If you’re a Cherry Mobile Titan or Flare user, chances are, you’re hoping to get an official update from Cherry Mobile. Fortunately, they just announced on their official Facebook page that they will be releasing software updates on the said android phones.


The update might disappoint you, though. It only covers the basic issues that were present in these devices. For the Cherry Mobile Flare update, they will fix the problem in gyro, SMS (auto-rotate), and support for FM Radio. The only known fix for the Cherry Mobile Titan update will be the upgraded 5-point multi-touch against the current 2-point support.

Do you think this update will help you? Or have you already fixed the gyro problem of your CM Flare yourself? I bet CM Titan W500 users will love this update because they will enjoy better gaming and overall experience on Titan’s big screen because of the 5-point touch.

  • Yno

    Sana na may update xa s jellybean kht next year p.pra e2 na tlga ang ultimate dual core ng byan.Plz cherry mobile….

  • JM Casela

    hi! bagong user lng ako ng CM FLARE, can i use the phone without rooting it?

    • jofari

      syempre naman :)))

  • John Kevin

    im a noob when it comes to this things, just wanna ask, will my phone automatically update or may notification na lalabas? do we need to download the update?

  • Mike Tan

    still looking forward for that update,, and one thing i would like to suggest is the update of its internal memory of installing games.. its a hard time to install such great games with just 500mb limit (only phone).

    • Jofari

      root it nalang po :))) just rooted mine :)

  • Anonymous

    they just cater over-the-counter firmware update through their service centers. But i you’re brave enough, you may update it yourself. It fixes g-sensor bugs, sms auto-rotate etc.

    check this video:


  • archie

    possible ba na ma update ang cm flare to jelly bean??

    • Justin

      possible, the only problem is that, sana ang Manufacturer (Cherry Mobile) ay maglabas ng official update for the Flare.

  • Ryukishiro Buenavista

    I just want to suggest that they need also to update the Internal Memory or the RAM // because .. since we have a lot of Gamers or just to buy this phone for games is they need to extend the RAM.. not just only for 500MB or instead we can use the Internal Memory of 2.gb for this .. kasi pangit naman eh.. im a CM Flare user pero sana update nila ng malala yung phone.. yun lang :)

    • Jofari

      mas ok if i root mo yong CM Flare mo para ma transfer mo sa sdcard yong mga apps na hindi inaallow ng fon wen not rooted…. :) for PHP3,999 ok na po yong 580MB na RAM sa flare… if im not mistaken yong iphone 4 eh 520MB yong RAM nya… im not sure lang… :)

      • 512

        512 lang po ung ram. walang 580 and 520.. tsk

  • Toshiba Tech Support / Android

    I currently purchased the CM Flare last month , was expecting to have an update for the jellybean but based on my research, i found out that the required Ghz for the jelly bean update is 3.0ghz above while the flare only got 1.3ghz to be exact , the thing is d kaya magkaron ng conflict sa phone un ? i mean isnt it very odd to think about , someone give a comment , we support Android Tablet.

    • Someguy

      Hindi naman ata, Galaxy Note N7000 nga na may 1.4Ghz Dual Core upgradable ng Jelly Bean eh, the only problem here is that, kung gusto maglabas ng Jellby Bean ng CM para sa CM Flare eh kaya nilang gawin, nasa Manufacturer lang yan hindi sa Specs ng phone

    • Ed

      Ang Cherry Blaze po na update na sa Jelly bean at ang spec nya 1ghz dual and 512 ram. So mas mataas po ang specs ng Flare. Flare has 512 mb ram too.

  • gkpsanchez

    hi po! pwede ako mag tanong? meron po ksi akong friend na may flare, at ang OS niya today is WINDOWS 8. totoo po bah ito or THEMES lang? salamat po
    PM me on FB- Gerard Kirk Patrick Sanchez.

    • Jude

      Its just a launcher. Merion din ako nyang windows 8 launcher sa flare ko. Mukha talagang windows 8. But technically speaking, android phone devices and windows phone devices don’t share the same hardware inter connectivity. They may share the same hardware peripherals and processors but they are wired differently to suit the hardware requirements of both OS’s. This is synanimous to a windows powered laptop and IOS MAC book. Sige nga. Lagyan mo ng WINDOWS 8 ang MAC book. You can never do that.

      So, if someone tells you that his/her flare is converted to windows, its just a lie. You may ask another ECE. I am a registered ECE. And I know more than those persons trying to impress that their flare is converted to windows. May iba pa nga, sinasabing converted na raw flare nya to iPhone. Pasensiya na. May nakausap kasi akong ganyang mga tao. Ipinagmamalaki nilang windows 8 at iPhone converted daw flare nila. Natatawa lang ako.

  • MERX

    ha ha ha para mapalitan ng os ang phone or computer na mag kakaiba ng flatform dapat gumamit po ng EMULATOR tama ba ako MR ECE ha ha ha pero depende din sa hardware po di ba MR ECE

  • MERX

    mr ece pero pwede po lagyan ng os ng mac ang windows flatform kaya nga may hackintosh tama po ba ako mr ece ha ha ha hwag maniniwala sa mga sabi sabi po do your homework po baka mapahiya po sa mga sinasabi peace///////////

  • Erik14

    Sir yung pag update po ba ng CM Flare e kahit ako na lang gumawa or kailangan ko pa dalhin sa service center nila? Salamat sir!

  • Gyne

    My CM Flare is stuck on airplane mode. Ayaw ma-off then ayaw na gumana ng battery. What am I supposed to do? Ayoko naman mapunta sa repair shop kasi just bought it last week. Any ideas on how to turn it off? Ayaw kasi maconnect ng network

  • scout

    ask lng po..need help sa CM Flare ko…indi mka download ng apps sa play store…even games indi maka DL…panu i fixxed to..