The new No Contact Apprehension Program (NCAP) has been very controversial since it was implemented by certain local government units.

It’s bombarded with complaints about mistaken or wrongful citations to motorists.

To address this, 1-Rider party list representative Bonifacio Bosita has filed the House Bill no. 3366, also known as “An Act Enforcing Fair Traffic Apprehension, Granting for the Purpose Compensation to Drivers of Motor Vehicles for Improper Traffic Apprehension and Imposing Administrative Sanctions for Erring Traffic Enforcement Personnel.” — we’ll just call it Fair Traffic Apprehension Act to save us some time.

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Essentially, what the bill wants is to promote the fair implementation of NCAP by compensating drivers/riders who have been wrongfully apprehended. It will also enable the filing of administrative charges against erring traffic enforcers.

The act also says that one of the reasons that cause wrongful traffic apprehensions are ticketing quotas and that some LGUs enjoy a take on the collected penalties.


Bosita shared more details about the proposed law via the Riders Safety Advocates of the Philippines Facebook page, which you can read the part 1 and part 2.

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