The United States government continues its quest in hunting down companies that work for the Chinese government.

United State’s commerce department previously put popular tech brands like DJI and Xiaomi on its blacklist for apparently working with the Chinese government. Now, the U.S. is after Chinese supercomputer companies and organizations.

Having a company’s name on the list means that they are banned from doing business or being supplied by any US company.

The new companies added to the blacklist are some of the prominent names in terms of supercomputer development in China.

US officials claim that the latest companies added to the blacklist create supercomputers that help the Chinese military’s modernization efforts, hypersonic technology, and nuclear weapons.

Supercomputers are ultra-powerful machines that can do billions of calculations per second. It’s usually used for weather forecasting, pharmaceutical research, and others. But can also be used to develop advanced weapons.

US officials didn’t cite any accusations of human rights abuses or spying as they did on Huawei and DJI. As per US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, this move is the US’s way to prevent China from leveraging its technologies to support destabilizing military efforts.

Via: Engadget

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