Another media giant is investing in the metaverse. This time, it’s game development studio giant Bandai Namco.

In a mid-term plan document that the company just released, it’s said that Banda Namco is setting aside about USD130 million to develop metaverse IP concept.

As per the document, this plan is part of the company’s new axis strategy and will also become “a new framework for connecting with fans.”

The document doesn’t contain the acronym NFT specifically, but NFTs are undeniably a major part of the metaverse concept.


With the metaverse, Bandai aims to create new ways to connect with fans, as well as business partners. They also want to maximize the value of the new IPs from medium to long term.

For the followers of the brand, you’d know that entering the metaverse IPs is a major turn on their strategy, particularly in the digital scene.

However, there’s still the issue of bad environmental effects of minting NFTs. This is why Bandai Namco included a plan of reducing its overall carbon footprint for the next 20 years to compensate.

Bandai Namco is the people behind the popular franchise Tekken, Ace Combat, God Eater, and the upcoming Elden Ring. They are the second big-time game developer to happen to announce their move to NFTs, right next to Square Enix.

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