The Philippines is one of the first countries to experience the Gogoro Smartscooter, which features a battery-swapping technology so it’s always on the go.

It is brought to the country by Globe 917Ventures and Ayala Corporation. The Gogoro Smatscooter will start testing in Metro Manila during the first quarter of 2023.


The technology is aimed toward logistics and last-mile delivery service providers to replace their fossil fuel-powered vehicles. Gogoro’s battery-swapping platforms will have swap locations where riders can easily and conveniently swap out empty batteries for a fully charged one.

This technology looks to be very effective once fully implemented. Apparently, Gogoro already has 11,000 battery-swapping stations in more than 2,260 locations in Taiwan — surpassing the number of gas stations in major cities on the said country.



This new project shall help the government’s push for cleaner energy resources, especially in the transportation sector. For one, the Electric Vehicle Industry Development Act (EVIDA) law was pushed to further improve the EV industry in the country.

Besides imposing zero tariffs on EVs, electric cars are also exempted from number coding on Philippine roads.

“Gogoro is honored to have the support of the Philippine’s Department of Energy (DOE) and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to kickstart this new smart mobility movement in Manila that utilizes Gogoro’s intelligent battery swapping, a new generation of EV refueling,” said Gogoro CEO and founder Horace Luke.

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  1. We are using a battery operated motorcycle for almost a year, battery swapping will be the most convenient thing that the escooter can have as there are times that our e scooter runs out of battery specially for long rides, hope we will be invited to the test of the scooter and check this