A photo of the alleged prototype of the Apple iPhone 5S gets leaked in the web. The smartphone doesn’t have the same design that the iPhone was known for instead it features a major redesign with squarish corners. However, it’s likely that this prototype isn’t the final design of the iPhone 5 successor.

The pictures below that was submitted to GSMArena aren’t of the best quality and it’s obvious that they are not meant to be out in the wild but it’s enough to give us an idea of what iPhone 5S could offer design-wise. It’s surprising that the famous and iconic Apple Home button is missing and it’s seems like it’ll be replaced by a real edge-to-edge display but for now the images aren’t that clear to make such conclusions.

In a recent Apple patent application that was approved a week ago, the supposed iPhone design is sloped towards the edges which coincides with the leaked photo. But despite this coincidence, we have to note that Apple’s design language is far from this considering how different Apple iPhone 5 is. This make things more interesting as shifting to a new age of iPhone is definitely welcome as people are getting tired of those minor revisions they do every time they release a new smartphone.



Even though these photos look convincing, we still have to take this rumor with a pinch of salt. Manufacturers often have different prototypes before deciding on the final look so we simply can’t tell how they would do it. Also, there’s a possibility that these were just rendered or photoshopped to build some buzz.

What do you think? Is this the time for a major redesign for iPhone? Or will you still prefer the classic iPhone look?


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