The NLEX Corporation will be keeping its hands tied throughout the rest of 2022 as it sees the completion of three major projects, namely the Candaba Third Viaduct, the NLEX C5 Link Mindanao Avenue-Quirino Highway Section, and the NLEX Connector, per President J. Luigi L. Bautista.

In a statement, Bautista highlights the relevance of his company in terms of aiding the country’s economic recovery through the improvement of infrastructures that promote mobility and safety among motorists.

As of writing, the eight-kilometer NLEX Connector is already nearing its completion at 70 percent, and the first five kilometers of its España Section are likely to be within a year.

NLEX C5 Link Artist Perspective

Within the same year, the NLEX C5 Link Mindanao Avenue-Quirino Highway Section will see the construction of its first two kilometers. The completion of which shall see the dramatic reduction of travel time between Commonwealth Avenue and Mindanao Avenue to just 10 minutes from otherwise 45 minutes.

Meanwhile, somewhere between Apalit, Pampanga and Pulilan, Bulacan, a third bridge will be built at the Candaba Viaduct, which will extend the five-kilometer bridge by adding both inner and outer shoulders per direction to its three lanes.

Source: NLEX

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