Youtube has been the best source of videos for people all over the world and while everyone is contented on its simple and clean look, the management still decided to give it a major makeover. Read more details about the change after the break.

The new design was formerly optional but they finally decided to roll out the new layout to all users just last week. To be exact, it happened at 4:30PM ET on Thursday a week ago.

So what do these changes really want to do? If you haven’t figured it out yourself yet, it’s about the Channels. Being the most popular online video service, it’s no surprise that they now have millions of Channels up on their sleeve. And now, what they want to do is to optimize it a little bit further by enriching the user experience.

From the first look, you’ll immediately notice the new left sidebar on the website’s homepage. It presents multiple options and lists all the channels that you’re currently subscribed to. The latest videos from your favorite channels are also displayed directly to instantly catch your attention.

I honestly think that this move of Youtube is a really good way to keep things fresh on the site and to further capitalize on the size of their network. After all, billions of people are relying on Youtube’s streaming servers for their video viewing needs.

What do you think? Do you like Youtube’s new design and layout?

[Source: Youtube]

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