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Sony PG10 party speaker has a built-in beer holder


There are two things that make up a great party — great music and booze. These two essentials are clearly the inspiration behind the new Sony PG10 wireless speaker.

Obviously, the Sony PG10 is meant to be a party speaker. It’s equipped with two 1.57-inch cone type tweeter and a single 7.08-inch woofer. You can then mount the entire system to a tripod for better positioning.


There are also tons of ways that you can play audio on this thing. There’s the standard Bluetooth connection, FM Radio, USB, and Audio in. You can also plug in a microphone for some fun karaoke session.

It also has a built-in Digital Signal Processor (DSP). This can detect when you open the top panels, which then reveals the two tweeters that will fire upwards for better listening experience.


The Sony PG10 can accommodate multiple Bluetooth devices, so you can switch music between friends. Plus, you can control the volume and music playback via voice control on your smartphone using the Feastable app.

Oh, let’s not forget to mention one of its most important features — the beer holster. The retractable top panel is splashproof and has four cup holders. There’s also enough space to hold some food.


Sony also included a built-in battery that can last for 13hrs. That’s hours of party outdoors, or even during a power interruption.

The Sony PG10 will be available soon for USD249.99 (~Php13,200).

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