Following an event that saw two of China’s biggest electronics companies embroiled in a legal dispute over patent licensing, Huawei and Xiaomi have finally come up with a concession concerning multiple communications technologies, including 5G.

Huawei and Xiaomi announced on Wednesday that they have reached an agreement regarding global patent cross-licensing. The concord comes several months after a contention between the two companies, ever since Huawei sued Xiaomi in March. The deal primarily revolves around 5G.

Apart from Xiaomi, Huawei also had patent agreements with other global brands, namely OPPO, Ericsson, and Samsung.

Huawei’s Head of the Intellectual Property Department Alan Fan said that Huawei is delighted to reach the licensing deal with Xiaomi, citing how the agreement reflects the industry’s acknowledgment of Huawei’s contribution to communications technology.

Additionally, Fan said that the agreement will also aid in getting the investment that Huawei needs in “researching future mobile communications technologies.”

Xiaomi’s General Manager of Corporate Business Development and IP Strategy Ran Xu, meanwhile, made a reciprocal statement, telling how Xiaomi is equally glad in the agreement.

But instead of giving the credit, Xu said that the agreement is a reflection of both parties’ respect for each other’s intellectual property.

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