In case you currently don’t have the moolah to buy the new Blackberry 10 powered Z10 or you’re not that convinced, you can still take a glimpse of the new platform offered by Blackberry (formerly known as RIM). Blackberry used to have a dominant hold of the smartphone market but ever since the rise of Android, they were left out in the dust.

But if you’re one of those who are holding on to their Blackberry devices or you just want to try out the all-new Blackberry Z10, you’ll be pleased to know that you can do it on your Android phone or iPhone. CNET tipped how anybody can enjoy the core features of the Blackberry 10 without paying for it. However, it’s not a full virtualization but more of a demo and some guide were included to tell users where to perform a gesture, tap, or swipe.

Run Blackberry 10 on Android and iOS

With all that, it’s obvious that it cannot really emulate the whole experience  but it’ll give you an idea on what it’s like running on a mobile device. iPhone and Android users can try several features such as navigation and predictive keyboard, basic gestures, camera Time Shift, BBM Video and Screen share, and the Hub.

The idea is really great and I wish every other platform will come up with their own version of this one. Before making a purchase, it’s best for consumers to actually test a product and the improvements that are included in an updated OS even if it’s just the main features. You can try to visit this link on your Android and iOS device to see how it looks like.

[Source: CNET]

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