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Replicating a Facebook Friend’s Profile Photo, A Great Prank!


Some people just want to enjoy life to the fullest and luckily, they now have a new past time – replicating the photos of their Facebook friends. And hey, what’s even better is that they’re bringing even more laughter to everybody through their naughty tactics. Check out some of the photos below.

One person named Dan Manina have been doing this thing since May 2011 and said he’s “recreating all of my Facebook friends’ profile pictures. One a day until I’ve done them all.” I admire this guy for having the courage and dedication on making this work – it’s very tiring, after all.

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For the complete set of photos from Dan, check it here.

Aside from this guy named Dan, another person is doing this humorous activity as well. Reddit user CasinoRoy has done it for a while and his act, which was posted on Reddit, garnered 20,000 views in just four hours. He has taken 8 people who has the same name as his and after replicating their profile photo, he sends them a friend request. And yes, that’s because he wants to creep out those users. Funny, right?

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For the complete set of photos from CasinoRoy, go here.

Anybody here who wants to try this prank? Filipinos can do this thing too. What do you think?


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