If you’re currently undecided on which smartphone to get this Christmas, you might want to take a look on these new devices from HTC. There is one entry on each platform – HTC One X+ for android lovers and the Windows Phone 8X for people who want to try out Microsoft’s latest offering.


If the battery capacity of the HTC One X is holding you back, then you can now have a longer uptime on the One X+ because HTC’s internal testing said that the latter has up to 37% more talk time than the HTC One X. Not only that, the HTC One X+ is also 27% faster than the HTC One X too.

The HTC One X+ price in the Philippines is Php32,800 and it will be available in Stealth Black and Polar White.

On the other side of things, the HTC Windows Phone 8X will fulfill your needs if  want a fresher mobile OS aside from Android and iOS. The Windows Phone 8X from HTC will be compared head to head against Samsung’s ATIV S which also run on the said OS.

The HTC Windows Phone 8X will be available in the Philippines starting from November2012 with a suggested retail price of Php28,800.

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    1. wala ka lang pambili. shattap na lang kung wala namang magandang sasabihin. i’m pretty sure you’re not the market for this. :)

      1. I’ve spent more money on this and that that you will ever earn in your whole life working in your own country. You locals keep getting screwed. High prices. High taxes and below world average wages.

        They’ll sell it to anyone. Target. That’s the best you could come up with.. Go ahead and pay the bloated price! You can afford it. (Right)

        Secondly: Fuck windows and winblowz phones!
        Thirdly: There would never be an Android Phone if Apple didn’t re-invent the mobile phone.