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How to Fix Cherry Mobile Flare Gyro Problem


If you’re a Cherry Mobile Flare user like me, you’re probably happy enough with your phone, especially for the price. However, it’s likely that you’re encountering a few bugs that are hindering your experience with your phone. One such bug is the off-center gyroscope that some Flare units seem to be encountering.Actually, a large chunk of Flare users are reporting it, so it isn’t a problem that’s limited to a small few. Thankfully, there’s a fix, and no, there’s no need to root the phone just to get it to work.

Tutorial on How to Fix Cherry Mobile Flare’s Gyro Problem

Step 1: Download the GPS Status and Toolbox app from the official Google Play store.

Step 2: Once it’s installed, open the app. Make sure that you’re connected to a WiFi hotspot and that your GPS is on. Make sure you can pick up the GPS signal. Go outside if you have to.

Step 3: If you have a strong enough GPS connection, the app should populate with various location and positioning info. Wait for that info to populate before proceeding to Step 4.

How to fix Gyro of Cherry Mobile Flare

Step 4: Make sure the phone is on a level surface and is laying perfectly flat. Keep in mind that the camera and speaker grill sticks out a bit on the back, preventing the phone from laying perfectly flat. Lay it in such a way that the camera and speaker grill don’t get in the way.

Step 5. Press the Menu button and go to Tools > Calibrate pitch and roll.

Step 6: And you’re done! Test the gyro by playing a game of Temple Run or something.

How to fix Gyro of Cherry Mobile Flare 2

Many thanks to Mon Barbeche who posted this in the unofficial Cherry Mobile Flare group on Facebook. If you’re looking for anything Flare-related such as optimization tweaks and bug fixes, I’ve found this particular group to be a valuable resource.

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Our Cherry Mobile Flare review will come out in a week or two so be sure to watch out to know our verdict on this affordable dual-core android phone.


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