Facebook is literally going crazy as they will soon include the email, mobile numbers and user ID in the in-ad targeting campaigns they have. They don’t really care about their users privacy and everybody hates it. With this new policy, advertisers will be able to target specific users and what’s worse, this new power will eventually get us irritated when they start to roll this out.


This new functionality is currently being tested privately with few selected advertisers. The process starts when an advertiser uploads an email list, mobile numbers or user IDs that they want to target in either CSV or TXT format . This capability was reported to be temporarily available via a Power Editor tool which is reachable through the “Custom Audiences” tab.


This policy may launch very soon and people with access to Facebook premium will have the ability to bombard our Facebook experience with tons of ads. Facebook is going too far and they should notice it.

I honestly think that Facebook may harm itself doing these kind of stupid things. Yes, they have a large number of users but that will deplete drastically if they will not stop invading our privacy. They are going nuts and they only care about money. Wake up, Facebook.

[ source: InsideFacebook ]

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