Honda just released the Super Cub 50 series. Besides its cool retro look, fuel economy is one important reason you might want this bike.

Let’s talk about the obvious first. As you can see, the Honda Super Cub 50 is part of Japan’s line of retro bikes. This one features the Cub line’s classic design with two-tone fairings.


But what’s really new here is the Glint Wave Blue Metallic color. The Cross Cub 50, the rugged-looking one, also comes with a Pearl Deep Mud Gray and Matte Armored Green Metallic.



All variants will come with a basket mounted in the front. While the Cross Cub 50 Kumamon has blacked-out mufflers.

Now, into the important part. With today’s gas prices, people would really appreciate the Super Cub 50’s fuel efficiency. It has an air-cooled, single-cylinder 49cc engine that can do 69.4km per liter.


What’s more, it can do 105km per liter at 30kph if you’re riding alone. Meanwhile, Super Cub 50 Pro and Cross Cub 50 can do 93km/L and 94km/L, at 30kph, respectively.

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The official prices for these retro-looking bikes are yet to be announced. For now, the best thing we can do is to hope that Honda Philippines brings this line to the country.

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