We’re starting to feel the Christmas spirit as MyPhone puts their android devices on sale! Yes, if you’re eyeing to get one of these cool smartphones, then now is your chance. December is just a few days away and MyPhone decided to give some love to their avid fans. Check out the photo below for the full list of discounted prices.


MyPhone‘s first ever tablet, the MyPad, is also on the list and as well as the new MyPhone A848i.

The MyPad is a 3G enabled tablet with support for 1 SIM but it only runs on Android 2.2 which is quite disappointing if you’re an advanced android junkie. On the other hand, the MyPhone A848i sports almost the same specifications as the MyPhone A898 except its smaller screen at only 4″.

I think the best deal on this sale is for the MyPhone A898 Duo. For only Php6,590, you’ll get all the advanced configuration of a mid-range to high-end type of smartphone plus the great durability and quality that MyPhone provides. If you fancy a bigger screen, then head on and take a look at MyPhone A919 Duo here.

Are you planning to give yourself an android treat this Christmas?

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