Research in Motion just announced last Monday that the BBM Voice was now available on all Blackberry handsets with OS 6 and above. With BBM Voice, people will now be able to call their friends for free if they have an active Wi-Fi connection nearby.

The BBM Voice feature first rolled out in a beta test on some Blackberry users since November but this time they’ve finally released the official version.

[one_half]”People will now be able to call their friends for free if they have an active Wi-Fi connection.”[/one_half]

The Blackberry Messenger is an exclusive app for Blackberry handsets that lets users to send messages/files/pictures over the air for free. You only need a mobile data or Wi-Fi connection and from there, you can send as much as you want. Through its service, it has empowered relationships near and far, to keep a close tie through this instant messaging service.

Some of our local networks here have some subscription plans on Blackberry and I believe it’ll be really great if they will include the BBM Voice calls in their set. If that will be the case, more people will tend to just subscribed to a prepaid plan instead of loading up to text or call somebody – of course, that is if the person is on BB too.

Aside from the BBM Voice calls, BBM 7 also adds split-screen multitasking, use other apps while on call, check emails, and 16 new emoticons. Blackberry also made it easier to synchronize BBM groups, profiles, and contacts through their BB IDs to make it easier to either back up or restore them.

Check out this introduction video for the Blackberry Messenger Voice.

If you’re running on Blackberry OS 5, chances are, you might be saddened by this news. But don’t fret because RIM said that OS 5 will get BBM voice “early next year.” In line with this, reports also suggests that a video chatting feature will soon be added and I guess it will debut together with the Blackberry OS 10 on Q1 of 2013.

Have you tried the new Blackberry Messenger 7? If you still don’t have it, go check it here in the App World.

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