A new miracle drug may increase the average human lifespan to 200 years.

Dr. Andrew Steele, a computational biologist with a PhD in Physics from the University of Oxford, recently published a book called “Ageless: The new science of getting older without getting old.” Inside it, he argues that we will soon be able to extend the average human lifespan by up to two hundred years, way higher than the usual less than 100-year lifespan.

Steele says that a new field of research called senolytics could potentially pave the way for a drug that will increase human lifespan.

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With senolytics, scientists are reportedly working to create drugs that eliminate cells that degrade tissue functions. These cells stop dividing when we get older, which lets ‘zombie’ cells accumulate. As a result, it speeds up the human aging process.

Once senolytic drugs are available to eliminate these, the compounds will not be released, which may slow down or cut off aging altogether. A trial conducted in mice back in 2020 showed impressive results that improved physical capabilities and extended their lifespan. And since human and mouse genes are kinda similar, it’s expected that it could possibly increase human as well.

Source: BGR

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