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Nokia Power EarBuds’ 150-hour battery life is amazing


Nokia’s mobile phones might not sound too familiar to this generation now, but they are very much updated on today’s popular technology. This time, Nokia’s ready to give the world its wireless earphones known as the Nokia Power EarBuds.

Formally recognized as Nokia Power Earbuds BH-605, the pair of in-ear pieces are accompanied by its own charging case. Let’s proceed by taking a closer inspection on its different aspects, shall we?

The earbuds

These pair are made with matte and glossy plastic material which mimics glass in one point of its design. It contains a 6mm graphene driver unit which boosts its high-quality audio. In case you weren’t aware, graphene membrane allows better frequency response as well as accuracy compared to regular membranes. It’s a strong material to work with too.

What’s more, it is built to be waterproof. It also has a solid fit which means it will not easily fall off even during intense work-outs at your gym.

Power Bud features and compatibility

The Power Buds are compatible with Google Assistant which permits hands-free operation. It also supports Bluetooth 5.0 which extends the usage up to 800 feet.

What’s amazing is how you can simply tap on either bud to pause the music. Double tap on the right bud to skip to the next music, and a double tap to the left so you can go back to the previous track.


The case

The case is made with a solid matte plastic finish. Its cap contains a powerful magnet to ensure the case closes around the buds protectively. When you open it, you will spot four, white LED lights which indicates the charge of the case.

Its battery capacity is an incredible 3,000mAh, as much battery life as those of smartphones. This allows the Nokia Power EarBuds to charge for 5 hours before you need to recharge the case itself. Each bud only contains 50mAh of battery power.

The set comes in two color variations: charcoal black and light gray. It is only exclusive in China, obtained online. The retail price is CNY 699, that’s around USD100 or ~Php5,200.

What do you think of Nokia’s creation? Would you want to own one yourself? Let us know in the comments section below.


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