The much-awaited Apple iPhone 5 made waves in the Philippine shores in the last few days because of its launch next week. It’s not only the Apple fanatics who are gearing up for the launch of iPhone 5 but as well as two of the top telcoms in our country. Check out the Smart and Globe iPhone 5 Plans after the jump.

If you’re on a tight budget but you want to get the iPhone 5 at Smart’s Plan 999, then this is your lucky day! Don’t be too excited, though, since you will need an extra Php999 a month as an installment to the 16GB version of the said unit. Meanwhile, the iPhone 5 can be taken as a freebie (it depends on the amount of storage) if you’ll subscribe on the Plan 2499. To check out the full features of the deals, view the photos below.

Smart iPhone 5 Postpaid Plans



For a refresher, the iPhone 5 features a Dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and the latest iOS 6 by Apple (full specs and info here).  If you want to see a comparison of the iPhone 5 on Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note, and HTC One X, you can watch the video here.

If you’re a loyal Globe user, they have good offers for people like you! Check out the photo below regarding the iPhone on Globe postpaid plans.

iPhone 5 Globe Prepaid and Postpaid Plans


  • You can find more details about SMART’s postpaid plans here.
  • You can find more information about GLOBE iPhone 5 deals here.

What do you think? Are these fair deals? Or would you prefer taking an unlocked iPhone 5?

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  1. I have a question. I am kinda new to this thing and I am planning to let my parents buy me one for my birthday. If say I were to buy it ‘prepaid’, does it still have a bundled plan along with it or Globe will just sell me the phone alone? Thanks ;)