OPPO has unveiled their brand new customer support website, equipped with tons of self-service and convenient tools that consumers can use.

It seems like OPPO is really determined in satisfying their customers, so they took customer support to the next level.

With the new OPPO customer support website, consumers can help themselves with the easy to use tools available online. Let’s break down what are the things that customers can do with the new service:

OPPO customer support services


User Guide — This option lets you find and download the User Guide or manual of your OPPO smartphone. There are also PDF versions of both ColorOS 3.1 and 3.2.


Spare Parts Price — This is a pretty handy tool online so OPPO customers won’t have to guess how much they would shell out in case they need smartphone parts replaced. With this, consumers can see how a screen replacement would cost, replacement battery, headphones, charger, and more. No more surprises, and consumers can properly allocate a budget for the repairs they need.

The prices indicated above are as is. For example, having the OPPO F5’s screen replaced will only cost exactly Php2,500 with no extra charge. According to OPPO, even devices that are already out of warranty can be repaired without any additional labor cost.


Warranty Status — Forgot when you bought your smartphone? Don’t worry, OPPO got your back. Simply input the IMEI of your OPPO smartphone to check if you’re still covered by the 1-year warranty.


Software Updates — For those who want the latest software on their OPPO smartphone, this is the place to be. OPPO lists out all its existing smartphones and each of them has a dedicated page which includes a download button to its latest OS update available.


Repair Status — Sent your OPPO device for repair? With this online tool, you can easily track the repair status of your handset. Type in the IMEI or Repair Order Number and the tracking result will show up immediately.


Service Center — This webpage lists all the OPPO service centers around the Philippines. Input your province and city and a list will show at the bottom of the page complete with Google Maps data, address, working hours, and phone number.


*To find your device’s IMEI, simply dial *#06#.

That’s pretty everything you can get from the new OPPO customer support website. If you have any questions, drop them in the comments down below and we’ll help you out.

Visit the official OPPO customer help website here.

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