The classic car from the popular movie franchise Back to the Future just got a major futuristic refresh. Meet the DeLorean Alpha 5 EV, which DMC hopes to revive the classic brand

DMC brings the Delorean Alpha 5 EV in 2022 as an all-electric automobile. It will feature the classic gull-wing doors from the 80s and can reach 60mph in only 2.99 seconds.


It is worth noting that this car was made by a Texas-based company that supplies spare parts to vintage DeLorean car owners, and not by the original maker, which went out of business in 1982.



Going back, the new Alpha 5 can be had with a 100kWh battery, which can last you up to 300 miles (around 482 kilometers) and has a 155mph top speed. The company notes that this spec is just for the base performance model.


While the signature design language was kept, the Alpha 5 has been polished to better fit the modern era. Instead of sharp corners, it has smoother curves. Poised as a sporty car, it now only has two seats instead of four.



It also boasts futuristic wheels and sharp lights on the front and back.

The DeLorean Motor Company is yet to announce the prices and full specs sheets for the new Alpha 5 EV.

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