It’s no secret that not everyone should use “wang-wang” sirens and blinkers on their vehicles, especially if you’re a private citizen or don’t have the right authority to use them.

Still, the PNP Highway Patrol Group (HPG) had to recently remind motorists about the use off wang-wang sirens and blinkers as a lot of them — mostly those who are unauthorized to use such warning devices — are abusing the equipment to get ahead of the road.

Recently, the PNP-HPG said that they already confiscated 165 blinkers and 14 sirens from motorists.



Now the question is, who can actually use “wang-wang” and blinkers? LTO office-in-charge Atty. Romeo Vera Cruz has the answer.

The current LTO chief reminded the people about the Presidential Decree No. 96, which was up since 1973, and lists who can use sirens, blinkers, and other similar devices. Also on the list are vehicles allowed to use similar warning devices via 1973’s LTO Administrative Order No.1.

Who can use wang-wang sirens and blinkers?

  • National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)
  • Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)
  • Fire Departments
  • Police Departments
  • Hospital ambulances
  • Land Transportation Commission (currently LTO)

Furthermore, the LTO Memorandum on Motorcycle Escorts and Unauthorized Use of Sirens and Blinkers, Markets, etc., which was released in July 1998, states that only these government officials can use wang-wang and other similar devices:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Senate President
  • Speaker of the House of Representatives
  • Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

What is the punishment for the illegal use of wang-wang sirens and blinkers?

According to the Joint Administrative Order No. 2014, the improper or unauthorized use of such devices and accessories constitutes a violation and a fine of Php5,000.

Current LTO officer-in-charge Romeo Vera Cruz added that devices used will be confiscated and will result in a corresponding demerit point to the violator’s driver’s license.

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