Aside from the recently reviewed BHS-110, emerging local accessory brand Carbonn also sent over a smaller and more business-oriented Bluetooth headset, the BH-25. The Carboon BH-25 harkens back to the first Bluetooth headsets that only featured a single earpiece and were to be worn on either ear. The inconspicuous design does have its advantages and I took it through its paces to see if it’s something I could use on a daily basis.

Build Quality and Design

BHS-25 with C-hook

The Carbonn BH-25 is constructed from the same light plastic as the BHS-110. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, although I doubt it would survive anyone’s full weight if you were to step on it. There’s a detachable ear hook to help keep it on whichever ear you decide to wear it on, although it doesn’t exactly provide a comfortable fit. Thankfully, it’s light enough that it doesn’t really become an issue.



As far as Bluetooth headsets go, the Carbonn BH-25 is pretty basic. The handsfree call button doubles as the play/pause button as well. There’s a volume rocker on one side and a power switch on the other. The micro USB port can be found on one side, which can be used for charging the heaset.

Power switch, Micro USB port

Audio Quality

Before anything else, it’s important to keep in mind that the BH-25 and other similarly-designed Bluetooth headsets like it are meant to make calls convenient and aren’t necessarily for audio enjoyment. With that out of the way, calls on the BH-25 are reasonably good. It’s not quite an in-ear bud, but the rubberized bud does help keep the noise out. Of course, you may need to cover your other ear if you don’t want any ambient noise distracting you from your call.


As for music listening, the BH-25 isn’t something I would recommend. It’s hard to immerse yourself in the music with only one ear getting to hear it. Thankfully, the volume does go up high enough even with one ear, but if audio enjoyment is your thing, there are other options.

So Should You Buy the Carbonn BH-25?

Carbonn BH-25 in box

Making and taking calls can become a bit of a chore if it’s something you do a lot the entire the day. The Carbonn BH-25 is an inexpensive solution to help simplify this basic task. It’s lightweight enough that it can be worn all day and the audio quality is good enough for professional use. At just Php799, the BH-25 is a bargain for what it does.

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