Ever want to be one of those Valorant players who don one of the coolest, yet hard-to-get, accessories in-game? Possibly, as a kind of status symbol or simply because of the feel-good vibe that comes with it?

Whatever your case may be, you would most likely want to get your hands on a Riot gun buddy—formally known as the Riot Fist Bump gun buddy.

Out of the many in-game contents that come and go in Valorant, the Riot Games gun buddy is perhaps one of the most difficult to acquire. Neither because it costs a fortune to purchase using real money nor because of its very limited quantity.

Not also because it requires a Battle Pass nor is it because it is a reward from a certain limited-time event, although these latter two are significantly easier than the previous, if applicable.


No, none of those. But what makes it difficult to attain is how it can be gotten in the first place—which requires playing with a Riot Games employee (also called as Rioter) and exhibiting your best sportsmanship while in the process.

“Best sportsmanship,” while quite vague, is the keyword here. Meaning, that you would not only have to play like any upstanding player would during a match, but you would also have to demonstrate a positive influence on your team.

That might sound simple enough, but trust us, it’s more complicated than it appears—not to mention that it takes an actual Rioter to be a judge to that.


But when you think of bypassing that requirement would work, such as smooth-talking your way to a Riot Fist Bump gun buddy or choosing to buy it with real money from a Riot staff, then you would be disappointed to learn that neither of these methods works.

Further, choosing to resort to any other means than intended will only subject you to a lesser chance of acquiring the sought-after accessory, if there is still a chance to it at all.

Also, playing with exemplary sportsmanship in a match without a Riot employee does not count. So, don’t bother sending a ticket asking for a Riot Fist Bump gun buddy because you displayed your best in a match that is not witnessed by a Rioter.

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