Sony has brought three new portable party speakers in the Philippines, the Sony X-series.

The smallest of the three, the Sony XG500, has a built-in handlebar and has IP66 water and dust resistant rating so you can ake it anywhere. It also boasts 30 hours of battery life and quick charging with 3 hours of playback with a quick 10-minute top tup.


This portable machine is packed with speakers. It has two 2.5cm tweeters and two 11cm woofers. It also has Sony’s new X-Balanced Speaker Units whose unique design releases better audio. Plus, passive radiators on the sides with LED lights that amplify the music and party element.

You can play music via your smartphone directly via Bluetooth, stream media via a flash drive, or plug in a microphone or guitar for a real party experience.

The Sony SRS-XG500 has a price of Php21,999 in the Philippines.


For a more serious party, you can get the less-portable but louder Sony XP500. It has 2x 5cm tweeters and 2x 14cm woofers. Plus, Sony’s X-Balanced Speaker Units.

It’s also meant to be taken anywhere with its handlebar, IPX3 water-resistant rating, and 20-hour battery with quick charging.


Your party guests can enjoy its LED lights as well as the mic and guitar inputs.

The XP500 retails for Php16,999.


If you want something louder, here’s the Sony XP700. This one has more speakers with 3x 6cm tweeters on the front, 1x 5cm tweeter on the back, and 2x 17cm woofers. Sony’s new X-Balanced Speaker design is also implemented.

The design, IPX4 rating, and ports selection are the same. Only this time, it lasts longer at 25 hours on a single charge.

You can get the XP700 for Php21,999. All units are available in tons of stores both online and offline.

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