Honda just showcased a cool new electric scooter. It’s the Honda Motocompacto, a throwback to the Honda Motocompo from the ’80s.

The new Honda Motocompacto looks like a foldable table with two wheels. It transforms into a scooter when you fold out the handlebars, the rear wheel, and the seats. It looks really clean in its white, black, and brown accents.


Honda claims that the scooter is fairly lightweight at only 41 points, all thanks to the aluminum frame. It then has a range of up to 12 miles, which is about 19 kilometers when converted. It has a max speed of 15mph and 0-15mph in 7 seconds.

It comes with a built-in 110V outlet for easy charging, which can take about 3.5 hours.


The aim here is to introduce an electric transportation alternative that can pair with long-distance transportation modes. Its compact design means that you can easily carry it inside a bus or a train.

It is also part of Honda’s EV initiative that aims to populate its line-up entirely with EVs by 2040. Also, the large white surface can be a canvas if you want to slap your school/company name to it or any artwork to your liking.

Other features include a headlight, breaklights, a kickstand, a digital screen that shows speed and battery status and comes with a dedicated app for Android and iOS.

Those who are in the United States can start getting the Honda Motocompacto this November for a price of “under USD995 (~Php56,400)”.

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