E-bikes have been really popular in the Philippines these past few years. Getting one seems to be a no-brainer to a lot of Filipinos due to spiking gas prices, their affordable financing schemes, being eco-friendly, and the convenience it brings for quick trips to the market, fetching kids to school, and more.

This is why more and more e-bike brands are coming to the Philippines. One of them is HATASU or EMOTO Electronic Technology which is based in China.


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The brand has already put up service centers, outlets, and even production plants outside China. HATASU said that its goal is to reach all Southeast Asia countries by 2025.

For its first arrival in the Philippines, the company has put up a headquarters in Ortigas and a warehouse in Cainta, Rizal. The company plans to open six additional secondary warehouses in the country within the next two years.



As for their first offering, the company is bringing three of their e-bike models: Mako, Kumi, and Nero. HATASU vehicles were designed to look youthful and practical. The two-wheeled machine has a 350W motor and is powered by a 48V 20A battery.

Zac Huang, HATASU CEO, said that Filipinos can expect to brand to be more visible in more parts and regions of the country by 2023 to help “ease and improve the transportation issues of Filipinos.”

We’re already seeing HATASU e-bikes in select locations in the country, with some of them even offering Home Credit installment payment options.

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