga play ng mp3. Any fix? updated na ang system ko

  • paul

    sir jm ano po mas mganda flare or blaze?sa features at app po ano po mas ok?pls rep po..pinag pipilian ko po silang dalwa..

    • Right now, I’m using the Blaze. Mas prefer ko ang Blaze kasi walang mga bugs (or konti lang) katulad sa Flare, mas malaki ang screen, and di hamak na mas maganda ang design. downside nga lang ang battery life, but I prefer dealing with a shorter uptime vs those bugs. Depende din sayo. Are those benefits worth spending an extra 2.5k?

  • jaysonraybiscarra

    nice review. i need your help. ang front camera ng cm flare ko ay di na gumagana. when i switch it to front camera, sinasabi “unfortunately KTCIT has stopped.” is there solution to this problem? help po.

    • if fresh unit pa yan and nde agad gumagana ang camera, take it back and get it replaced. may 1 week replacement period naman yan.

  • jaktelz

    what earphones do you use? hindi ba siya compatible sa iba kahit 3.5mm naman yung jack? sakin kasi ganun e

    • Some headsets are incompatible, lalo na yung jack na tatlo ang segment, 3-segment jacks are those with volume controls or built in mics. 2-segment jacks belong to basic headsets with no added functionality other than to produce sound. Kung gusto mo talaga ng headset na may volume controls or built in mic, mejo tricky. Always test such a headset before buying. Anyway, 3 segments ang jack ng stock headset ng Cherry Mobile so some of those headsets should work properly.

  • Pink

    Glad to have bump into your review…Great One!!…I have never heard of this Cherry Flare, only on the day itself that my friend told me about it and bought it that same day. It’s my first time to use an Android phone (with it’s touch-type feature and all). Your article is very informative, though still alien to me on the terms with ‘high-tech’ devices, but I read your article on it several times now for added infos, Thanks! I must say it’s a challenge since I came from the keypad qwerty device, my fingers could not quite sense the touch pad yet. I have just sort of familiarize myself with ios system of my itouch and with Android system I still have a lot to discover, especially when I can help compare how it works.

    • Hey thanks! Keep in mind that typing in landscape mode gives you a bigger keyboard to work with. It’s really tricky in portrait mode.

  • Grace

    ask ko lang madali ba tong malobat ?

    • Typically 1 day po. Ganyan talaga ang mga Android phones po. Malakas talaga sa battery.

  • ruifrancia

    bakit ganun ung sa memory ndi ko magamit ung sa internal memory na 2.5gb nakalagy lang dto ung sa system memory lang na 582mb lang panu ko magagamit ung internal memory habang gamit ko ung external q na 4gb.?

    • the space for installing apps and internal phone storage is different and separate from each other. the space for installing apps is about 500mb, but the phone storage is about 2.5gb. Some large apps and games like Need for Speed Most Wanted (1.7Gb) installs a 20mb app in the app storage and the rest of the 1.7gb in the phone or sd storage.

  • TheNigs

    About battery charging. are you aware that the driver for charging while
    your phone is ON is different from the driver for charging while it is
    OFF? even though the battery life indicator shows 100% battery life, the
    driver for charging while ON does not really fill up 100% of the
    battery. Charge your battery while it is turned OFF to maximize your
    battery life :)

    This is true to most of the android phones present. Although I’m not quite sure if this is applicable to CM Flare. Hope someone check this out :)

  • wawaw

    nawala ang front cam ko…d ko alam pano ibalik,,,,pati sa skype d na ma access ang front cam…pa help po…..wawaw

  • waking424

    Question lng po..y is it n 4gb ung rom and yet less than 1 gig lng ang png apps ts the remaining of the 4gig is for music and photos?may way b pra iincrease ung partition for apps/system?correct if im wrong sa tnong..noob question..hehe

    • The 4Gb rom is subdivided into 500+mb for app installations, 2.5gb for internal storage and the rest for the OS itself. If you root your phone, you can also expand the partition for apps using a microSD card. Not sure if you can make changes to the partitions of the phone rom itself because I typically don’t root my phones.

      • Maryel

        sir Jm bakit di ko makita ung internal storage..ung 581 MB na EMMC lang ung naka display dun sa storage ng flare ko..need help..thanks..

  • Paul

    bkit laging nag duduplicate or minsan triplicate p nga ung contact ko sa flare??worst is hnd p ma-delete..

    • try downloading Go Contacts then use it to manually delete the contacts you don’t need. Most people were able to solve this after implementing this little remedy.

  • aie

    want that fone, kaya lng di na sya available dito sa cam sur..san pba meron cm flare?

  • nirvana

    sir san mo nakuha yung themes ng cherry mobile mo? yung black and white icons?

    replay please :D

    • metro station icon pack po yan :) hanapin lang sa Google Play. Take note it will only work with alternative launchers like Apex and Nova

  • Hi JM! I need your advice please. I’m not really sure but I think that my Flare has dead pixels. I purchased this last week and I believe there is a 7-day warranty? Can I have this replaced at the store where I purchased it or should I just leave it like this as the dead pixels are not really that noticeable unless you exert effort in looking for it. Please help as I only have today to go back to the store and ask for replacement :(

    Thank you!

    • Aw man. sorry for the late reply. Hopefully, you got it exchanged since it’s covered under that 7 day replacement period. (not sure)

  • vortex

    Hi JM…I am here in the US & I bought Flarelast December in the hopes I could use it for my roaming SIMS here but unfortunately, & to my much dismay, I didnt have any signals for both SIMS..DO you know for any fix for this? Thanks a lot.

  • joseph

    ilang oras ang charging mode nito kapag nakapatay ang cp?

    • Never ko ata chinarge si Flare ng nakapatay sya. Hindi ko na po matetest kasi iba na po ang gamit ko.


    sir, good day po.. how about CM Titan? is it better than Flare?

    • Loosely speaking, the Titan is just the Flare with a bigger screen. The resolution is even the same, so pixel density is stretched out on the Titan, meaning the screen may be big, but it’s not as sharp. The Flare’s camera is better, but the graphics are less buggy on the Titan when it comes to games.

  • candy deng

    im satisfied with it just ditched my samsung phone (which is way too different with its price) over it… hahaha….

  • natasha

    Hello sir Jm, i just want to ask. why did you replaced your Flare with Blaze? is the quality of Flare that poor for you to replace it that fast? I’m just curious because i’m currently using Flare. I am thinking that i might end up just like you who’ll buy another phone after how many weeks of purchasing Flare. Can i ask the weaknesses of this phone. Thank you very much.

    • Nah. I switched because I wanted something new to review for my personal blog. Google “Chery Mobile Blaze” and you might find my Blaze review :) I’ll be switching again pretty soon, but I don’t know what yet. I only used the Flare pre-update, so I don’t know if any of the bugs in the Known Issues section of this review have been resolved except for the G-sensor and FM radio. Personally, I prefer the Blaze just because it has a roomier screen that’s easier to type on and consume content.

  • Newbie

    Newbie lang po using CM Flare for the past 3 days. I noticed there’s no option to send APK files via bluetooth. Is it really lacking this feature or I am just doing it wrong? Please help. Thanks.

    • i don’t have the Flare any more so I can’t say for sure. but you should be able to go into the file manager from the appdrawer, look for the file you want (it can’t be a folder), long press the file and click on share for sharing options, including bluetooth. Take note, if you downloaded the app from the Google Play store, the APK file won’t show up in the file manager. Obviously, it’s to avoid piracy of the paid apps.

  • GabPelareja

    Do you know that picture of your screen with the time and weather, apps on the bottom and the song track thing, how do you get it I’m 13 and i can’t find it in the seetings on how to pout it there.

    • GabPelareja

      put it there*

      and also how do you add the Apps like fruit ninja and stuff, there’s no App store to Cherry (I think or please correct me if I’m wrong) and how do you add the owner’s name to the lock screen ex. This phone belongs to: —– <—— how do you add your name to it.

      • The app store is “Play” in the app drawer. If you’re connected to wifi or 3g, that’s where you can download apps and games. the time and weather widget is from Beautiful Widgets from the Play Store. It’s a paid app so you have to buy it. A free alternative is 3d Clock & World Weather, check it out here

        the music widget is from PowerAmp, which is also a paid app from the Play Store. I don’t know of a good alternative.

        to add your name to the lockscreen, go to system settings > security > ownder info. check the “show owner info on lock screen” option and enter the text you want to appear in the area below that.

  • Hi Sir.

    Saan po makikita ang e-book/pdf reader sa Flare? Or do we have to install it first? How to?


    • You would have to download it. For eBooks, Aldiko is probably the most popular, but it only reads epub formats. for mobi formats, try moon reader or even Amazon Kindle for Android (it’s a large app though). For PDFs, use Adobe reader. All are downloadable through Google Play on your phone.

  • mangJose

    where did you get themes for CM flare like yours, black and with icons?

    • i just downloaded Apex Launcher and looked for Apex themes on Play Store.

  • king tanong

    pano po matnggal yung vibrate pag nagttxt..
    tapos bakit nagcacamera error sya… pero sa gaming naman sobrang astig wala akong angal…

  • vince mendez

    sir JM pano po tanggalin yung vibrate everytime na nagtetext ako… para kasing ang lakas makadrain ng battery…. tapos po yung camera nya laging nageerror…. factory defect ba iyon?

  • vince mendez

    pano po tanggal;in yung vibrate pag nagtetext gamit yung flare.. tapos factory defect po ba yung palaging nageerror young camera? cannot connect to camera lagi lumalabas eeh.. please help po..

  • vince mendez

    pano po tanggal;in yung vibrate pag nagtetext gamit yung flare.. tapos
    factory defect po ba yung palaging nageerror young camera? cannot
    connect to camera lagi lumalabas eeh.. please help po….

    • go to settings > language and input, tpos scroll down to keyboard and input methods. under that, makikita mo dapat ang mga installed keyboard. identify your default keyboard (most likely Android Keyboard) and look for it in the list below. once nahanap mo and Android Keyboard (or kung ano man ang default keyboard mo), look to the right of it. there should be a slider icon. press that, and uncheck Vibrate on Keypress

  • Lian

    hi. i need your opinion. i have and LG optimus L3 now and i’m planning to buy a flare. sobrang nababagalan kasi ako sa l3. i don’t know what to do. anyone please help. any suggestions?

    • It should still resell for a significant chunk. try selling it on sulit or ayosdito and use the funds to buy something from CM, MyPhone or Starmobile

  • jr

    sir saan nio po na download mga games nio n dead trigger ??? ?? tnx po !! ^_^

    • free lang po sya idownload from Google Play Store

      • Sir may Adobe Flash Player support po ba ito? i’ll consider this kc as a replacement for my aging nexus s na may problems na din. Kaya i just wanna make sure if it supports adobe flash like my nexus s kc important pa rin ang flash player support sakin. Tnx :)

        • the problem is that the Adobe Flash Player is no longer available on Google Play. Try looking for alternative sources. It should work with the Flare.

  • cutey

    can i use this outside PH?like china?

  • Sir may Adobe Flash Player support po ba ito? tnx :)

    • Flarenatic

      yup support nya sir :D using google chrome, dolphin, and opera all playing embedded videos

      • Awesome! i will deffo buy this soon as a replacement for my aging nexus s na nagloloko na haha. Tnx for the reply :)

  • Flarenatic

    Sir JM

    i am a flare user.. so far sa mga comment ni akosiGM i don’t experience what he was saying.. i am happy with my flare battery life lang talaga problem.. hehe hope cherry mobile will upgrade it’s battery..

    so far convince ako sa review mo sir.. not bias and honest very very honest review…

    one of the people who comment also IPS is indeed a type if TFT..

    o yeah the GPS tracking module it works for me…

    it tracks me for 13 feet accuracy of my point..

    but if im travelling to fast it can’t keep up 20km/hr maybe its limit of speed tracking though to my experience….

    anyway good review sir and more good reviews to come…

    do you have any reviews about the monstrous cloudfone 430x? xD would like to read it..

    TC GB

  • pde po maging wireless hotspot ang flare? thanks po ,, and quadband po ba ang flare? kasi nalilito ako eh.. thanks ulit po

  • mhar

    Ok naman ang Flare, despite those known issues.

    And problema lang sa CM is yong after sales service nila.

    Brought my Flare to Roxas Blvd. CM service center on Dec. 11 because it won’t power on (bouth the unit Nov 26). So I was given job order slip (JO#400).

    Jan. 7, I called to check, and I was told that it was already ready for pickup (I woudn’t know if I had not called). Jan 8, when I went to service center. It was indeed there already. So I checked and tested. Phone boots, etc… but lo and behold: one corner of the top LCD/screen is creaky/squeaky! Yes it squeaks when you press a little bit on it. The in-house “technician” checked it and it was loose. It wasn’t such!

    I was told that if I was not going to accept it as such (who in the right mind would do?), they will send it back to main office for “re-alignment”.

    I brought your “suddenly” dead product to get it fixed, not to have another defect!

    So I was given another job order slip (JO#1207). They said that they will queue it in the priority list.

    One week after, I did a follow-up. I was told that my Flare is still in the main office… and they have no idea when I am going to get it back. I was told to call again next week. None of them can give a definite answer when I can have it back!

    Today (21January), I called again. Was told that it is still in their main office!

    So far, my Php3,999.00 Flare is useless for a month and 10 days now, since it is in their custody.

    The warranty period is running, consumed already the one month and 10days out of my possession, in Cherry Mobile’s posession.

    badtrip talaga.

    • mhar

      *(bought the unit Nov 26)

      • FamousAnne

        Then go to the main office instead.

  • Beng Ledesma

    for a 4k phone. It’s worth it.
    I got it a week ago, Everything’s great except for the battery indicator. It’s really irritating unless i turn it off and let it charge for a while.

    Now when i’m just texting/music/wifi, i could last atleast 15hrs+
    but when i play a game (templerun/Subway surf/AB) it lasted only for 4 hrs,

    But all in all. I LOVE IT!

  • John


    Dinala ng mom ko sa Guam ung Flare, di gumagana. kaya tinanong ko sa service center. sabi nila dual band lang daw ang Flare. pinaupdate pa un bago umalis ung mom ko sa cherry mobile din.

    so di po ba tri band ang Flare or me settings lang na gagawin? ang ginamit na Sim is ung ginagamit niyang sim dun ung Smart na OFW.

    Need answers. salamat.

  • Nice review but i would like to know if it is tri band or not ?

  • Renalyn Amedo

    nakita ko ung p na to sa ka opix m8 ko.. maganda naman sxa.. parang i phone.. sa gaming.. at wifi wlang hang… camera.. ok din..may flash at malinaw radio ok din.. at yung speaker.. ewan ko lng kng gnu ktagal ung lifetime ng battery… sabi nya ok.. daw sa ok.. kasi ung officem8 ko.. is nagrerepair ng pon.. sulit nman sa price nya.. much better siguro.. bumili at magpaturo muna kayo sa mga mrurunong kesa i judge nyo agad ung phone =D

  • hi po..ask q lng kung pno mfi2x ung front cam..nung una kc ngana xa s lhat ng apps gmit ang cam..then dinala xa ng asawa q s ibang bnsa tpos nung 1st tym nming ngchat s skype ok nman..wla nman kmi nging prob.then ung sumunod nming chat d n nagana ung front camera,,ang nagana lng ay ung main cam..can someone help us fixing this prob.?8mos.kc xa dun if nde xa naaus 8mos.kmi mgti2is s gnung pgcha2t bgo p nmin xa mdala s cherry mobile center..thanks po!


    how to run shadowgun on flare??

  • gagana ba ang CM Flare sa ibang bansa? paki sagot po.. maraming salamat.

  • joy

    patulong naman cm flare wont recognize sd card. Nilagyan ko sya ng 8gb memory card then after a week lang hindi na ma read ung sd card. pero pag tinanggal ko, my laptop read it naman. so dun lang sya sa phone hindi ma read.. What to do now? kasi pati ung mga apps na nka save dun hindi na rin ma open.
    tulong naman po. thankz :)

  • grace

    bakit ganon ang bilis nya ma lowbat…huhuhu

  • PIM

    i will soon buy this one… and i actually read this review a couple of times to ensure its issues.. i heard enough about it. so, it’s a majority choosing this one, isa lng naman yung kontra-bulate e..hAHA,baka fake ung nabili nya..i’ll go for it..thanks for the review! :)

  • Avalon Rousseau

    16M TFT display ba ang CM-Flare or 262K lang?

    • 16M colors… TFT IPS yung screen niya

  • reymark

    nice review! I like how u write your article! para kang writer ng giz at engadget! hahaha

  • Eneerod

    Hi! The email notif is a little annoying. Can you lease shed some light o how to turn this off? Or maybe at the very least change it to another tone?

  • Stephen

    Ano po mga languages ng Cherry mobile Flare? Meron po bang Tieng Viet, Korean, at Bahasa?
    Thanks sa respond.

  • chris_t610

    Thanks for a thourough and honest review. Ang hirap hanapin ng phone na to nowadays, parating out of stock. I was able to order online and Im currently waiting for it to arrive.

    first time kong bumili ng cherry mobile as I prefer branded names, but given the specs of the Flare I think its more of a steal than a bargain! And that snapdragon cpu is a beast of a performer.

    More power sir, keep up with the good reviews.

  • mark

    hello….im looking for a potential buyer for my new cherry mobile flare just used it for 5 hours,,very slightly used,,,just had a buyers remorse,,,bought it for 4500 but im willing to negotiate,,,,COD,,,,interested people contact me 09273729758,thanks

  • mark

    hello….im looking for a potential buyer for my new cherry mobile flare just used it for 5 hours,,very slightly used,,,just had a buyers remorse,,,bought it for 4500 but im willing to negotiate,,,,COD,,,,interested people contact me 09273729758,thanks

  • kira

    thanks sa review mo buti nabasa ko tong review mo galing mo sir thx buti di p ko nkakabili meron nga daw syang bug sa pag txt

  • Flare User

    Hi, I NEED BIG HELP with my flare. I was actually enjoying my phone especially at home but now I’ve encountered a problem with WIFI. I can connect to wifi at home and to our neighbor’s wifi without hassle. And it connects automatically. Unfortunately, I CAN’T CONNECT TO “FREE PUBLIC WIFI” like in coffeeshops, resto, and even in school building and library. It keeps on saying “password/wifi network saved” or “obtaining wifi address” but it doesn’t connect. I tried rebooting, turning wifi on/off, forgetting network” and went to advanced options but I don’t know what should I put there(ip address/DNS etc) Now I’m very disappointed because I can’t maximize the phone because many apps require internet connection. Especially with social networking. I can’t tweet, insta, or what while outside or wherever there is connection because i just can’t connect. SO HELP ME GOD. THANKYOUU!

  • Flare User

    Hi Sir JM, I NEED BIG HELP with my flare. I was actually enjoying my phone especially at home but now I’ve encountered a problem with WIFI. I can connect to wifi at home and to our neighbor’s wifi without hassle. And it connects automatically. Unfortunately, I CAN’T CONNECT TO “FREE PUBLIC WIFI” like in coffeeshops, resto, and even in school building and library. It keeps on saying “password/wifi network saved” or “obtaining wifi address” but it doesn’t connect. I tried rebooting, turning wifi on/off, forgetting network” and went to advanced options but I don’t know what should I put there(ip address/DNS etc) Now I’m very disappointed because I can’t maximize the phone because many apps require internet connection. Especially with social networking. I can’t tweet, insta, or what while outside or wherever there is connection because i just can’t connect. SO HELP ME GOD. THANKYOUU!

    • sa kin naman ok… try mo rebooting into recovery ( turn of phone, press and hold power + volume up, wait until screen turns red(not green, RED))

      tapos sa recovery delete cache(press and hold delete cache for a while)

      then reboot(press and hold reboot for a while)

  • christian philip

    got surprise having used it for a week; with its full packed features & with a very affordable price no doubt its good for an android phone starter….

  • meed help adjusting my call volume, its too soft. speaker works fine. its just the earpiece that i’m having an issue with… any advise..? thanks. :)

  • kathrina

    mahina ba tlga ung internet ng flare using smartbro?

    • yup… buwisit na smartbro sim yan… gamit ka smart buddy, mabilis pa sa alas kuwatro… this is my main network sim and it’s download speed can go up to 700 kbps…

  • Hi!

    About this:
    ” It has somewhat slowed down the speed that I am able to compose text
    messages and emails on the Flare. This is a common issue among 2-point
    touch devices, although it’s hard to ignore.”

    Is the CM Titan a 2 point touch device also?
    I am confused between Titan and Flare, and now add the Titan TV..

  • Sophia

    Sino may alam pano maayos ang camera kasi minsan bumabaliktad and minsan nagstop lang sya .. Help naman if someone knows how to solve it

  • ronzel

    Sir, nagana poh ba yun Video calling sa CM Flare? kapag ka sype nya using PC? nakikita rin kya nun gumagamit na PC yun Ka Chat nya sa skype, nun Naka CM Flare?

    • FamousAnne

      Kaskype ko ang tita ko from Norway, works fine.

  • Kaya po ba nito na mag-pinch zoom? I am planning to buy a new phone eh. Bukod sa Huawei Ascend Y200 (P5490) wala na po akong choice. I see the specs and it interests me.

  • Penny Lane Villaver

    Scratch resistant po ba ang flare?

    • FamousAnne

      4K scratch resistant? =) Try to buy a screen protector, 100 lang minsan pwede ka pang tumawad ng 80php.. =)

  • this phone is worth every penny… just install the updates… a few tweaks and custom rom for maximizing the use of this phone… kudos to cherry mobile for this phone…

    ~Cherry Mobile Flare
    ROM:GalaxyRockV3 (Flare v37 “latest update”)

  • tsukurimasou

    i have 4s phone

    pero nung nakita ko ung comercial ng CM flare sa sine nagandahan ako,,prang gusto ko din bumili :P

    aside from that afford pa..

    actually hndi tlga mameet ng CM flare ang specs ng other smartphones
    sa price pa lang malalaman mo na agad..

    but other specs still good naman,,di naman lahat ng specs eh kakailanganin mo eh,,,

    • JP Garmay

      kaya ng CM ma meet ang specs ng ibang smartphone, gusto lang nila bigay yung phone sa tamang budget.

  • Luckyd

    Mganda nga ang mga reviews at feedback from this blogs at sa iba pang blogs the nabasa ko I was actually planning to get one of this sa sahod ko hopefully mabili ko na this week!

  • :)

    this review covered the flare as a whole.. yun masasabi ko

    i got JM’s personal CM Flare (which was used on this review) after ko masubukan.. i am an iPhone user pero after ko makuha to sa kanya, i started to use my iphone less..

    let’s face it, may mga konting issues tong flare but CM released a fix.and for some na hindi pa rin fixed, i can live with these fixes:

    Headset volume issue: i used a Nokia BH-100 headset. wala pong volume issues with BT headsets. sa wired headsets lang talaga. and the controls does work.

    Battery life: rooted my phone and changed the rom to betterflare. mas tumagal ang battery life ko. max brightness, bluetooth on and data on, ok pa rin. a day or two with that mod? that’s fair for me..

    my officemates got one and they are happy with the flare. yes, they do have iPhones,xperias and G’note as well, but they got a flare, and they are happy with it.


    kapag nag lalaro ako nang SHADOWGUN:DEADZONE… meron graphics shadowing parang sira tignan.? kailangan ko bang e update CM flare ko into v37???

  • errol

    Pare, anong gagawin kapag hindi mai-connect directly sa computer?

  • imgoodbitch!

    ayus itong mga batuhan ng comment makabili nga wooooh!

  • michael silvano

    i and my friends will soon buy the upgraded flare, but for now well be getting the galaxy y duos…

  • kira

    may price increase ba talaga?

  • jim

    naku po,, nagaway na//… wag nio na kasing pakialam ung mga namumuwiset!!! lam nio, yang mga namumuwiset na yan,, baka nga hindi nila maafford ang flare eh!!

  • Jonas

    Bakit po di maka detect ang flare ko sa bluetooth?

    • FamousAnne

      Go to Bluetooth settings and check if its visible to other bluetooth devices

  • Jonas

    Bakit po di maka detect ang flare ko sa bluetooth??

  • Jonas

    Bakit po di maka detect ang flare ko sa bluetooth????

  • Bakit po di maka detect ang flare ko sa bluetooth?

    • beng

      click mo po ung discoverable para po ma detect. :)

  • jacwas

    kapal naman ng namimintas ng phone na to. wag maghanap ng wala. 4K lang to as in 4000 pesos. gusto niyo maganda? mag nexus 4 kayo o galaxy note 2. suuusss.

  • jaywin_savior

    may stock pa po ba flare sa sm north?

    • PM MOAKO

      jaywin, cute mo, invite mko, at balak ko bili FLARE this month, or mas ok ba kung i HYPER ko na ? same lng ba sila halos ?

  • Vermil

    Good day, based on your review there’s no TV in flare. Is there an app para malagay ko sa flare?? Thanks

    • FamousAnne

      Sa sala nyo ba walang tv?

      • juan

        nice one dear…

  • loren

    akosiGM…mag ayos ayos ka naman kung mag post ka ng comments. pwede namang mag post dapat constructive at me batayan. sobra ka namang mayabang magsalita at mang lait mag comment. ako nga me S3 pero gusto ko pa rin bumili ng Flare ngayong pagbakasyon ko sa Pinas. wala kasi Flare dito sa country na kinaroroonan ko ngaun kaya S3 lang gamit ko at merun din akong SGT 2 7.0 GT-P3100 gamit ko sa skype at iba pang games, video and movies. Sa ngayon nagbabasa pa rin ako ng mga reviews ng Flare balak ko kasing bumili nito pag uwi ko this month.

  • janniellejoyce

    Yung voice typing nya is not working. Even after the update. May alam po ba kayo kung bakit? Anyways, this is really a good review :)))

  • cookie Renz

    available pa po ba ito????? kasi balak kong bumili ng secondary phone

  • cookie

    ano po maganda Flare or burst???
    at ano po mas madaming bugs???
    and ano mas maganda ang design??

  • 21

    hey guys askko lang kaya ba nito yung marvel avengers alliance na app?…

  • LuffyKudo

    guys help., I broke my flare’s touch and lcd, though the touchscreen still works the LCD is rendered useless.., magkano bah lcd ng flare ngaun? eh pag touch screen at lcd? oh mas mabuti siguro kung bumili ng bago? san ba mas makakatitipid? salamat and God Bless :D

  • ok ba talaga flare……3 pinagppilian ko cloudphone thrill, lenovo, tska flare nga…….pero flare gusto kong bilhin…….

    • PM MOAKO

      Dennis Kobe baby … ang battlife ng THRILL ay 4160mah SUPER TAGAL :)

  • genius_reviewer

    Maganda naman talaga ang flare at masyadong mura kaya lang medyo pangit sya at mahal din…..

    • fraudster

      nakakabobo ha?
      maganda pero panget? mura pero mahal??

      • lovelovelove

        What a genius review! Hahaha

  • Therese

    Hi po! Tanong ko lang po kung paano ko po mareremove yung shortcuts po sa wallpaper. Di po kasi magandang tignan
    Thanks po. Btw, flare p yung unit

    • FamousAnne

      Press and hold widget tapos malalabas na remove. drag and drop to remove.

  • John

    Hello noypigeeks,

    Since you made a comprehensive review for the flare,I bought a CM Flare (open line) from the Philipiines and brought it to Canada. My Canadian service provider is Chatr (website: Chatr uses GSM 850/1900 Mhz. How come when I place the sim card in the Flare it shows no service? Is it a frequency band issue? sim card format issue? the phone is useless here in Canada.. Maybe there’s a solution to my problem that you guys might know.

  • PassingBy

    guys help nmn… kpg nag gagames ako nag automatic pause.. pano gagawin ko. thanks :)

  • SixthSense

    Why my cherry mobile flare always pause when im playing games? nagstart po maging ganito nung nagreset factory settings ako ng phone.

  • is flare is out of stock?
    kase sabi ng ate ko out of stock na to
    totoo ba?

  • Jeii

    Hoy AkoSiGM alcatel ba yang smartfone mo? haha kakabili ko lng nung isang araw ng FLARE dahil naingit ako smga review specs at comment but WOW lahat ng hinahanap smga branded fones nandito na lahat , kaya kung meron mang awarding na smartfone of the year un ay ung FLARE :) super ganda im so inlove with FLARE..

    • FamousAnne


  • Jeii

    sino may FB group ng flare? pwd pa invite pra updated ako

  • Jeii

    nka 23k likes na pla ang FLARE sa FB so wow :D

  • addy

    Yung friend ko may flare siya at ang ganda nung quality ng cam pero kasi ang concern ko is yung battery hindi naman ako mahilig mag games pero ayaw ko din naman na everyday nagchacharge pero try ko pa din siya bilin since mukang maganda talaga to.. sa mga flare user gaano katagal yung battery life niya without playing games??

  • Orion

    I got info on Flare from CM’s brochure just this week. An IPS screen and a 1.2ghz dual core engine interests me farther. That is why I’m here reading your review on CM Flare. Your review got me to stand as Undecided as I read along Flare’s features. I had a Cherry Mobile (dumb phone) before. A D23, its camera results impressed me then.

    Your reviews on Flare really impressed me as non bias and straight forward. Your rating of CM Flare from 1-10 contributed to my decision to buy this phone next week after you rated it 12. Thank you.

  • antonette ♥

    i will be buying this phone this vacation., and BTW love the review., is it okay if i’d ask?
    what is the theme you used in this phone?? :D

    • FamousAnne

      Ako din, I wanna know..

  • antonette ♥

    to those people who keep on complaining about the CM flare problems; bakit ba kayo reklamo ng reklamo? ano bang use ng warranty? diba para yun pag nagkaproblema yung phones nyo??

    • JP Garmay

      what’s wrong kung mag reklamo sila?

      • clinton

        yan kasi ang hirap.. bibili ng mura tapos mag rereklamo pag my bug?
        ano pa bang dapat asahan sa price?
        anong gusto nila?
        pang SIII or SIV ang performance ng 3999 nila?
        hahaiz.. ang hirap maging pinoy.

        • Gyne

          Hindi naman nag rereklamo yung iba. Naghahanap lang ng instant answers. Some of us naman kasi hindi masyadong techie.

  • FlareS100

    i have a cm flare.. ok na sana xa over all kaso may problema ako regarding sa playback nya.. hirap xa sa pagpplay ng mga videos na high def.. mga 720p ganun.. nadedelay xa tapos madalas ung video nauuna kesa sa audio.. di ko maenjoy ung panonood ko although maganda ung ppi density nya and 4.0 inch display xa :(

    • FamousAnne

      Mag download ka ng mx player sa play store

    • pedro

      mx player katapat niyan…

  • Ecarg

    basta ako kuntento na sa Flare ko, ngayon pa ang hirap makabili, dahil nag out of stock due to demands. Very much close to Iphone.

  • FamousAnne

    I love my flare.. All apps that I need works smoothly. Wlang hassle. Parang naka samsung s2 or Iphone lang din. Texting before was an issue but sanay na, natuto ako magadjust to its phase. Naisip ko I have to adjust kasi hindi kayang magadjust ng budget ko na maging 20++K eh. Haha! Yung problema na mahina yung batt life, normal lang naman yun sa android. Nakakainis dito yung nagrereklamo na pangit daw ang flare, Kung may 4K ka, edi bumili ka. Kung ayaw mo edi magipon ka para makabili ka ng mahal na phone at ng dun ka sa mahal na phone mo magbigay ng comment at review. Wag kang magflare, wag nyong gamitin, pinipilit ba kayo? Haha!

    All in all. Maganda. Sulit. Value for money. Pwedeng iipanglaban sa ibang mahal na phone!

    • JP Garmay

      hoy anne mag laba ka na…..

    • pedro

      agre madam…

  • askingstudent

    gus2 ko lng pong itnung kung fit ciaya s mga student n kgaya… ko po di po b tkaw mata ung gnitong phone ?


    pwede po bang manood ng HD VIDEOS from all sites like at mg skype video calling sa CM FLARE ?….kahit wlang wifi connection ??????…..kahit load lng ?????


    flare likers says:

    April 16, 2013 at 6:09 pm

    pwede po bang manood ng HD VIDEOS from all sites like at mg skype video calling sa CM FLARE ?….kahit wlang wifi connection ??????…..kahit load lng ?????


    pwede po bang manood ng HD VIDEOS from all sites like at mg skype video calling sa CM FLARE ?….kahit wlang wifi connection ??????…..kahit load lng ?????

  • dee manabat

    Hi I am having a hard time ibalik yung vibrate pag nag tetext ka. Please help!! :) Thank you. Flare user here for 2 months now and I can say na worth it ang pera ko :)

  • dee manabat

    I wanted to ask kung saang site pwede mag download ng movie direct sa phone. Thanks! Please help!

  • bakit wala yung part kung okay ang framerate at details ng video recording at connectivities?

  • jejemon

    for the price ok sya compare to galaxy nexus but for the screen quality which is 720p and super amoled and the viewing angle hmm silence! hehe and sa benchmark. beach please 720×1280 resolution ang pinapaandar dont compare the 480×800 dapat s2 ang cinompare mo. but on smoothness gnexus surely wins project butter, remember.

  • sir pano po ba marecognize yung CM flare pag sinaksak sa computer????

  • sir/mam pano po ba marecognize yung CM flare sa pag sinaksak sa computer????

  • Nick

    galing mo mag review.. nice one.

  • 1month palang po flare, wala namang problem regarding sa performance ng phone. sa battery lang bilis malobat, dami ko na mga nabasa sa mga forums.. battery din ang prob gumamit narin ako battery saver na app but still bilis parin malobat wala pang 1day.. any suggestions naman po mga kaflare, pano din pala gamitin yung power bank?? please reply po, pa-PM nalang sa fb.. thanks!

    • JP Garmay

      hello mike. wala naman talaga problema sa Flare, dami lang tao mi problema dito kaya anoano ang pinagsasabi nila. lol

      • yup! okei talaga siya, kahit sa battery diko na rin problema kasi nagagamit ko na siya ng more than 1day :)

        • boysy

          mga newer flare na version 41 wala ng problem including battery life.

    • june

      bili ka moded battery, very good/proven performance

  • Den

    just bought my FLARE yesterday.. may built in fm radio na, may landscape feature na din pag nagtttext. ito yung mga naunang issues nung mga unang bumili. Safe to say na naayos na ng CM yung mga bugs ng unit nila.

  • sheyann

    gaano po ba ka-worse ang batt life? pwede po ba ito installan ng viber at whatsapp?:)

  • ano po mangyayari kapag naroot ang phone??

  • I’m finding it hard to buy headset/earphones for this phone kasi hindi lahat ng klase ng headset gumagana dito. Kapag naman yung headset na kasama sa phone na to yung ginagamit mahina yung volume ng music kaya gusto ko sana bumili ng bago. Meron ba kayong mai-susuggest na brand ng headset/earphone na maganda at gumagana for this phone? Thanks.

  • Maryel

    bakit po di ko makita ung 2gig na internal memory nya?..even dun sa settings ng flare..581 MB lang ung total internal memory na nag appear dun sa storage.. i thought may 4 gig na ROM cya at 2 gig dun ung kahit na conneted cya sa pc..di lumalabas ung internal memory, ung external lang ung nag appear..ok lang sana na sa external sd ko ilagay ung mga apps pero pag na low batt or i turned off ko ung flare, nawawala na ung mga na install ko na app sa sd card, kailangan ko pa uli cya na re install..may mga ganito po bang mga problema sa flare..kindly need help po.. thanks in advance..

  • andriod kuno?

    sumabog ang flare ko battery daw ang problema!!!!!!!!!

  • brayan john

    ok na ok ang flare more enough na sa prsyong abot kaya hehehe.. nice phone
    e d lalo na siguro ung flame 2.0 which is quadcore sya ng 1.2..lupeettt

  • jose

    @brayan john agree ako sa sinabi mo ayos na ayos ang flare…

  • pedro

    @brayan john and jose, me tooo…agree…

  • jam

    pgnagpaayos ba ng sa service center kailangan pa un receipt ?

  • jam

    my flare is in good condition not until yesterday..i cant open it after i charged it..

  • joe


  • Paul

    Okay sana sya kaso I have a problem with my Internet speed using 3G. Soobrang bagal nya as in. Full naman ung signal and Pasig is my location. Gumamit na ako ng smart at globe na sim card kaso same pa rin ung kinakalabasan.

  • lhadz Luardo

    Regarding the audio randomly stops and play…it’s not on the plug or headphones or anything…i have tried lowering down the volume from 100% to 70% while connected to car stereo. Random stops/play is does exists once you put the volume 80% and above using auxiliary output. I hope there is a fix regarding this issue…i love my flare..i love music using poweramp..and im playing loud music..please do something about these or a fix maybe..:) totally i love my CM Flare..

  • moises

    compatible po b ung battery ng galaxy s3 sa flare?? sana po my mksgot nito. tnx po :)

    • loko esperas


      • moises

        kailangan po moded muna ung batt ng s3 pra gumana po dba??

  • Luis

    tangkilikin nating ang gawang noypi.
    para sa darating na panahon mas ma improve pa nila ito.

    for me nagandahan tlga ako sa CM FLARE
    parang iphone lang ang peg really :)
    pinoy price pa :)

  • jessemerk

    hi ask ko lng po kung pde po ba yung tethering gamitin pra mka laro ng online games? thanks

  • tanong ko lng po pano po mg lagay ng picture sa contacts

    thanks po sa sasagot :)

    • pag nasa CONTACT menu ka, long press mo lng ung profile, then click edit. Tapos tap mo ung picture ng tao para mapalitan, either sa gallery ka kukuha or mag take picture ka.

      • Jhay Ehm Uü

        thanks po!
        that really help me :)

    • Angelo

      Kelangan po hindi nakalagay sa SIM yung contacts mo. Dapat nasa phone po. :)

      • Mike Lerios

        tama!! bigyan ng jacket yan!!

    • mykxz

      dapat yung contacts mo naka-save sa phone kasi pag sa sim lang, hindi yata pwede.. tapos edit mo na.. pwede na yan lagyan..

  • isa lng ayaw ko sa flare!
    yung pg ggmitin mong wallpaper picture mo tapos kelangan png i crop!
    pangit 2loy ng kinalalabasan1
    uwn lng naman
    the rest ok na sakin! :)

    • Angelo

      Ganun talaga pre pati ibang phones ganun eh. Nakakinis nga rin minsan eh.

    • eugene bato

      eh ung battery po?

  • What is the video player to transfer videos to cherry mobile flare? For Iphone has itune and samsung has kies what is for cherry mobile flare?

  • Mark

    Ano yung latest version ng flare? Reply po please :) Thanks in advance!

    • JayCee Hernandez


  • Jhay Ehm Uü

    ask ko lng po ulit kung pwede po bang kabitan ng ID lase yung flare!?
    thanks po

    • fraudster

      hindi pde kabitan ng lace

      • Mike Lerios

        oo hindi pwede pero kung picture ko ang ilalagay mo ay pwede yan!!

  • loko esperas

    my sim1 is not workiing how can I fix that? t

    • Mike Lerios

      trash it

      • JayCee Hernandez

        MAYAMAN SI KUYA :)

  • cy01

    Nag low bat flare ko then ayaw na niya bumukas…walang kahit ano sa screen, wala din lights kahit icharge. Sinubukan ko yun battery ko sa ibang flare nag charge naman pero ayaw din bumukas ng ibang flare pag nakakabit yun. Anong problem po kaya nito?

    • try mo po charge lng muna sya ng 5-10 minutes :)

      • cy01

        ayaw pa din po

  • julius

    may solution na para sa battery, motolite lang katapat nyan. pagbumili ka may libre ng back pack…

  • hi to all! :)
    followup question lng po..
    pwede po bng kabitan ng key chain ang CM Flare ?

  • Mark

    Ano yung ginamit na theme dito sa review? Help naman po. Ang porma kase kaso hindi ko mahanap

    • Rey Yer

      go launcher po yan

  • yan

    hi pano ba gawing standard keypad ang flare instead na qwerty type yung keyboard..

  • Donn Torres Baldivia

    excuse me guys..can you help me sa conversation sa messaging kasi pag nagtatype ako ng message or nagrereply dba dapat sa baba ang punta nung tinype ko eh lagi sa taas napunta ..pano kya ang solution dto?need your reply thank you guys :) :)

    • Aslen Mae Monteveros

      sa time settings yan miss! dpat ngayon ang date!

      • elαinℯ ṧuyαt ツ ®

        he’s a boy! :)

    • Jessy Boy

      tick mo ang “Automatic date & time”. Yan lang po ang kailangan jan.

  • Mark Daniel

    hi ask ko lang po anung pedeng headset ang gamitin sa flare ?/

    thank you sa responds :-)

    • gemartine

      Battery sucks lang kwenta ampota

      • J-

        why not reply in a proper manner? parang walang pinag-aralan

    • Jhay

      Iphone Earphone na original the best yun paps ;) O kaya yung mga Imitations lang. Malakas na den or Beats

  • Nikka Dulay

    nag chacharge ako kanina tapos ngayon ayaw nang mag open ng flare ko. ay solutions? help! :(

  • rheizel

    help po bakit ganun kanina po habang nanunuod ako ng vids. nag hung sya then ayaw mag off po ang ginawa ko inalis ko battery nya then open ko na sya pag open ko po kala ko ok kasi lumabas naman po yung cherry mobile at yung android design pero after nun wala na blackout na pero open yung lights nya pero aside dun wala na help please

  • kid

    bkit 4,500 bentahan ng flare sa mga store kala ko ba 3,999 lng??????????

    • Mike Lerios

      bibili na sana ako kaso 4,195 php kasi updated daw kasi meron na daw fm radio at pwede daw iUpgrade sa jellybean kasi putang ina nila akala nila shunga ako, sa inyo na yan wahahaha

      • JayCee Hernandez

        Nagtanong po ako sa ibang stores kung bakit mas mahal yung price ng ibang stores, ang sabi.. para daw may tubo sila.

      • Jhay

        Di totoo yun. Wag ka bibili sa mga Store lang gilid ng mga mall. Sa mismong Cherry ka bili, 3999 lang :)

    • Jhay

      free memory card yun ee. Sabihin mo ung 3999 lang.

  • Gyne

    My CM Flare is stuck on airplane mode. Ayaw ma-off then ayaw na gumana ng battery. What am I supposed to do? Ayoko naman mapunta sa repair shop kasi just bought it last week. Any ideas on how to turn it off?


      turn airplane mode off. under the settings

  • shiela may lazo

    pwede po ba gamitin sa ibang bansa ang flare?please reply po..thank u

  • boytakbo

    pwede po ba gamitin sa ibang bansa ang flare?please reply po..thank u

  • just reading reviews

    Your review would actually be better if you take pictures of the ports (USB & Headset), volume rocker and the power button. I noticed that you only take pictures of the front & back of the phone. It would also be great if you run concrete benchmarking test rather than putting review overviews without any basis. Just my 2 cents. But overall your review of this phone is good.

  • Ron

    I just bought my Flare hours ago. Just looking for reviews and yours quite helped a lot. Baligtad nga lang ako, bumili muna bago nagtingin ng mga review. Haha.

  • justasking

    can we open microsoft word or microsoft office with flar?

  • cris dann

    is flare HD video quality ?

  • xtian

    okay ba ang flare pag ginamitan ng SMS Pro?

    • maimeister

      yes, pwede. but the bug are 1) when you assign personal notifications tones to each individual contact, most of the time naeerase, especially when changing themes. Kaya magugulat ka na lang tumataginding na cherry tone ang maririnig (which defeats the purpose of an individual tone cos ako I use that to screen incoming texts) 2) Yung dual sim mode mo, ALL THE TIME SIM1 LANG ANG PWEDENG MAGSENT NG MESSAGE. Never Sim2. Although you can still receive messages through your sim2, you can only repl using sim1.

  • gem

    hi, can anyone tell me kung paano ichange ung keyboard theme nang flare?

    • Rouven

      hanap ka nang ibang keyboard design sa playstore, marami doon magdownload ka lang.

  • janjan

    bakit po pagbukas ko ng settings ng flare ko, after 3-5 seconds macclose? Pls help. :(

  • weeee

    Hangang ngaun po ba problem ang headset na may mike sa flare? Important po kc sakin hedset dahil pangcol tlga silbi skn ng fone….

  • Anne

    Bakit biglang ngka Album sa photo ko yung mga games na picture. Help naman po kung panu tanggalin na nagddirect my pcture na. Thanks!

    • Jessy Boy

      May nainstall ka na app na related jan sa mga pictures. Nangyayari din yan sakin. Ang ginagawa ko nalang ay delete yung buong folder.

    • Clarence Ochinang

      tama si ann punta ka n lang sa file manager mo at locate the album and delete

  • Clarence Ochinang

    bought my flare 2 weeks ago.. and it works smoothly :)

  • chikie

    paano po free internet s flare or panu activate gprs ng flare?

  • limebell

    Kakabili lang ng friend ko ng flare like 2hrs ago, we tried to DL facebook app pero sobrang tagal. And til now di pa rin kami nakaka DL. Mabilis po yung connection. Why is that?

  • darius nofuente

    jellybean na po ba yung benta na flare ngayon.tanx

  • Rouven

    flare user din ako, ang ganda ng flare napapalitan xa ng frameware, pati kanyang shutdown animation, ang gamit ko nga ngayun ay galaxy ang kanang rom, updated na rin flare ko sa jellybean :)

    • Mark

      san nio pong SM nabili? thnks

  • darius nofuente

    pano po matangal yung vibrate pag nag ta type po.tanx

    • darius nofuente

      yung predicted tx pano gwing normal tx.tanx

  • カリナ

    bkit po may nag aappear na 1unread message sa inbox ko kahit wala nman unread message ntry ko na tanggalin un battery and sim pg open ko meron pa din guys help me to fix this pls .. Nkaka distruct kc tnx sna may mkahelp skin :)

    • Jass Figuracion Centillo Corte

      were same yoko aman mag reformat kse burado lahat ng apps ko dami panman ! lam mo nba kung pano ??

    • cloude

      ate may nakalagay dyan pag home mo po ipababa mo po ung sa taas ung nakikita mo ung wi-fi bluetooth tpos pag pababa mo nun un na lalabas na dun tpos clear
      ok na

  • Franc Peterson Zipagan Amistad

    Hello! I just bought my Flare 2 months ago. Running smoothly naman siya. I have upgraded it to Jelly Bean 4.1.2 myself. By far this is the best phone I ever had. Battery life nga lang yung problema but it’s somewhat manageable. Try to install Greenify and hibernate most of the apps you are not using often. It can last for almost 1 and a half day. Moreover, delete niyo rin yung mga apps na hindi niyo talaga ginagamit. Pampasikip lang yan ng storage memory. ^_^

  • Jass Figuracion Centillo Corte

    how can i convert my cm flare to jellybean ??

    • Clarence Ochinang

      go to the nearest CM service..

  • magina

    hindi naman puba naghahang ung flare?

  • chris

    yung tone ng LINE app di gumagana. yung default na cherry mobile tone lagi. help po. thanks

    • akiko

      yan din prob ko.. alam mo na po ba kung pano?

  • trust

    gaano karami ang pweding ilagay na games sa jelly bean?? help naman pohh plzZ…

    • akiko

      about 7 or more? kasi sakin 7games ang nilagy ko at ok naman .. :D

    • Synth

      Kung meron po kayong 16 GB microSD at rooted yung phone pwede aabot ng mga 10+ give or take

  • Quantal Quetzal

    Tanong ko lang po; Habang nasa warranty period pa yung CM Flare mo, at ni root mo siya, ma vo-void ba yung warranty?

    • Synth

      Normally yes po. Pero pwede niyo po siyang i-unroot at hindi na siya voided

  • Ariann

    paano po alisin yung predictive text sa cm flare? help po.

  • Katherine

    Maganda din po ba ang performance niya pag browsing gamit ang packet data?

  • Sarah

    Hi thanks for the good review. BTW, is it possible to disable the vibration for txt msg? ayaw kasi matanggal eh… and possible ba to arrange the icons without a launcher? thanks a lot! :)

  • KATE

    NEED HELP :(

    bigla nalang pong hndi makadetect ng bluetooth device ung flare ko :(
    and vice versa, pero nagoon naman sya kaso ang problema ayaw nyang makadetect at magpadetect kahit visible nmn. plleeeaaasssseeee HELP!! :(

    • Aaron

      Click nyo lang po ung visibility timeout tapos click nyo po ung “Never timeout”

  • MsJen

    my problem is the inverted camera on front when taking a video call especially on yahoo messenger and tango apps, my unit is flare 2.0 jellybean, i bought it less than a month, i tried to go to service center to have it check and fix , after a day, as i check problem still occur and i try not back my unit to the same service center, after a week, a notification of software and hurriedly update the software which is V41 but still doesn’t fix the inverted camera issue, i tried to download the V37 firmware to fix bugs and inverted camera as i see on net that it fixes the said problem, but the problem, it aborted itself the process even before it reach it end-process, can someone help me? thank you.

  • Jur el

    Where can I buy Flare HD in Cebu City? what store

  • Mayanah Fayhgan

    i still have my cherry mobile flare 1 at ok pa naman sya sa akin naka ilang bagsak na to pero buhay pa din.. astig haha

  • Kevin

    Di po ako makapag-install sa flare ko. pag nag-iinstall tuloy tuloy lang pero di natatapos yung installation. stuck lang siya dun. please help :(

  • Savvy

    Bought CM Flare since January 2013. Nahulog na sya sa jeep, nabasa, naulanan, nalaglag sa hagdan so far wala pa nmang problem. :))) May konting gasgas lang sya sa gilid sa kabila ng mga pinagdaanan nya matibay dn at maasahan.