The new Honda Cub e: has also made its way to the Philippines thanks to Popcycle Ebike Center.

Honda’s trio of electric bikes is finally all here. The same retailer brought the Dax e: and the Zoomer e:. Now, they’ve also brought the Honda Cub e:. For those who are not familiar, these lines of bikes are electrified versions of existing and classic models, hence the “e:” branding.



Like its cousins, the Cub e: comes with a 48V 24Ah lithium-ion battery, which lets it have a maximum range of 65km. It uses a pretty powerful engine that can reach max speeds of 40kph, with a 16Nm of torque, and 400PS max power.


The design sure has that classic, vintage look, as it comes from the Cub series that’s been around since 1958.

It has an LED headlight, rear LED brake lights, and an HD VA LCD instrument cluster with NFC/Bluetooth remote unlock. Honda also threw in EBS Energy Recovery System and Central Shock Absorber. The said battery is also removable so you can easily swap out to a new one.


You can get the Honda Cub e: at Popcycle Ebike Center for a price of Php84,999. It’s available in four colors: Red, Gray, White, and Cream.

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