We’re starting to see a lot of social media posts from motorists and pedestrians complaining about motorcycle riders sheltering under footbridges and flyovers, which causes traffic jams among others.

Now, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) said that they will start fining erring motorcycle riders Php1,000 under the single-ticketing system if they are caught sheltering under footbridges and flyovers.

The Php1,000 fine was clarified after MMDA Chairman Romando Artes previously announced that the amount would only be Php500. The new rule will be effective starting August 1.


As per the MMDA, the new policy will be under the single-ticketing system. Those who will violate will face a Php1,000 fine for obstruction.

The MMDA is also asking the help of mobile ride-hailing and delivery apps to “discipline their ranks, impose administrative functions” to help them enforce the new rule.

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In a meeting with the MMDA, representatives from different ride-hailing and delivery apps have already pledged support for the new MMDA policy and have apologized on behalf of erring riders.

The MMDA has also reached out to gasoline station companies to put up tents that riders can shelter in during rains. The said fuel stations had their concerns regarding safety, but showed their “openness and willingness to help.” They also asked for a definitive proposal on the size and designs of the tents.

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