It’s no secret that Chinese companies are on their top game in terms of R&D which brings new and innovative products to the market.

This is why, for the very first time ever, the United States was pushed off of its reign as the top patent filer. A throne that now belongs to China.


The information came from the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). As per WIPO, China filled 58,990 patents last 2019, a 10.6% increase from the previous year.

That allowed Chinese companies to overtake those on the United States, who previously had the lead from China, but only made 57,840 patents in 2019. That’s only a 2.8% increase over the previous year. Watch the video below to see how fast Chinese companies ramped up their patent filing at the beginning of 2015.

Next to the US is Japan, Germany, Republic of Korea, France, UK, Switzerland, Sweden, and Netherlands.

The unsurprising fact is, the total number of patents filed were dominated by the tech industry: 8.7% filings were for computer technology, 7.7% for digital communication, 7% in electrical machinery, and 6.9% in medical technology.


China was able to achieve the title thanks to tech giants like Huawei, who is actually the top patent filer for the third consecutive year. That’s thanks to its 4,411 published applications. OPPO also made it to the top list with 1,927 applications.


Other known tech companies that made it to the top list are Samsung with 2,334, and Qualcomm with 2,127. LG Electronics also made it, taking the tenth seat with 1,646 patents filed.

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