If you’re a Cherry Mobile Flare user like me, you’re probably happy enough with your phone, especially for the price. However, it’s likely that you’re encountering a few bugs that are hindering your experience with your phone. One such bug is the off-center gyroscope that some Flare units seem to be encountering.Actually, a large chunk of Flare users are reporting it, so it isn’t a problem that’s limited to a small few. Thankfully, there’s a fix, and no, there’s no need to root the phone just to get it to work.

Tutorial on How to Fix Cherry Mobile Flare’s Gyro Problem

Step 1: Download the GPS Status and Toolbox app from the official Google Play store.

Step 2: Once it’s installed, open the app. Make sure that you’re connected to a WiFi hotspot and that your GPS is on. Make sure you can pick up the GPS signal. Go outside if you have to.

Step 3: If you have a strong enough GPS connection, the app should populate with various location and positioning info. Wait for that info to populate before proceeding to Step 4.

How to fix Gyro of Cherry Mobile Flare

Step 4: Make sure the phone is on a level surface and is laying perfectly flat. Keep in mind that the camera and speaker grill sticks out a bit on the back, preventing the phone from laying perfectly flat. Lay it in such a way that the camera and speaker grill don’t get in the way.

Step 5. Press the Menu button and go to Tools > Calibrate pitch and roll.

Step 6: And you’re done! Test the gyro by playing a game of Temple Run or something.

How to fix Gyro of Cherry Mobile Flare 2

Many thanks to Mon Barbeche who posted this in the unofficial Cherry Mobile Flare group on Facebook. If you’re looking for anything Flare-related such as optimization tweaks and bug fixes, I’ve found this particular group to be a valuable resource.

UPDATE: Read our full review of the Cherry Mobile Flare HERE.

Our Cherry Mobile Flare review will come out in a week or two so be sure to watch out to know our verdict on this affordable dual-core android phone.

  • Bluerain

    Wrong title. Flare doesn’t have a gyro sensor. It’s G-Sensor (Gravity / Accelerometer)

    • Cherry Mobile Flare users in various threads refer to the problem as the gyro sensor. The title is intended not to confuse existing owners who already recognize it as a “Gryo problem”

  • KomanderKool

    kelangan ba malakas yung GPS signal? kasi im trying and im inside our home… wifi connected naman ako pero it doesn’t seem to fix the problem… i followed the steps religiously…

    • Yes. I had to take my phone outside para magpopulate yung info sa GPS Status and Toolbox. Make sure it’s perfectly level. This is hard to do because nagpoportrude ang camera and may small bump yung speaker grill.

  • Maime Hoshi

    does not work…

  • Yieng

    this work around does not work. Lets wait the update though

  • Flare User

    Di kailangan ng GPS signal para mapagana yung calibration tool. Anyway, this fix does not work.

    • This fix has gotten mixed feedback from the unofficial Cherry Mobile Flare user group that I follow. Thankfully, CM is working on a software fix.

      • Yukishima

        yung akin naman ! pag nag Ne Net ako ng matagal Kusang Nag Ku Close yung Browser Minsan namamatay ! tas yung minsa yung cam di nag bubukas.!

  • Nyl

    it actually worked! thank you so much

  • rj45

    eh yong sa skype baliktad image mo mi magagawa p ba?

    • JM Balicano

      Maglalabas daw ng software update ang CM para sa Flare and Titan. Hopefully, kasama din yan sa bugs na ireresolve nila.

  • kenny

    doesnt work for me tried it for 5 times ;(-kenny

  • anti_kimchi

    It’s cheap for a reason. You get what you pay for….. pathetic!

    • anti mage


  • val

    do you have a compass app while doing that? tnx

  • Toni

    Worked for me! Tried it thrice and it finally worked. Just make sure to EXPLICITLY follow the instructions above.

  • Pleas help me on how to fix my cherry mobile flare SOUNDS settings. It has stopped. Tried to opened on and off my phone but it doesnt work.

    • mixer

      fixed na po ba sounds settings mo?

    • jr

      Same problem here.. OK n PO b sounds u?

    • SAM

      saakin pinukpok ko lng, ganyan din nangyare sa titan ko.

  • ton

    it doesn’t work….

  • mixer

    same problem with Alma Macasieb, sounds setting stopped, someone with the same problem need help for this problem…. thnx

  • noelnoja

    help me pls how to use wifi sa flare….kasi naka connect na ako sa wifi but still hindi ako maka internet,youtube,facebook,at hindi ako maka download sa market,pls txt me to help me 09272327071,thank you so much god bless!

    • ney

      even though wifi is connected you also need to sign-in or agree to their terms and condition using default browser.


    Just update the formware of your flare dont be haters

  • Para ma-fix sya, Tap nyo yung Phone Icon, the type *#36# and look for GSensor, tap on it then do step Number 4. Gumana sya sakin, Hindi din rooted phone ko. Sana nakatulong. :)

    • Ron Halili

      This worked for me, I tried it out when the flare update still did not fix my GSensor issue

    • Thanks for sharing! :D

    • marcus

      T_T thanks.. works for me. GENIUS!

    • michelle

      Help po Bakit po ayaw ng gumana ng playstore ko ano dpat gwn help plsssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • hey ,, pls help me,, my flare cam is not working.. when i open it, a note will appear that the cam is not working,/stopped.. its been a week since i bought it.. huhuhuh..

  • Lon

    My wont turn it on.. kindly advise.. thanks,.

  • why my flare g sensor not working? such as video not fullscreen


    bakit po pag naka skype po ako sa CM Flare, baligtad ako sa camera pero sa kausap ko naman ay hindi, pero minsan, hindi ako na viview ng kausap ko… pano ko po ayusin,

    • just have to press your image, then there will be an option to rotate…

  • epoi

    naglock ung phone ko and kailangan ko daw maglagay ng gmail account ko??? normal po bayun?? eh inayos ko na ung account ko ayaw padin maayos.

    • Kasi po ilang ulit na mali yung input niyo nung password niyo kaya kailangan niyo po ilagay yung details ng gmail account niyo. Wrong password po siguro kaya ayaw.

      • Nockshedelle Rabanes

        bakit ganun ee tama naman ung email ko pero ayaw pa din tanggapin ng fone . .

    • Nockshedelle Rabanes

      same prob here . .ayaw maopen ng account ko . .naaus mo na po ba ung sau?

  • epoi

    how to reset CM Flare??

  • pano fix camera error??

    pa help po. i would highly appreciate it. sa mga nakaencounter na. salamat!

    • Try nyo po Download kayo ng app killer nangyari narin yan sakin dti sa flare ko eh XD

  • sino po marunong mag moded ng battery? kasi gusto ko palitan ung battery ng flare ng battery ng s3.para matgal maloabat.

  • Xiang


  • Mark Hoven Jamisola

    ang daming problema ng cm flare ung sa akin mahina ung sound tas ung camera not responding kahit hinard reset ko na sya ganun parin bad trip sarap ibenta sa mga wala pa.

    • HaZel NUtts

      same problem.. my back camera is not working.. pati yung flashlight is not working huhuhu

  • Mark Hoven Jamisola

    china kasi kaya madaling masira hayz

  • disqus_kuoDFquLE1

    panu po ba tnggalin ang vibrate sa keypad while texting

  • mico
    • dee manabat

      baka hindi naka tick and auto rotate mo

  • len

    bakit ayaw gumana ng sound settings ko. pls help po

  • kerly talay

    Help naman guys. Ndi ko magamit ung play store q d2 sa flare. Lage lumalabas “ur android fon may not be provisioned for data services” huhuhu gus2 q natalaga makapag download

  • chix

    Same also here sound settings din po problema ng flare ko. :(

  • emerald

    my caM ISNT working. how should i fix this?

    • SAM


  • reazaki

    bakit laging not responding yung mga apps sa burst?

  • Jhessa Uy

    Someone borrowed my phone and entered to manu unlock patterns…it says here that I should enter my google account. I did but it says Invalid username or password but when I tried signing my google account on PC it worked. What do I do?

  • Hi guys im using Cherry mobile flame.. so far ang nkikita ko palang defect eh yung pag ginamit ko na yung headset di ako marinig ng kausap ko sa kabilang line :/
    – anyways is there anyone here who knows how to make sms font smaller?

  • gian

    guys merun ba keong hack how to unlock CM flare na MAximum attempt kc eh

  • Donna

    guys help I cant set my cherry flare handset setting d tuloy aq mkpag net kpag walang wifi :( badly needed pls do help me …

  • lhadz Luardo

    Hi, is there any of you encountered problem regarding phone using its audio port as auxiliary..music player randomly stops…no problem with my auxiliary cord…

  • Robert Berao


  • neri

    Bakit ganun. Nung inupdate ko to latest version yung flare ko at triny yung g-sensor calibration, hindi na nagrorotate yung screen ko kahit nakacheck naman yu sa settings. Hindi ko pa nagagawa yung tips sa taas.

    • Julie Maure

      Same problem yung nangyare sakin pahelp naman

  • chel

    paano po mag reformat?

  • to

    how to fixed my headset of CM flare..using answering call.

  • lancer Ocsalev

    ow to open the unit when it shut down by itself and not charging and my problem its not opening? please help

  • hazel ganad

    Someone borrowed my phone and entered to manu unlock patterns…it says here that I should enter my google account. I did but it says Invalid username or password but when I tried signing my google account on PC it worked. What do I do?….paano po ang pag reformat?

    • Anonymouse

      Turn off and then turn it on again, Hold the power button and Vol Up. Erase data and reboot.

  • hazel ganad

    paano po ba pag reformat?

  • rainier

    panu tanggalin ang vibrate sa pagtetext sa flare ? please help po madali kz mkalobat thank you

    • nel

      txt mu aq pre papaliwanag q sau 09481453746

  • kilala

    sa language and input setting @rainier…

  • chreazemgabz

    hindi na po ma open ang phone ko kasi pina-plug ko ang charger niya tapos pag on ko hindi na omo-ON tulungan niyo ako mga GUYZ gusto ko maayus aking phone ulit sayang maganda sana yung mga games ko my phone is CHERRY MOBILE RAVE

    • Jaidee

      same as sa cm flare ko

  • mikobooom

    whenever i try watching videos in fullscreen, my phone locks. What should I do?

    • darell

      akin din po … qng na fix nyo po txt po kau 09182868740 at pag ok na dn po may lowd po kau

  • wexy28

    hindi na mag on ang flare ko.bigla lang xa nag off at hindi na nag on, hindi naman lowbat, at na try ko din eh charge ayaw talaga..need help plsss.

    • John Paul Dytianquin

      skin din gyan eh.. ngwan mba ng praan?

      • Jaidee

        sakin din ayaw na.. nicharge ko lang ng off nung ion ko na wala na ayaw na nya mag on .. ano ginawa nio?

        • mykel29

          Dalhin mo nlang sa service center ganyan din akin ee ..

    • Yan

      natry mo na po ba isaksak sa pc? nadedetect po ba?

      text me @ 09255299260

      CM Flare Tech here..

      • flare

        same here



  • Jaidee

    please help me fix my CM Flare.. nag charge lang ako den ayaw na nya mag on.. i hate it nakaka badtrip na po ayaw nya talga mabuhay!!!

    • Paolo

      ate gnyan naging problem ng unit ko. POWER IC tawag dyan. dalin mo sa service center nila sa sm north. 3-4 weeks bago mo makuha yan, papalitan nila ung motherboard ng unit mo. make sure na maaga ka pumunta kasi medyo mahaba pila. dalin mo lng ung resibo nung binili m.

      • jeff

        how much naman po ang bayad sa ganitong problem? ganito din kasi nangyari sa CM Flare ko e

        • Mykel

          Ung akin dinala ko na .. If pasok sa Warranty wala kang babayaran kung mang hinge ng pera kung anu man i reklamo mo po sila …

    • Yan

      natry mo na po ba isaksak sa pc? nadedetect po ba?
      text me @ 09255299260
      CM Flare Tech here

      • viper

        boss kung na dedetect po sa pc? ano po problem nun? na lowbatt lang ang akin yun tapos ayaw na ma power on

    • Hainna Marie Tabz

      same problem :(

  • Jael

    nagcharge lang ako ayaw na gumana. no simcard daw. both sim card 1 and 2 e meron naman. triny ko alisin at ibalik ganun pa rin. wtf? what to do?

    • Grace

      SAME PROBLEM :( help plz

  • HaZel NUtts

    my cm flare back camera is not working.. sa front lang.. nakakinis..pati yung flashlight ko ayaw ng gumana..i also removed some apps..pero ganun parin..what to do?? huhuhuh

    • Joseph Valdez

      you need to format

      • melai

        ung akin poh khit nareformat koh n d pa din ngana ung back camera not supported pa din haytzzz..=(

  • Edward Casi

    ung CM FLARE ko nmn pag sinasaksak ko sa mga speaker nag pause ung music tpos iplay ko uli, tutunog xa ng konti pero mag pause uli… pero pag sa youtube nmn tuloy tuloy lng ung sound… panu kaya to…. pls reply me…..

    • Zuper Froxz

      Try mo wag full volume

      • Flare

        ayaw pa rin gumana khit mahina yung volume.

    • grace

      same problem/ oknba ung sayo?

  • alvin

    ung sound quality ng flare ko..prang may pgka cartoons.,.ang bilis khit sa equalizer ayw mabago..ampp..pa2long nmn po..

  • Sky

    ayaw pa rin pong gumana nung gyro q kahit ginawa ko n po yan..plz help me..

    • sky

      my cmflare is jellybean version..plz help me

      • help

        same problem din ako… nung jellybean na sya nagloko ung gyro.

        • rhey carlo

          bkit yung akin ayw mag gyro yung cherry mobile rave plzz.., help me!!

  • Clarence Ochinang

    i downloaded an “HI Music” player (para xang iphone music player) i just type iphone music player in the playstore the i installed it and i could really feel it na lumakas talaga ung speaker “Hi Music by Hi Dev Studio” ng phone ko.. sana makatulong

  • sam

    sir pnu po mgunlock ng CM flare?.nkasimlock po kc xa..both sim1 and sim2..

  • Kyle

    Hi Guys! NEED HELP! I want to connect my Cherry Mobile Flare to a sound system para soundtrip, kasi malaki tong sound system namin kaya gusto ko gamitin, ngunit hindi sha gumana, mag tugtog lang ang flare ko sa kanya, kaya walang sound sa sound system namin :O PLEASE HELP

  • Grace

    Need help :(Ayaw Gumana ng SIM1 and Sim2 ng cherry mobile flare ko.. Help Plz

    • Bryce Maximus James Soriano

      naayus my na ba sayu?anu ginawa mu ganyan din kase saken ee,

  • michael cansino

    pls help…..ngtry aq update ung rom q but then it failed …….. pg naopen q cm flare q it only said “download something…..but it doesn,t show any welcome note

  • AnonymouseJerk

    ayaw maka-receive ng call ng CM flare ko. Do you know how to fix this??

  • Mykel wilson

    Mga kuya/ate Bket d na ko maka connect sa playstore??kahit naka connect nko sa wifi pero pag nag browser ako gumagana naman pag sa playstore ayw n gumana finomt kuna cm flareJB ko kso ganun pdn pag open ko wla prin no connection pdn ako sa playstore?? PATULONG NMAN PO?? PLZZZZ:-( ADVANCED TNX SA MKAKATULONG

  • siMpLE


    • chris

      baka mag kaiba lang time. advance relo mo kaya ganun. parang ganun din kasi sakin eh.

      • siMpLE

        Tama naman date at time ko. wala bng ibang sulution? thanks sa reply :)

        • jayssss

          use sms time fix. sa google play

          • B-R-Y-A-N

            Ganyan din basayo jayssss?

          • jayssss

            yup every time na bago ang rom ko. every custom rom ata naglalagay sila ng ganyan para sa issue n yan.

  • sarah

    bakit blurry ang camera ko pag magsshot lang ako ng ibang tao, kailangan malapit na malapit ung para macro shot na.. panu po un maibalik sa dati? Pero ung front ko okay naman

  • henri

    kainis.hindi ko magamit ng maayos ang mga downloaded ko na application.everytime na inoopen ko ito pag hindi naghahung ng rereboot ng kusa ang phone ko.

    • jay

      sa akin ganun din even though pina ayus ko an sa mismong CM service center ganunpa din running on 4.1.2

  • jays

    naayos ko na Gsensor Bug ko.
    open nyo auto rotate nyo tapos punta kayo sa g sensor. click calibrate. lalabas na ung 0.0.10.
    comment here sa baba kung gumana. :3

    • vinz

      not working

      • jays

        sa amin ng mga classmate ko nag work eh.
        maybe because we are using custom roms??

    • jays

      sa amin ng mga classmate ko nag work eh.
      maybe because we are using custom roms?

    • Marvin Louie Parreño

      tnx po sir s INFO… gumana po sakn to.. aus n po ung gsensor ko.. many many thnx

    • camille aira espiritu

      kahit saang cherry mobile po ba ganito rin? cherry mobile jade po kase yung sakin. auto rotate prob dn.

  • B-R-Y-A-N

    Pumunta ako Cherry mobile ngtanong kng sab pwede mg update ng flare ICS to JB sabi wag na dw iupdate kasi dami dw defct tsaka lag. haaaay

  • myzie

    help pzzz…. d lumalabas ang keybord panu ako makapag type haist help me plz

  • NoelChaos

    HELP NAMAN PO!!! na fu-frustrate npo ako.. sa tuwing may messages po ako sa kakaotalk, line, at minus eh cherry mobile tone po ang alert tone nung mga apps ko.. i tried changing the settings bawat isa pero until now d ko padin po mapalitan ang tone..sinubukan ko din i adjust mga settings ng phone notifs mismo pero ganun padin.. kaya iniisip ko po baka sira ung unit na nabili ko.. help nmn po PLEASE!?! :'(

    • Raisa

      Samw problem please help

  • ian

    ayaw po niyang gumana ung front cam kanito po siya oh

  • Raisa P

    Hi is there a way to change notification alerts in Line/KakaoTalk/BBM? No matter what alert I choose, the default Cherry Mobile alert is the one that plays. Hope you can help. Thank you.

  • PaupAu

    GUys can anyone help me kanina lang nag wiwifi ako cherry mobile po s100 flare then suddenly nag hang po siya tapos ayaw mag start tinry ko pong tangalin ung bat. tapos same po 2 times po siyang umandar then ng umandar siya nag hang tapos ngayon pinaandar ko ulit eventually hindi ko nalagay ang SIM so inoff ko po siya ang nangyare ayaw na pong umandar or ma factory format.. dahil lang po sa hang na nangyare..!

  • Trafalguy

    Guys help me. My home button doesnt work.

  • flarenatizens

    luh?! my cherry mobile flare rotation got failed. mali mali rotation nia pag nagcacamera ako or tinatagilid ang phone, lalo na sa camera 360. Pero aus naman cia sa temple run or sa liko liko. pnu maayos un? can anyone help me? just message me plzz.. 09056909066

    • flarenatizens

      ati d nmn cia gnun. nakakaturn off naman :'((

  • bevzeee

    help nmn po ung CM FLARE ko po kasi nwala ung home button pno po babalik yun?

  • Prince

    guys pa help naman po , ayaw kasi gumana nung cm flare(s100) ko pag naka charge , nag cha-charge po sya pero ayaw gumana nung touch nya , so hindi ko po talaga magagamit kahit naka charge , pa help naman po , pa tex na lang po 09077915966 salamat po .

    • kay

      same lang tayo..hindi rin gumagana ang touchpad ng RAVE ku..1 week ko plang tung nagamit

  • Angelo Omila

    Patulong namn po ung music gallery ko nawala tapos pag tinitignan ko sa memory nag veview failed HELP PLEASE..

  • json

    guys patulong ako, bumagsak kc flare 2x ko ayaw na gumana bale nailaw lang sandali ang screen tapos wala na blank na..1 month ko plang sya ngagamit. huhuhu :(

    • json

      0926 7330 628 paki txt po

      • James

        i have the same problem

  • aira

    Guys, pa help! :) Di ako maka receive ng message laging namamatay ang nakalagay lagi e ” Updating application” :3 How to fix this? :) Thank you! :)

    • Rigo Pico

      ung akin naman 3g nakalagay sa phone paano ba un?? tps d rn ako makarecieve ng text and calls

  • Rigo Pico

    hindi ako makarecieve ng text and calls kc nakalagay dun sa signal bar nya ay 3g paano ko ggwn?

  • jhean arceo

    my flare just turned off.. i just py it in my pocket and when i get it it it wont turn on..pls advice awt to do..

    • jhean arceo

      please help guys..

      • B-R-Y-A-N

        Remove mo muna batt. din mga ilang minutes balik mo tapos on mo.

  • Jam

    Ngcharge lang ako tapos no sim card na daw. Triny ko both Sim 1 & Sim 2 slots wala prin. Help,

    • Helper

      Write IMEI lng yan

      • Bryce Maximus James Soriano

        ganyan din nangyare saken ee,panu pu bang write IMEI?pa explain naman pu thanks

      • Bryce Maximus James Soriano

        nawalan kse ng signal ee,

  • kay

    hey!!! pa help nman jan uh :-( ang RAVE ku, hindi na nag pafunction ang touch pad nia,,,,, anu ba ang problema nito? ehh nag charge lang nman aku taz pag open ku, hindi na nagpafunction??

  • Atawid Ojodnab

    panu po matangal ung sounds click ng camera sa cherry mobile bubbles?pa help nmn po,,d po mkita sa settings ng cam at sa settings ng phone,auq ng m sounds,,at ung vfibrations kpg pinapatay ang cherry mobile bubbles,

  • Yhumi pamintuan

    Pwde po patulong plsss , bakit po nag oouto reboot/restart ang CM flare 2.1 ko khit wla ako gngwa minsan pag press ko ng lock/on,off button ilang secs lng magre2boot na help naman? :(

  • Zaynnn

    Guys, pa help! Ang problem po kasi nung Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0 ko is hindi po nagana yung speaker call ko, gumagana lang siya kapag ini-loud speaker ko na. Paano po ba ayusin?

  • Steven Calma

    Paano po ba maaayos yung inverted camera display ng cherry mobile flare 2.1 ko sa front facing camera inverted siya.. lahat ng 3rd party app like camera 360 facebook instagram pag gamit ko front camera inverted display ginawa ko na yung factory reset ganun pa din.. ano po ba pwede Gawin?

  • CheChe Dela Torre Francisco

    pa help naman po,ung flare q nawala ung signal nya.,.ne reset q sya(hard reset) hoping na mabalik ung signal pero di na talaga bumalik,.so pinabalik q sya sa binilhan q,.nag stay sya dun ng almost 5 mos..pinabalik daw un sa main ng cherry mobile.nung binalik n dito sakin at binuksan q nagkarun sya ng signal pero segundo lang at nawala ulit at di na bumalik p,.inopen qlng sya magdamag hoping bumalik pero wala na talaga.anu kea problema nun???help naman po,.balak q ipa ayos ulit sa ibang shop,.un lang talaga prob q ung signal nya,.

  • Nara

    paano po mareconnect yung phone sa pc/laptop using usb cable? ndi n po kasi visible yung akin, di na po nakikita yung turn on or turn off and di na rin po makaconnect yung phone ko sa pc.. then chineck ko po yung APPS (ALL) sa settings sa cmflaire2.1 ko ang lumalabas 0.00 byte, means wala siya nareread..

    trinay ko n rin po maginstall ng common handset usb driver sa pc bka skaling maread na yung phone pero wala p rin po epekto.. sana po may nakakaalam :) salamat po sa sasagot.

  • Miko

    Kahit anonh sim card iinsert ko sa flare 2x palagi walang signal. Sa ibang devices naman okay. Sa flare 2x lang talaga ayaw. What to do? ;(

  • prilrhose_14

    pano po ichange ung mobile data s sim 1.. nalipat kc s sim 2 ei.. plss help me nman po. gamit ko po flare 2.1

  • Jeffrey Serote

    mga master pahelp naman po..di na po gumagana yung touch back sensor ng flare s ko ung home at menu button pati sa screen gumagana pero yung back sensor di gumagana. minsan gumagana pero after ilang oras hindi nanaman. anu po kaya prob non? software o hardware? sana po matulungan nyo ako. tnx po sa sasagot

  • Lennier Bascon

    how to fix the front cam? ang back camera ko gumagana? ni reset ka na ang phone ko ganun padin..

  • dave

    na over charged po flare ko its been 7 months naka stock lng gusto po sana magawa ibigay ko n lng sa pinsan ko sa province kaso mahal po singil

  • dave

    pls po sana may mairekomenda kayo na technician

  • dave

    nung binubuksan ko i mean i power on di na bumukas tpos yung battery nya sinubukan ko i lagay sa same unit di na rin gumana at sinubukan ko lagyan ng bagong battery di pa rin bumukas

  • hazel

    Hello po patulong po sana ako, i hope you can help me yung cm flare s2 ko po kc nalobat as in dead bat tapos nung chinarge ko ayaw ng mag open tpos kinaumagahan chinarge ko ulit pero ang laging lumalabas po eh Factory mode. Pano po kaya yun maalis yung factory mode?

  • slac

    how to make my cherry flare openline??? pls help …

  • Mitch13

    Can you help me with my CM flare, cause when I turn on Wifi it will just stuck on turning on and it will automatically turn off. please help. need it badly thanks in advance.

    • yuri

      same problem with my flare :(

  • theo

    ayaw po gumana ng data connection ko.. nireset ko na po sya ayaw pa rin po…..what shld. i do?

  • ging

    How to fix my cherry mobile life .unfortunately the. Process.android.process.acorn has stopped… sinobukan Kung Clear data Ang contact storage.please help me to solve. Thank you

  • jann

    Paano ba malaman kung saang sim galing yung msg? Find it hard to identify kung saan number ko nagtext yung iba. Wala kasing naka indicate sa messages. Help pls. Thanks

  • Happy

    Flare issue is minsan ndi accurate ung touch na prepress for example ung home minsan nagiging space tapos nag rereact ung lower left part kahit d dumapo fingers ko. Parang ung lower part nagiging air shuffle.. sensya mahirap kasi explain haha.. any helpful reply will be appreciated. Tnx

  • rizza vega

    pwede po help.. yung flare s3 ko po kasi ayaw maopen..chinarge ko po ng 3 hours 1 % parin..then tinry ko po i charge overnight 2% po then inopen ko ayaw maopen chinage ko ulit tapos 1% nalang. paano po yan pls po help…….

  • Chabie Delevingne

    how to fix a flare s3 when you on the 3g the signal is gone and when I off the 3g the signal comes back?

  • rembrant gomez

    hi po patulong po sana aq sna my mkakatulong sakin.. my cherry mobile ksi ako na flare s3 octa ang problem is nawala po ang mga mismong mga apps ng phone iilan nalang natitirang mga apps taz my lumalabas na kmay sa mismong home screen nireformat ko na sya ng paulit ulit peru ganun parin lumalabas kht reformat nah help nmn po kung paanu ku ibalik ang mga apps na nwala o kung paanu ku sya ggwin.. tnx po sa mgrereply..