Xiaomi is planning to unveil its first electric car prototype in August 2022.

The first electric vehicle prototype will be revealed at an event in Beijing, China, on August 1st. The car is designed by the Maven concept maker HVST Automobile Design. After its unveiling, the prototype will go through more road testing before it hits the market. 

More than a year ago, the company announced that it would enter the EV market. It said it would invest $1.5 billion in the first year and then $10 billion over the next 10 years.

A couple of months ago, Xiaomi also announced its plans to build the Xiaomi Auto headquarters in Yizhuang, which will allow it to produce 300,000 vehicles annually. The company also plans to hire more than 1,000 workers at the site.

Production and sale of the Xiaomi cars are still a long time away, as it’s expected to leave the production line in 2024.

Reports say Xiaomi plans to launch A+ and B segment vehicles. The first one will come equipped with L2 autonomous driving technology and will likely cost from CNY 150,000 up to CNY200,000 yuan. The second will get L3 autonomous driving and may come with a price tag from CNY 200,000 up to CNY300,000.

Source: Sina Tech

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