Do you take the EDSA bus lane to skip traffic despite it being illegal? Well, you might need to think twice the next time you try to.

The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) announced that they will be imposing higher fines and tougher penalties on private vehicles who will violate and use the EDSA bus lane.

For those who are not familiar, the said lane is exclusively for public buses with the goal of improving the public transport along EDSA. Private vehicles using the lanes means disruption to its main purpose.

Despite numerous warnings and apprehensions, several motorists still persist in using the bus lanes. That’s why MMDA has formed a resolution that mandates the increase of fines and penalties for the violators of the bus lane scheme.

The MMDA Regulation No. 23-002 will take effect on November 13. See the updated fines and penalties below.

EDSA Bus Lane Scheme Violation Fines and Penalties

  • First Offense: Php5,000 fine
  • Second Offense: Php10,000 + one-year driver’s license suspension + must undergo road safety seminar
  • Third Offense: Php20,000 + one-year driver’s license suspension
  • Fourth Offense: Php30,000 + recommendation for revocation of driver’s license to the Land Transportation Office

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