NoypiGeeks was recently invited to attend some special talks at the 2012 Yah00 TechnoStorm Expo, which is currently being held at Trinoma until December 2, 2012. We had the pleasure of listening to speakers from Microsoft Philippines, Globe Telecommunications, Sony, Canon, Smart Communications, McCann World Group, Lazada Philippines and Playweb Games. There was also a blogger face-off where some of the top bloggers in the Philippines discussed various topics, trends and took questions from the audience.

Yahoo TechnoStorm

There were a number of interesting topics from the guest speakers. For example, Ms. Erica Dela Cruz, Brand Activation Lead for Sony Philippines, outlined their approach to powering the 4 screens of the digital world. These 4 screens consist of the home television, the PC or laptop, the tablet, and the smartphone. Out of the 4 screens, the smartphone is said to be at the center of everything, since it is the most portable of all devices and is the one that most of us carry around with all the time. And it seems that smartphones aren’t just for communicating. Aside from communicating through emails and social networking along with traditional communication through calls and texts, people are increasingly using their phones to post photos and videos, as well as view them over their smartphones.

4 Screens

[one_half]”The internet is an invaluable resource to many children, particular for schoolwork, but the problem is that they can easily access it at anytime, most of the time unsupervised”[/one_half]

One particular topic of interest that I’m sure many families, most especially parents, will appreciate was keeping ourselves safe and secure whenever we go online. Ms. Jusrist Gamban, Tattoo@Home Head for Globe Communications, pointed out that many parents consider themselves tech-savvy, but also acknowledge that their children are tech-savvier most of the time. The internet is an invaluable resource to many children, particular for schoolwork, but the problem is that they can easily access it at anytime, most of the time unsupervised. Thus, it is much easier for children to become exposed to undesirables, such as porn, viruses, phishing scams, and even harassment from sexual predators. There are a number of steps that you can take to prevent your child from being exposed to these things, as well as prepare them to understand and deal with them.

Web Safety

My favorite topic was from Dr. Donald Lim, Managing Director of McCann World Group and Founding President of IMMAP, who discussed the figurative Death of Fans and the Rebirth of Content. Where we were once hailed as the texting capital of the world about a decade back, we have now been recognized, at least as of last year, as the social networking capital of the world. It makes sense that Filipinos would quickly take to social networks such as Facebook and its predecessor Friendster. Dr. Lim emphasized the importance of not only making sure that you have a presence on Facebook, Twitter and other popular social networks, but to reach out to your target demographics as well.

This all centers around having something great to say that you think your audience will relate to. Dr. Lim showed examples of successes and failures when it came to generating interest and publicity on Facebook. A good example of business reaching out to its target market was the Nescafe Philippines Facebook page, which not only has the highest number of fans among other Facebook Pages by Philippine entities, but also an incredible amount of engagement.

I was only there for a day, but the 2012 Yahoo TechnoStorm Expo, which is open to the public, will continue until December 2. That means you’ll have until the end of this weekend to check out all the great gear on display at the main activity area, as well as catch any of their speakers for the specific day you will attend.

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